See me again with Scarlett here! After reading Anne Rice story about Sleeping Beauty, which is very strongly forbidden for teenagers, I want to create a sweet love for Xiaoyu and Jin. Please enjoy dear readers!

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Chapter 1 Xiaoyu and the storybook

Xiaoyu kicked the chair in front of her, wondering why she should clean the class alone, again. The sky outside was getting dark, and the schoolyard was starting serene. There are only students left at Mishima Senior High, she murmured. Thanks to those annoying girls, especially Lili and Asuka, Lili's doppelganger wanna be, so I'm still here, cleaning the class alone.

Actually, the assignment for cleaning the class was for 10 students, including Lili and Asuka. However, Lili asked others to go to Pub Liberty nearby to celebrate her good score in Math, leaving Xiaoyu alone. Since Lili had so much admirer and supports, Xiaoyu couldn't say no. She had to accept Lili's order and her classmates' responses.

Emilie Rochefort, which called Lili, was a snobbish daughter from Monaco. She was smart, beautiful, and stylish—if you considered Gothic Lolita as stylish fashion nowadays. She was the second smartest brain in class after Xiaoyu.

Asuka Kazama, which was Lili's best friend since the bike accident in the last semester, always followed that spoiled girl around.

They sometimes asked other classmates to disturb her, making her lonely. Frankly, that happened that day.

Xiaoyu sighed deeply, watching her reflection in the window as she cleaned it. Her big black eyes were tired after doing several jobs alone. Her tiny cute face looked so miserable. Lili must have sooo much fun in the pub! That silly girl should get her lesson sometimes!

"Xiaoyu? What are you doing here?" someone was standing by the door. His body was well muscled, strong, and lean. His dark spiky hair was adorable. His face, which could make women did double take, now was staring at her, showing a little attention.

Okay, might be not, but who could blame young girl's feeling toward person she liked?

Lili yelled happily, "Jin! Thank God you're here!"

"Hmm? I'm checking the class. I thought everyone is leaving to Liberty this evening."

"Everyone except me," Xiaoyu corrected his statement. "Lili didn't invite me."

The young man in front of Xiaoyu curved a smirk on his handsome face. "Maybe she's just jealous on you. You always get the highest score in every subject… except in Miss Nina's class, right?"

Xiaoyu pulled her face. Yes, that's right…

"Fine, girl! What can I do for you?"

Xiaoyu paused a moment, thinking.

"I'm waitiiiiiing…" Jin teased her. He watched the scenery from the window, looking far away.

"Take this mop and start brushing the floor, Jin." Xiaoyu threw a dirty towel toward Jin, who caught it with good skill and a little bit style. Jin caught the towel while he split in the air, making Xiaoyu laughed pretty hard.

"I guess I had asked wrong question," Jin said, brushing the floor with his strong power. "I'm not a Cinderella, mopping, brushing… and cleaning."

Xiaoyu laughed again, showing her cherry face.

Jin smiled seeing her face. "Ah, I guess it is a worth doing task… I can make you smile again. You looked like middle-aged man when I entered the class, you know, tired and pathetic."

Xiaoyu face blushed very fast. Didn't want Jin to catch her red face, Xiaoyu quickly threw her face to another direction. Oh my God, he's really nice…

The door was unexpectedly slammed to the wall. A well-built and sexy figure appeared in front of them. She was Nina Williams, their English teacher. Miss Nina walked to the class, staring at Jin.

"Jin, darling I guess I only asked you to check the door, not doing such miserable tasks."

Xiaoyu almost vomited hearing Miss Nina's seductive voice and of course her comment on her. She was trying to get Jin attention for sure. Why should she show up here? I really should throw her with something hard, like bucket or bottle next time.

"Tsk… tsk… let Xiaoyu finish her tasks, okay?" Miss Nina spoke again, giving Jin that kind of look. With hot black skirt and tight lace shirt, Miss Nina looked adorable.

She is so pretty, Xiaoyu sneered at her, peering at Miss Nina's boobs. Maybe one-day mine would be that big too…

"I have promised to help her, Miss. You can go with Steve. I guess your son has been waiting for you since five o'clock."

Miss Nina was still waiting for Jin's good answer. "But Jin, I…"

"Ah, there he comes!"

Jin didn't lie. Steve Fox was standing in front of them, looking devastated. "Mom… I have been waiting for you! We have to go together to my concert this evening!"

Steve Fox was the only son of Nina Williams. Their beautiful English teacher got pregnant in the early twenties, so she was still stunning and unbelievably gorgeous. None knew who the father was. Some students said Miss Nina had been a very sexually adventurous woman long time ago.

In the opposite of Miss Nina's character, Steve was a very nice kid. He was so talented in school subjects and sports. His strong point was playing piano. It was his gift. He had been chosen many times in much musical school, asking him to study abroad and taking the scholarship. Surely, his musical gift was coming from his father side.

Miss Nina gave a long sigh before leaving, throwing a goodbye kiss to Jin.

Jin didn't reply it and continued brushing the floor. After few minutes, he whispered to Xiaoyu, "It's so irritating, having her nagging and following me."

Xiaoyu raised her eyebrows, "really? Don't you feel proud for being followed by many girls and women?"

"Are you kidding, Xiaoyu? They're really annoying."

"They are following you around because you're so handsome and attractive."

