Epilogue: Nowhere and Nothing

Enter ?:


Not light, not dark, but… nothingness.

Pure, unbridled nothingness.

I was floating… part of… something. Growing from it. Attached.

Emotions… they were flowing through me. Hurt. Rage. Suffering. Pain…



Something ripped through me, I could feel the pain of the hole in me. I wanted to scream, but I had no mouth to do it. I wanted to move, but I had no body.

Then… it was pulled out of me. The something that I was attached to. It was… gone.

I was hollow.



The hole stitched together, but there was nothing to stitch. I wasn't even a shell, in or out. I didn't exist.

I floated deeper into the nothingness… but it was replaced by darkness.

I was surrounded by darkness… and that's how I could tell where I was.

I was the nothing in the dark.

With this knowledge, I could feel the nothing… harden. It became a shell. A moving shell. Still hollow… but with form.

The first that came was my body. Hands… feet… head… all of it. With my body came touch. I could feel myself slowly float down and touch the ground. I could feel myself sitting on my hands and knees.

Next came sight. Colors of purple and black surrounded me. I slowly turned my head around to see black squares floating around. The entire area… it was full of darkness. Darkness, and… emptiness. I could feel the aura of sorrow and hatred that seeped in from every corner of this place.

Hearing came next. I could hear… footsteps from behind me. I turned my head around to see a man in a cloak walk forward, grinning over the dark book he had in his hands.

"Ah…" he said, closing said book and adjusting his top hat. "Just as the Dark Prognosticus foretold…"

"…who are you?" I asked, my voice hoarse from using it the first time.

"Who indeed?" the man asked, tapping his chin. "My name… is of no importance. Everyone knows me as Count Bleck."

"Bleck…" I repeated, standing on my feet. They were shaky under me, but I eventually found my balance.

"And I'm sure you're wondering who you are as well," Count Bleck continued.

"…no," I answered, looking down at my hand and focusing. Pure, unbridled darkness gathered around it. "I know who I am."

"Oh?" laughed Count Bleck. "Well, that saves us some time, doesn't it? But, young man… what do I have the pleasure of calling you?"

"…" I held out both hands, commanding the darkness to form together and create a mask in my hand. I placed the mask on my face and, now that the Count couldn't see it, sneered. The fool didn't know who I was… perfect. Memories came to me. Some mine, some not, but from them, a plan came to my mind. I turned my head back to Count Bleck.

"Well?" he asked. After a moment of thinking, I finally answered:

"Call me… Dimento."

End of Book 2