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"Ringo! Where's the flour?" I call as I hunt through their cupboards. So far all I've found are sugary cereals, pudding, and other crap that rots your teeth. Well, pudding isn't crap, but you get the point I'm trying to make. These boys are sugar fiends.

"Flowers? Whaddya need those fer?" His head pops out from the fridge. "You want the cookies to smell pretty?"

I sigh in exasperation. "No, Ringo. Flour. With a 'u.' Ya know, the thing you use when you bake? It;s white and powdery?" He giggles and I glare disapprovingly. "Not coke! God, you guys are such...well, guys! Now stop giggling and find some flour, 'cos no flour means no cookies for John, and no cookies for John means no more Ringo!"

He immediately stops and sobers up. I can't help but feel bad for him. I mean, c'mon, who can resist Ringo Starr's puppy face? It's physically impossible or something.

"You know I didn't mean that."

"I know, but John's bloody terrifyin'!"

"Well, if we find where the hell the flour is, then the only things that need to be afraid of him are the cookies." I go back to search through the cupboards, looking for the other necessary ingredients. "Guys! Where's the sugar?"

"Used it up yesterday fer me tea!" George hollers back.


"I needed breakfast!" John bellows.

"Ugh! This is impossible!"

"Oh, we can't be that bad, can we?" Paul rests his chin in his hand and leans on the countertop. I look around for Ringo, but he's mysteriously disappeared from the scene. "D'ya hate us already?"

"No," I try to look busy and nonchalant by wiping the counters clean. "You're just boys and that's all. Messy, unorganised, boys."

"Ey, I'm plenty organised! And clean fer that matter. John and Rings are the filthy ones."

"Well, either way, that still doesn't excuse the fact that you lack pretty much everything that I need to make decent cookies. If you were a gentleman, you'd go buy some."

He smirks at me and I stare at him quizzically. "Did it ever occur to you to try the pantry?"

"T-the pantry?" Oh god, I feel stupid.

"Yeah, the one right over there." He gestures to a door that I hadn't taken any notice of before.

"O-oh, of course. How silly of me." I go to make my way over, but he stops me.

"Allow me." He goes in and swiftly returns with everything I need, minus the eggs. Before I can point that out, however, he places everything on the counter and snatched a couple eggs from a drawer in the fridge, making me feel even more dim-witted. Once everything is out, he resumes his spot and gazes up at me smugly. "Thank you," is the only thing I can manage without looking embarrassed. With a shrug he says, "No problem. I'll go get Rings so he can help ya."

"Not so fast there, Macca." he pauses and looks over his shoulder at me. "You're as much at fault here as he is. Don't think you're getting off that easily." I place my hands on my hips, signifying that he has no say in the matter. He shrugs again and walks back to me, eyebrow raised.

"And what exactly do I need to do then, Miss Master Chef?"

I swallow the giggle that threatens to bubble up and smile sweetly. "Oh, come on, the McCartney doesn't know how to make a batch of sugar cookies? I'm disappointed in you, James."

He pretends to look offended and then haughty and distinguished as he adjusts his jacket and straightens his posture. "Of course I do, madame. It's a simple task." His faux nasal tone causes he to erupt into the giggles I tried so hard to hold back, and he grins.

While he begins mixing the ingredients, I look for a cookie sheet, to no avail. He realises me predicament and pulls one out from under the oven, chuckling at my frustration. Being the child I am, I stick my tongue out and playfully toss a handful of flour in his face. He sputters then smiles wickedly, grabbing some of his own and covering me in the powdery substance. I gasp because I hadn't expected him to throw any back, and quickly retaliate. Pretty soon, everything is dusted with flour and Paul and I are sitting on the floor, laughing at the mess we've made of each other and the kitchen. We lock eyes and smile, and he gently brushes the flour from my face. I can feel my heart beat faster as his big hazel eyes grow closer and I hold my breath in anticipation when-

"Oh, look at the mess you've made!"

Paul slowly turns his head to glare at George, obviously annoyed at the interruption.

"Everything's covered! My kitchen! This is goin' t'take forever!"

"He's such a mother at times," Paul mutters, still glaring at his friend.

I nod, unable to speak. Oh my...oh my god...did we almost...?

"I'm not cleanin' this up! Yer doin' this Paul! You-"


"-are goin' t'wipe everything off and-"


"-you'll make sure all this is spotless cos-"


Aforementioned Beatle pauses and finally takes notice of Paul's initial intention, before he was interrupted. "O-oh...um...carry on...yea..." he stutters awkwardly and walks away, looking embarrassed with a slight pink to his cheeks.

Once he's gone, Paul turns back to me and smiles. "Well..."

"I-uh-um... He's right!" I hurriedly scramble to my feet. "We really should start cleaning, and..." He stops me in the middle of my sentence by tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. "I mean...um..." The next thing I realise are his lips pressed softly against mine and the fireworks going off in my mind. I practically melt into a little Mandy-puddle, I'm so euphoric. We break away far too soon for my liking and grin. "And you said you were a Ringo girl," he smiles. I giggle and we lean in one more time.

Screw John's goddamned cookies.

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