My first attempt at a GA fanfic, so bear with me... please? ^-^ I've been involved with this fandom for a long time, and even from the start, Natsume and Ruka were always my favourite characters. The friendship aspects of the manga had always appealed to me in more ways than the romance. ::runs and hides from leagues of shippers::.

So, here I'll be attempting a series of NatsuRuka friendship drabbles. Other characters would make their appearances, but our favourite boys would still be the main focus of each chapter.

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The ebony haired boy yawned, groggily attempting to rub away the final remains of sleep induced haze from his vision as the image of a petite blond began to sharpen before him, soft cerulean eyes seemingly alight with unmasked devotion as his hand continued its steady rhythm through his previously dozing friend's dark hair, letting the strands freely trickle through the spaces between his fingers, "How're you feeling?"

Natsume mumbled an incoherent response, too comfortable as he was in using his best friend's lap as a makeshift pillow. Ruka chuckled; soft and warm, "You're going to have to speak up, Natsume."

Crimson eyes cracked open from behind thin eyelids, blearily staring up at the amused blond, "Like-" he broke off, stifling a huge yawn, "-death warmed up."

Ruka's lips thinned in distaste at the weak pun, yet never ceasing his task as he distractedly watched Natsume's dark locks spilled over the side of his thigh, mingling effortlessly into the sharp blades of grass pressing into his admittedly sore bare calves. In goes without saying that the blond had furtively attempted to hinder even the smallest of movements movements ever since Natsume had dozed off, lest the chance of accidently jostling his best friend.

Now, if Ruka was any less devoted a person than what the young boy already is, he would have admitted that remaining in such a position for such a period of time would have easily tested anyone's patience. The warm rays of the late evening sun kissed his fair cheeks, his limbs nearly numb from contortion as he attempted to allow Natsume to rest in, what he hoped that is, the most comfortable position that his body would allow.

Nevertheless, Ruka's seemingly never ending devotion never ceased to amaze; he stayed still, merely allowing himself to toy with his friend's dark hair as he slept.

Natsume stirred, the sudden shift of weight against his leg allowing his blood circulation to flow seamlessly within the limb yet again. The owner of the Fire Alice raised a quizzical eyebrow at the blond, his lips upturning just the slightest into the small smile often reserved for those closest to him, "How long are you planning to practice your auditions for being a statue?"

Ruka grinned back at him, waving off the jab and, in a tone that was devoid of any lies or slander, answered truthfully, "Until you decide that you don't need me anymore."


End first chapter.

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