"Do you think so?" Jin asked her, teasing her again. "Do you think I'm handsome?"

"I don't know. Answer it yourself."

"I can't answer myself. You tell me."

"You're quite irritating!" Xiaoyu shrieked, losing her patient. Yes, damn you. You're the most handsome guy in my whole life, and I love you more than anything in this world!

"So? Do you think I'm a handsome guy?"


"What do you think?"

Xiaoyu threw Jin a pile of dirty water, but Jin managed to avoid it. His reflects was so great he didn't get any drops of water.

"Hey!" He shouted, giggling. "That's dangerous!"

As the result of their current joke thing, the floor was all wet. Xiaoyu cleaned it again, pouting her mouth.

"No worries, I'll help."

"Help your ass!" Xiaoyu shouted, feeling so embarrassed. "You're out of your limit!"

"Xiaoyu, can I ask you something?"

"What else?" Xiaoyu snarled at him. "What do you want to ask me?"

"Is this book is yours?"


"Yes, I guess it belongs to you. Look at the title, Princess Xiaoyu and her Lovely Prince."

"It can't be I don't have that kind of storybook, Jin."

The sky behind them was getting darker than ever. However, Jin seemed didn't mind at all. He stared at Xiaoyu, smiling. "It's not yours? So, can we read this together?"

"Well, we have cleaned all of these things right? I don't see any complains here."

They opened the first page of the storybook. It's so funny. They could see Xiaoyu's picture in the illustration side, beside the sentences.

"She looks like you, Xiaoyu."

"Give a break. It can't be!"

Long time ago in a far far away country in the middle centuries, lived a young beautiful girl named Xiaoyu. She lived with her lovely grandfather. Her father was away, missing in action after marrying a stunning siren named Nina. She was very beautiful, but ugly at heart.

"Jin, it's not funny. Why should you make something like this?" Xiaoyu asked Jin. Her face was blushing with anger. "I'm going home!"

However, Xiaoyu couldn't bring her body out from the class. She kept going out and in the classroom. "Jiiiin…there's something terrible in here!"

Jin laughed, smiling. "It's impossible."

"Really!" Xiaoyu walked passing the door and entered the door again somehow. She surely couldn't walk out from the classroom. She was so scared.

Xiaoyu was very scared.


"Well? Look at this, it's stated behind the cover."

Both of you should finish reading this otherwise you'll meet unfortunates in your life, including staying in the same room until you finish this book.

"So? What should we do now?" Xiaoyu looked so worried. "My father will search me anywhere if I don't go home tonight."

Jin unexpectedly was still smiling. "This is very interesting. I love it…"

"Aw, you're sucks!"

Xiaoyu kept walking forward, backward, and so forth.

Jin laughed at her, "Xiaoyu, please don't waste your energy. All we have to do is finish reading it, right?"

Xiaoyu finally gave up. She walked closer to Jin and nodded. She had no choice. She had to read that storybook together with Jin Kazama, the guy that she had hugest crush ever.

Since then, Xiaoyu found difficulties in her life. The stunning stepmother always asked her to do many things, like cleaning house, washing all the dishes, brushing floor in the winter, and many jobs. Nina, the stepmother took all of Xiaoyu's dresses and gave her maid dresses instead.

"Okay, that's cruel." Xiaoyu said as she lay her body besides Jin, leaning herself against the wall. "Stepmother couldn't be that cruel."

"I like the idea of maid dresses. They have so many laces, ruffles, and low rise cut." Jin commented, winked at Xiaoyu. "It makes you look cute and sexy."

Xiaoyu hit Jin's shoulder, shouting at him, "Jin! Don't be a pervert!"

"Fine! Let's continue…"

Xiaoyu led a pathetic life now with her stepmother. However, she had no ideas when her stepmother brought her two children with her, Steve and Lili.

"No way!" Jin shouted. "It's so unbelievable! It can't be?"

"I hate to say this, Jin. But I told you so!"

Lili was a very beautiful blonde girl. She had good style and always looked as beautiful as fairy. Nevertheless, her personality didn't suit her look. She had violent temper and easily to get jealous toward anything. One day, she found out that Xiaoyu was smart at many things. Xiaoyu was loved by others.

"Nice description," Xiaoyu smiled happily. "I guess it was made by someone in this class."

"Well, whoever she or he is, he or she has good sense of humor." Jin replied.

"Hey! What do you mean by saying that?"

Jin's eyes stared directly at Xiaoyu's eyes, who was tilting her body against his. "I'm getting sleepy, Xiaoyu."


"I had lot of practices today. Can we continue reading this tomorrow?"

Jin closed the book and put it aside.

Xiaoyu could feel her face blushing, so she pulled her face away. "But, we can't leave this room Jin. We can't sleep here together."

"Ah, come on I won't do something bad with innocent virgin like you."

"What are you going to say?" Xiaoyu started angry. "you really pissed me off!"

"Xiaoyu, don't move a muscle. I want to sleep here, with you." Then Jin rested his head on her shoulder, closing his eyes.

Xiaoyu sighed deeply. Her heart moved faster, making her face red.

Jin's breath was getting softer. He is sleeping already!

Xiaoyu looked at the storybook, trying to open it. It didn't move at all, as if the pages were stuck by glue.

They should read together… she remembered that warning. It was stated behind the cover.

Okay, it's going to be a long story…

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