"Can I ask you something?" Dean asked as him and Allie walked along the edge of the lake in the backyard. Dean had been stunned to see an actual lake, but decided maybe it would be the best place to take Jo...Allie.

"Your time," Allie said with a shrug. She shivered slightly to the cool Canada breeze wishing she'd grabbed her coat.

"Here," he said taking off his jacket. He draped it over her bare shoulders offering her a small smile.

"Thanks," Allie said quietly, a little surprised he'd offered. It'd been awhile since they'd taken a walk together let alone him notice she was cold. She frowned slightly at the fact that the jacket didn't smell like Jensen.

"So what'd you wanna ask me?" she asked slipping her arms through the sleeves.

"What happened?" Dean asked stuffing his hands into his jean pockets.

Allie stopped and hopped up onto the railing lining the lake. She frowned, looking down at him. "With what?" she asked.

"With you and Jen-I mean me. What happened with us?" he asked, trying to sound as casual as he could. He rested his elbows against the railing staring out at the lake. He had to admit it was pretty damn peaceful out here, but his gaze turned back to his Jo looking more beautiful than he remembered. Or Allie, not Jo he tried to tell himself.

Allie frowned as she glanced down the empty path. She didn't know what was causing this attitude change in Jensen, but she knew she didn't like it. Every time he pretended to be interested in them, it ended with her in a heap on the floor sobbing like some teenager who got stood up for prom.

"Fine," she found herself saying despite her better judgments, "I'll play along Jen. What do you wanna know?"

"Everything," he said, all but staring up at her. Allie gave him an odd look. Something was different about him. And she honestly believed it. That wasn't the way he usually looked at her. At least he hadn't in a long time.

"Fifty minutes isn't going to cover everything," Allie said putting her hands into the jacket's pockets.

"Cliff notes me then," Dean said with a bright smile. Allie rolled her eyes, but surprisingly found him charming. Gen was right, she just needed to stay away from Jensen, for good.

"Alright, let's see...I met you at the first table reading four years ago. You asked me out, I turned you down," Allie said with a warm smile remembering.

"Jared, this is Alona Tal. She'll be playing Jo," Eric said with a smirk. Allie turned at hearing her name, coffee in hand. She smiled brightly nodding at him.

"It's just Allie," Allie said with a shrug.

"It's nice to meet you Allie," Jared said shaking her hand. Allie beamed at him, happy that he wasn't one of those stars who ignored the guest stars. Much like his co-star slumped over at the table wearing sunglasses.

"Thanks you too. I loved you in Gilmore Girls," Allie said with a smile. Jared laughed in a friendly way that made Allie feel more comfortable.

"Right, thanks," Jared said running a hand through his hair.

"Alright folks! Let's get started," Phil, the director of the episode, called the room. Jared smiled at Allie before taking a seat next to his clearly hung over co-star.

Allie took her seat next to Samantha whom she'd met at her call back. She glanced across the table at the guy who Jared had nudged awake. She shook her head slightly thanking that at least Jared seemed nice enough

Eight hours later, Allie was putting on her coat when she heard someone coming down the hall. She turned, flipping her blonde hair out of her jacket.

"Jensen right?" she asked with a friendly smile even though she thought he was a bit of a tool. The man smiled back, nodding.

"Yeah sorry about this morning. Still getting re-adjusted to the time change," Jensen said leading her towards the exit.

"Really? 'Cause it kinda looked like you were hungover," Allie said as he opened the door for her.

"It's called acting," Jensen said with a smile, stuffing his hands in his coat. She saw the dark SUV pull up and park, clearly waiting for him.

"Ah right, acting. They teach you that on Days Of Our Lives?" Allie asked as he followed her to her car.

"Naw, they just hired me for my pretty face," Jensen joked. Allie opened her car door nodding, he certainly was the charmer.

"Noted," she said simply, moving to get into the car.

"Wait Alona," Jensen said quickly. Allie paused, standing back up.

"Yes?" Allie asked. She knew what was coming. And she knew her answer, Jensen may seem nice and all after he got over his night of partying, but he wasn't her type plain and simple.

"There's something here, isn't there?" he asked motioning between them.

"Maybe," Allie said giving him a smirk. She got back into her car and shut the door. Jensen knelt down and knocked on the passenger window.

"Go out with me?" he asked with a charming smile.

"No," she said simply, "goodnight Jensen."

"How many times?" Dean asked. Allie turned to him, lost in her own memories.

"What?" she asked, shaking her head free of those thoughts. It was a lifetime ago and there was no going back.

"How many times did it take for you to say yes?" he asked curiously. Allie hopped off the railing, not wanting to talk about it. It hurt too much. It still felt like he put her heart in a blender and sat back to watch. And now, well now he was just toying with her.

"I'm done playing this memory lane game," Allie said sharply, turning to leave.

"What if I told you I wasn't Jensen?" Dean said, knowing Sam would disapprove of what he was doing. But it was Jo. Sort of. And he couldn't, he didn't know what he couldn't do, but he knew he couldn't let her leave.

"That's funny Jen. Last week I wasted four years of your life and now you're not yourself," Allie said coldly, crossing her arms.

"I'm serious. I look like him or he looks like me, whatever," Dean said, his mouth going dry from nerves, "this is gonna sound crazy, but what if I told you that somehow the Jensen you know is off in some alternate universe."

Allie rolled her eyes before walking away. She wasn't going to listen to his crazy story trying to get her back or fuck with her, she wasn't sure which.

"Jo! Stop, okay? You said I got an hour and I've still got time," Dean pleaded, not realizing he'd called her the wrong name. Allie paused at hearing her character name. Now that was something Jensen never did.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Allie asked after turning back towards him. She kept her distance, but faced him all the same.

"Because I'm not Jensen Ankles," Dean said with a sigh, thinking he might get hit.

"Ackles," Allie corrected, frowning deeply at him. She was about to call someone, anyone to get him checked out. Maybe he'd hit his head on set or something today.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Ackles. You're Jensen Ackles, not ankles," Allie said taking a step towards him, "did you hit your head on set today?"

"I'm fine. I didn't fall or hit my head or any of that crap. Will you just listen to me?" Dean pleaded taking a step towards her. He knew he was being an idiot and he knew that he was risking her life by telling her, but he also knew he couldn't let her get away, not again.

"If you're not Jen, then who are you?" Allie asked, becoming more worried with each moment. She gulped as she grasped her cell phone in her back pocket ready to call the police if he got the violent kind of crazy.

Dean took a deep breath. "I'm Dean. Dean Winchester..."