"After what you did to Allie, you've got some nerve showing up here," Gen all but growled at Jensen. The bastard could go rot in hell for all she cared.

Dean gulped, giving his brother a deer in headlights look. "Right...Allie," Dean said shifting awkwardly. He stuffed his hands in his pockets leaning forward on his heels.

"Yeah remember you brutally ripping her heart out. Or wait even better the fact that you essentially left her..." Gen said, but was cut off from a voice at the landing where she had just come from. A familiar voice. Dean couldn't place it at first, but then he looked up.

"Gen, it's fine," Alona said leaning over the railing. Her eyes lingered on Jensen before settling on her friend.

"Jo," Dean said, his voice cracking while his eyes watered up. It was her. She was alive. Well at least in this universe she was. He hadn't gotten her killed, her or Ellen. He tried to remember what breathing was and took a deep breath which caused him to snort loudly.

"Really? We're gonna keep playing that game huh? Should I just start calling you Dean then?" Gen snapped sarcastically, rolling her eyes at Jensen. He was a real piece of work sometimes. She could only stand him in small doses and she'd had her fill lately to last her awhile.

"What De-Jensen meant to say was the actress who plays Jo," Sam said nudging Dean. That caused Dean to pause. It wasn't Jo. Sam was right or at least Dean was aware on some level he was right. Dean choked, clearing his throat but nodded not being able to take his eyes off the blonde or form words for the moment.

"I actually just go by Alona, Jared. Or Allie," Alona said with a smile at Jared before heading down the stairs.

"Are you crying?" Gen asked staring at Jensen in disbelief as she leaned against her leather sofa.

"What? No...um it's allergies," Dean said, his cheeks turning red as he wiped his cheeks quickly.

"Since when?" Alona asked walking into the living room. She walked over the bar and poured herself a small glass of scotch before leaning against it studying Jensen.

"Hmmm?" Dean managed to say. He was trying not to stare, but it was Jo or at least it looked a hell of a lot like her. And she was standing a few feet away from him, drinking scotch which turned him on more than it should.

"Since when do you have allergies?" Alona asked raising an eyebrow at him, before taking a sip of her scotch.

"Um..." Dean gulped racking his brain for anything he'd ever heard about allergies, "pollen season." Dean shrugged, giving Sam a look to help him dig himself out of this ever increasing ditch.

"Right. No yeah he's been a mess on the set...that's what it's called right?" Sam asked, gulping slightly as Gen walked over to him.

"Last I checked that's what they were still calling them," Gen said with a smile, before resting her hands against his chest. She leaned up and kissed him sweetly.

"I'll be back later and don't let him to talk to her," Gen whispered, giving Jensen one last death glare. She then walked over to Alona and hugged her tight.

"Call me when you land," Gen said with a smile, touching her friend's face softly, "and please for the love of god don't sleep with him." That comment caused Dean to choke on the scotch he'd been sipping. He'd only been half paying attention to what they were talking about, still distracted by Jo being here. It made sense though, of course he'd had sex with Jo, who wouldn't?

"Gen, I'm a big girl, I can take of myself. You need to worry about those damn adorable otters," Alona said with a smile. She gave her best friend one last hug, squeezing her tight.

Gen walked away, heading out to her dinner. Both men's heads tilted clearly checking out her ass as she passed. Alona shook her head before downing the rest of her scotch.

"This has been real guys, but I've got a plane to catch and I can only handle so much ex-time at once," Alona said heading for the door. Dean grabbed her arm, stopping her from leaving.

"Jensen. Let go," Alona said quietly, "I'm not doing this again."

"Look I'm not asking you to do anything Jo..." Dean said, Sam cutting him off.

"Allie," Sam corrected.

"Right Allie, so um...remind me where you're going again," Dean basically pleaded. He didn't want Jo to leave yet...or Allie. He'd only just gotten her back and it wasn't fair that some douche who only looked like him was going to ruin it.

Alona rolled her eyes, trying to yank her arm free. "What your ego finally affect your memory too?" she snapped, getting tired of this game.

"Something like that, please Jo...Allie. For the sake of...um...what we had give me an hour and then you can go wherever you need to," Dean pleaded. He had no idea what he was doing. A part of him knew that this wasn't Jo and it wouldn't ever be his Jo. But the bigger part of him didn't care.

Alona frowned slightly seeing something completely new in his face. Something...well something that wasn't Jensen at all.

"Israel," she said with a sigh realizing she wasn't nearly as strong as she thought she was.

"What?" Dean asked, giving Sam a look who merely shrugged back. Alona rolled her eyes, you'd think after four years her ex-fiancée would know a little more than her favorite sex position.

"The place I'm going. Israel," Alona said giving him an unreadable look, when Jensen finally let go of her. She crossed her arms, not believing she was still standing here.

"Why?" Dean asked, frowning slightly. He didn't know much about the country, other than that it was a country and bad shit seemed to happen there.

"Because I'm shooting that Pilot and I thought it might nice to spend some embarrassing time with my family constantly asking what I did wrong," Alona snapped, that coming out meaner than she had intended. She rubbed her forehead trying to calm herself down. She wasn't catty, as much as Gen had tried to get Alona to hate Jensen, it hadn't worked.

"Look, let's just go our separate ways okay? You go be Dean Winchester till the money runs dry and we'll see each other at Jared and Gen's anniversary," Alona said, nodding to Jared before turning to leave.

She made it to the exit when Dean called out for her again.

"Dean, dude it's not Jo," Sam said quietly. Dean ignored him and called out to her again which caused Alona to turn.

"What Jensen?" she asked, her voice exhausted.

"One hour, then you never have to see me again," Dean said gulping down the fear that she'd leave and ignoring the feeling that he was doing the wrong thing.

Sam didn't say anything. He knew how his brother had felt about Jo but that didn't change the fact that this wasn't her and that Dean was being an idiot.

Alona bit her lip not believing she was actually considering this. He was either acting her ass off right now or this was a new side of him she hadn't seen before, but yet it was strangely familiar at the same time.

Sam walked over to a table a little ways of way thinking he should give them a little privacy even though Dean had just met her minutes ago. He shook his head at his brother's lack of common sense and instead sat down in front of what he assumed was Jared's laptop.

"Sixty minutes then I'm on the next flight," Alona said sternly, before walking over to the bar. She needed at least another scotch to get through this, if not the whole bottle.