Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Relative-ly Speaking

Author's Notes: Okay, It's time for all that boring lawyer stuff that has to come before this little ficc-y thing. Not mine, yada,yada,yada, no money made, blah,blah,blah, just for fun, and so on and so forth. Oh yeah, Marnie, Fred, Gilly, Shellie, and Scotty are mine. Okay, so on with my little turtle-tourturing endeavour!


It was a bright, sunny day, one of those rare days that makes everyone happy for no reason at all. One of the rarest things to ever happen in New York City. For one little boy in particular, this day was even better. His parents had finally let him get the pets he had wanted for a long time. Four baby turtles.

He was on his way home from the pet shop, happily thinking up names for his new friends, when suddenly he pitched foreward and the glass bowl his new friends were in shattered all over the ground. As luck would have it, the poor little boy had tripped right in front of a sewer grate and he watched helplessly as the four babies tumbled out of sight....