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-three months later-

Yuuki leans over to straighten his tie before pulling back with a smirk of satisfaction. "And you were against the idea of a fancy affair. You look lovely, Zero."

The silver-haired hunter examines his reflection in the mirror, barely believing what his own eyes are seeing. Sure, he's worn suits before, but never ones so expensive. Most of the time, he was wearing ones that he had found at hand-me-down shops. This one, though, fits him perfectly. There are no loose strings, and the undershirt is snug in a way that brings definition to his slim torso.

Its white color suits his features nicely, and the lilac tie that matches his eyes makes everything that much better.

"Brother will lose his head, surely," Yuuki giggles. "I've never seen you quite so dignified."

Zero blushes. "Yah, well, I bet he'll look a million times better. What with the looks of a god and all."



"Be quiet. Now, let's go. Yagari's waiting."

The hunter feels an unwanted flutter in his stomach. "Uh, maybe I should wait a bit…"

Yuuki grabs his collar and pulls, careful not to wrinkle anything but eager to get this show on the road. She just wants to see her brother and best friend happy for once.

The past three months have been hell. Not only was Zero's act a sore spot for Kaname, but the pureblood's beauty and connection to his sister were ones for Zero, as well. It was hard for the hunter to get over his own jealousy, which lead to many unnecessary fights and bouts of ignorance that drove Yuuki insane.

Sure, it was hard for her to get over Kaname, but she didn't think her struggle was that obvious.

According to Zero, she was "obsessed", and was, according to him, "interfering" just a bit too much.

He refused to acknowledge it, but the hunter was clearly very, very jealous.

He got over it, though. Apparently, her brother had more skill in the bedroom than she could have ever thought possible.

Not that she ever really thought about it…that much.

"You'll do just fine, Zero," she soothes, hoping that the message gets through his stubbornly thick skull. "And you look quite handsome. My brother will have to fight his best not to faint."

The assurance did little to settle the hunter's nerves.

"Seriously, I think I'll just wait here…"

"Zero Kiryuu!" Suddenly, Yuuki is right in front of him, glaring with the intensity of a thousand fires burning in hell. "My brother has never been happier, and you are not about to take that away from him! Or you, for that matter! I've never known you to be quite so pleasant, and it's because of Kaname that you're like that. So, do Kaname a favor and leave this room before he grows restless enough to drag you out himself!"

And maybe most people don't respond well to yelling, least of all Zero, but something seems to settle in the hunter's head.

He stands up, brushes the creases from his slacks, and brushes past Yuuki with the air of someone madly and passionately in love.

Not much registers as Yagari loops his arm through Zero's, beaming with pride as the doors are pulled open from the other side. It's all a blur until he can see Kaname, and it takes a great deal of will-power (and a good tug from Yagari) to keep him from running to the alter.

Of course, Kaname looks stunning.

The black suit and red tie do wonders to his already flawless complexion, literally giving him the appearance of a god.

The pureblood smiles tenderly at the sight of his beloved, eager to move forward with the procession just to reap the benefits of getting to call Zero his husband.

His one-and-only, his lover, his soulmate.

With all of this comes the determination to keep what they have for as long as time will allow.

And with Kaname's power, it will last forever.

He knows there will be fights. He knows that he will have to leave for the occasional meeting with the Senate, and that, in turn, he will find himself selfishly wondering what Zero is making with his free-time – if he is alone or if there are others meant to take Kaname's place. There will be moments when such ideas will shock him because of course Zero isn't like that, and there will be moments when he can believe nothing less. There will be jealousy and rage.

There will be passion and lust and love.

They are strong enough to take on the world.

And they will.

Zero's steps are slow – much too slow for Kaname's liking. If it weren't for the others watching, so eager to witness a real vampire bonding ceremony, then they would have been married hours ago. There would have been no fancy suits or expensive preachers – just the two of them and the ritual that Kaname knew by heart.

His hunter seems nervous but proud – like he's trying desperately to keep his composure. The boy's aura is a mix of eager and frightened, which surely comes from the familiar and instinctual fear of vampires.

But he is still the most stunning person in the room. Even more stunning than Yuuki, who is smiling proudly beside one eager-looking Aido. Even more stunning that the aristocrats with their fair features. Even more stunning than Cross with his silk ensemble and flower hair-clips.

Kaname can't keep his eyes off of his beloved.

Because no one has ever been more beautiful, more pure.

And after all that they've been through, Kaname can only hope that better days will come.

It all starts with those two, simple little words.

They tingle on his lips long before the moment when they will need to be spoken out loud.

They curl around his heart and squeeze it with the burning and exhilarating excitement that comes with their meaning, which is so much deeper than their intended significance.

Soon enough, it will be them against the world.

And he can't wait.

I do.

~the End~

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