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Chapter 0: Prologue

Don't blink; they won't even miss you at all. –A Day to Remember (I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made of?)

Standing beneath the empty, lifeless shell of a building now rarely ever used, the hunter can afford to feel nothing but anxiety. He knows very well what the place is used for – especially since he's visited on multiple occasions upon being given invitations that he could not ignore. This time, though, the invitation was one of a more urgent matter.

Rather than the normal "highly recommended that you attend such a meeting", he received, "miss at your own risk". It unnerved him to see such words written so delicately, in the President's finest cursive, as if he wasn't about to walk right into what could very possibly be his own death sentence.

He could not, for the life of him, remember what he had done wrong. But he knew that the ground beneath him was washed every month of the blood that had stained the wooden planks during such events; when hunters were put to death for a crime that they had definitely committed. There was no turning back once he was where he was now. It was over.

Staring up at the President, he smiles in a way that is almost playful. If the President does this, he thinks, she'll only be giving me what I want. My only regret will be never getting to say goodbye to Yuuki.

He almost shrugs his shoulders. How many times has he left without telling her, planning to never return?

"Zero Kiryu?" The President's voice is silk against the rough, hollow space around him. It's almost peaceful, minus, of course, the blood at his feet that has yet to be cleaned. "Do you realize what's about to happen?"

Rather than giving a verbal answer, he nods his head yes. His smile is still there, an attack against the President and her tricky ways in a way that he knows will get to her.

But she's not as weak as he assumes. She smiles back. "Good." She motions with her hand to the guards surrounding every possible exit – even the windows. "Then I'm sure you'll be a good boy and listen, correct? You've seen what happens to those who don't."

Once again, he nods his head. He's also seen what's happened to those who speak out of line.

She rests her head on her open palm and nods, almost in a bored manner. "You have a week to make things right, Kiryu. Don't mess anything up."

His eyes widen in shock. Never, in all of his years as a hunter, has he heard of a week before execution. Sure, some people were given a day to sort out whatever issues they had at home, but even that was rare when this particular President was giving orders.

She smiles sweetly. "I have a soft spot for you, Kiryu. Believe it or not." Her chuckle carries towards his ears and makes him flinch. God, he hates her. "Besides, you're such a special case. I assume you've made too many enemies to count in your current state." She waves her hand as if to single out the vampire coursing through his veins. "Fix your mistakes, Kiryu. God knows you've made them."

And, in the blink of an eye, he's ushered out the door while someone un-locks his hand-cuffs.

He doesn't know what he's done.

Honestly, he's been better than good the past year – taking missions when asked and keeping his gun pointed at Level E's rather than the nobles in the Night Class. He's had no incidents, made no mistakes. Even his grades are spotless – A's in every class.

And yet he has seven days to live.

It's not like he's complaining. In the end, he still hates his life. But why does he have to wait seven whole days?

Sighing helplessly, Zero turns his head towards the sky, watching the clouds move as their shapes twist with the wind.

Now he has to say goodbye to Yuuki, to the Headmaster, and…

He feels an ache form somewhere in his chest when he thinks about having to say goodbye to Yagari. After all they've been through…and now he has to leave, this time for good. There's no more running away. This time, saying goodbye to Yagari will be permanent.

But he can't think that way.

Doing so will only make him turn his back on his own punishment, which will only make things a million times worse.

As Cross Academy comes into view, he makes a quick decision.

While he doesn't know about fixing his mistakes, Zero wants to do something with the last week of his life. For once, he wants to feel life. Call him whatever you want, but, just this once, he wants people to look at him and wish they were him. He wants to do what he never once thought he would just for the sake of doing it.

He wants to make these last few days worth living.