The Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood

Author's note: This is my first Fanfiction, so PLEASE comment, thanks:)


Chapter One:

It was a dark and stormy night. A young girl walked sown the sidewalk drenched in water. Tears streaked down her cheeks as her long, green, flowing dress caught onto a bush and tore off a piece. She thought of the words he had said to her. "That's just it! You don't know anymore! You don't know about your feelings for him, or even your feelings for me!" "But Will…" "No Layla! Just go!" Those were the last words she heard from him before he packed her stuff and shoved her out the door. It was never like this before. After their graduation ceremony and she moved in with him, it was different. And now she was walking on the street, her favorite dress torn to shreds and soaking wet, with nowhere to go. She came across her favorite restraunt, and without thinking about the person who came between her and Will possibly being inside, she sat down at the nearest booth. She took off her jacket and started sobbing into her hands. What had she done to make this happen? Did she forget to call her old friends once too many times and now karma was coming back to bite her?

Before she could think one more time a familiar voice asked, "Can I take your order?" She looked up to see the vary man whom she had written a letter to (of which she was never intending to send) standing above her, just as she remembered him from Sky High. "Just a water." She replied, voice trembling. "Oh, Layla…" Warren Peace responded nervously, "Nice to see you again. Things going nice with Will I'm guessing." A tear slid down her cheek. "No, actually, it's just the opposite." She said, breathing deeply so that she didn't burst into tears. "But, don't worry about me… I'll be fine…" Warren sat down and looked at her. "Ok, what happened with you guys? I thought you moved in with him." He said, and actually looked like he cared. "Well," Layla began, heart pounding. "Will and I got into a fight. I wrote a letter a while back before we graduated when me and Will were kind of on and off." Layla paused, trying not to say anything about the letter being to him. "Then we were going through some old papers, sorting the trash from the bills and the stuff we needed to keep. Then, he found the letter and over reacted. He thought that I had written the letter recently and was going to send it. So, he packed my bags and here I am." She said, as more than a few tears coming out of her eyes.

After she had told him, he had looked shocked. Like he thought it was smooth sailing for them since the whole Gwen incident. (Which she hadn't fully forgotten yet.) "Oh, I'm sorry…" He answered, obviously feeling stupid for asking the question in the first place. "No, it's ok. I'm sure it will all be resolved soon." I hope! "Well, if it makes any difference you can stay at my house tonight." He offered, hoping that she would accept so they could talk more. He would get off work in a couple minutes anyways, so it wouldn't be a big deal. "Sure, thanks. That is, if it doesn't bother you… I really don't want to intrude…" "No, it's fine." He reassured. She looked at him. Wow! She thought. He would really do that for me. Even after what happened with Will and him in Sky High… "Well, my shift's just about up so why don't you get your jacket on and we'll leave." "Ok." She responded. She slipped her jacket on and grabbed her purse. She turned to grab her suitcase, but saw that Warren had already grabbed it and was holding the door with an umbrella in his other hand.