It's the growling which should disturb him the most, if the sight of Cas bent over a random hippy chick, buck naked and pounding quickly towards what is definitely not his first orgasm of the evening. But then, Dean's got his own lapful of nubile apocalypse survivor, so he's trying to focus on that, and not the arousal killing sight of his best friend fucked up and losing it, or his older self straining as he comes inside of the third girl, slumping over her with a final growling moan.

He's not really sure how he should feel about any of this. But hey, you get invited to an orgy, you may as well see the thing through, how many other chances like this is he going to get?

Well...aside from when he ages four years and ends up here again.

Time travel, it opened all kinds of doors.

"Nah...uh...I need..." Cas's pace picks up and Dean glances past his girl's shoulder, watching the slim, naked back of the former angel, jack knife up and down out of sight. He can hear the girl whimpering, mewling in the background but he's had enough experience of the here-and-now Dean-and-Cas to know that the girl is all window dressing. It's just like the bead curtain and the Buddha and the hippy philosophy –doesn't change the fact that Castiel is an addict. Just like the girls don't make this anything less than what it is – Dean and Cas having sex with as many people between them as they can round up.

Dean comes and almost surprises himself, leaning against the wall as the girl climbs off, still watching the two older men in the dim cabin.

"I need..." Castiel lets out a frustrated groan and thrusts with enough force to elicit a startled squeak from his partner.

Then the other Dean, the older, not-necessarily-wiser-but-certainly-more-fucked-up version, sucks two of his own fingers distractedly, and then circles Cas's bared ass. The former angel bucks into them and moans, mewling at the end of the sound as Dean pushes in, rubbing the walls of his entrance with blunt finger tips.

Cas rocks between the girl beneath him and the fingers in his ass, coming apart with a completeness which is frightening to watch. He would lay money that Cas doesn't care who's underneath him and who's fucking into him with their fingers. His eyes are closed and a continuous soft mewl is caught in his throat, rough and desperate as he claws his way towards his climax.

Only Dean would have lost that bet as Cas growls, "Dean..." thrusting backwards. "" and a third finger is added, his older self watching Cas unravel with grim fascination.

With a final shudder, Cas comes in a rush, arching and bowing his head in one unconscious spasm.

Dean's lying on the floor, half watching his older self and the ruined angel, as the other Dean pulls Cas gently away from the woman, wrapping his arms around him and laying them both down on the splintery wooden floor. Cas's chest is still heaving with exertion but he nuzzles happily, blindly, against Dean's warm body.

The women have picked themselves up and left, trooping out into the daylight to shower, change and get on with their duties.

Cas and Dean lie still against each other, the younger hunter watching them lean drowsily together.

"That was good." Cas slurs eventually.

Dean 'Mmms' in response

"It's better...always better when you join in." Castiel observes sagely.

Dean wonders if that's the closest they'll get to admitting how they feel, before the world ends.