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Warnings: 1st person POV, OOC, AU, yaoi (male/male)


A Death Note Fanfiction


1st Person POV

I met him for the first time when I was 12.

I had gone with my father into work, hoping to snoop through some of his case files, but with one glance everything else fell away. He was a puzzle, a mystery I intended to solve. A single look in his eyes and I could see how smart he was, how clever.

So why did he put up with that treatment from the others?

Why did he show everyone such a façade?

His head turned towards me and for a moment I thought that he could hear what I was thinking, that he knew I knew. But then I realised that my father had called his name.

Matsuda - a name I will have to remember.

"Yes Chief?"

He said it in such a gleeful way, it made me want to kick him in the shin, or at the very least scowl fiercely, but I kept my face blank.

"Can you keep an eye on Light for me?" I rolled my eyes inwardly; I did not need anyone to look after me.

"Of course, Chief"

I watched my father disappear into a group of other officers before looking back at Matsuda. He had crouched down so he was level with me and his face was split with such a wide grin that his eyes had closed.

"Hello, Light-chan. My name is Matsuda Tōta."

I blinked, tilted my head and stared at him closely. Not once did his smile falter, not even the tiniest bit.

"I see you." I stated bluntly, and I watched as the smile disappeared and the eyes opened. The intelligent and serious look I was given did not startle me in the slightest. I could tell he was studying me before a smirk slowly appeared.

"And I see you, Yagami Light."

It was the start of the best times of my life.