AN: This is my new story, and my first venture into NCIS, as well as a female Harry, so please let me know what you think – I know this prologue is short, but it is a prologue, so it is allowed to be short – the 1st chapter is already written, so I'll post it if I get a good response for this. I would also like title ideas please! As you, my readers, were so good in naming my other fic: The Poke Whisperer.

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or Harry Potter.

Warnings: OOC, AU, femHarry


A Harry Potter and NCIS Crossover Fanfiction


It was all a big cliché, really.

It all began with a small trolley collision in a supermarket, which led to so much more for two people who thought that they would always be alone.

The first was a British national on holiday, with an extremely large inferiority complex and self worth issues, whilst the latter was a self-proclaimed playboy with commitment problems.

And thus began the story of Anthony DiNozzo and Halkyone Potter.