Set in the Land of Departure and nowhere in particular.

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"Get back here!" Terra shouted, running after Ventus.

"Never!" Ven yelled.

Terra growled. Why did he have to be the one to nurse Ven back to health anyway?

"Ow!" Ven yelped and Terra rounded the corner to find that he had run into Aqua.

They were both on the floor and Terra took the chance to force a pill into Ven's mouth. "Swallow it!"

Ven, his eyes tearing up, reluctantly swallowed. Terra sighed, relieved. "Finally!"

Aqua started laughing and Terra glared at her. "What?" he asked.

"If he could run that fast, then I don't think he's really that ill…"


Aqua had a soft spot for younger guys; something Terra noticed long ago, back when the Master still brought them to other worlds. It was as if they were her weakness. She could never say no to their big, expressive eyes and childish faces. With them, she was caring and sweet.

She was like that with Ventus.

But not with Terra. Because Terra was not a younger guy. And with older guys, Aqua was a harsh critic. And sometimes Terra was grateful for this because Aqua's sweetness was his weakness. He melts if she so much as smiles at him.

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