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Chapter 11 Grand Ball Preparation

Xiaoyu held her breath when she saw Jin walked toward her father and Mr. Baek with certain level of confidence. His expression was unreadable, but she clearly saw the rage within him. Jin was always like that. He could hide his true feelings quite easy. However, what he could do to change her father decision? Xiaoyu had no idea about getting married after school. She always imagined marrying Jin in her meantime, but imagination and real life was absolutely, absolutely different. Besides, it was Hwoarang she going to marry with.

"What the hell are you doing here, Kazama?"

She noticed that Hwoarang was surprised to see Jin was there. The sulky redhead quickly jumped over few tables and faced his enemy. His face was still sullen and awful, but he still maintained his cool look. In fact, the black and blue lines on his face added bad boy his charms. Some girls and few women kept staring at Hwoarang since he entered Roasted Beef Restaurant.

"Eating some steaks." Jin answered calmly. "So, are you going to eat or what?"

"My business has nothing to do with you." Hwoarang raised one of his eyebrows. What a coincidence, meeting bastard Kazama here. He looked around, trying to find someone. Perhaps he brought Xiaoyu with him?

Jin bowed a bit when Mr. Wang and Mr. Baek gazed at them curiously. He formally introduced himself in excellent manner, showed that he was highly educated personality. Moreover, Jin excelled that looking good skills. People said first impression was everything, and they were right.

"Nice meeting you again, Mr. Wang."

"Ah, Jin Kazama! Nice to meet you too, young man." Wang Jin Rei smiled. He always appreciated his daughter friends, especially the young polite man that had come earlier few days ago. "Doo San, meet Jin Kazama, he is the friend of Ling-ling and Hwoarang. I have told you about the math competition before, have I?"

Baek Doo San felt Jin's presence was quite intimidating. Somehow, he could reveal each people true nature and the young man in front of him was dangerous indeed. "I believe so."

Jin turned his head toward Baek Doo San and bowed respectfully to him. "I'm pleased to meet you, sir."

"I'm pleased to meet you too, Kazama."

"Kazama, how about the match?"

"So far it has run smoothly, Mr. Wang." Jin said with ease. That was big fat lie and he could deliver it perfectly. "Hope you'll enjoy the result in the end of this week."

"Doo San, Kazama is one of the committees of the math competition my daughter involves with. Xiaoyu must be the winner, right?"

"If you think so, I couldn't expect more, Wang."

Hwoarang twitched his eyes when Jin greeted those old men politely. How cunning Jin could be, he cursed silently. He stepped closer and asked his teacher the reason why he had to come to the restaurant that day. Frankly, he needed some good sleep. Fighting with Jin had almost drained his whole energy. He put his hand on Baek's shoulder and asked, "Why you called me here, master?"

"Behave, boy. I'm here to discuss about your future." Baek warned his disciple. "What's wrong with your face? And your body?"

"I fought last night." Hwoarang muttered. He wanted to say that Jin was the rival he fought with, but Jin had no bruises at all. That was strange, he acknowledged. Yet, Hwoarang didn't want to talk about his lose. He quickly changed the topic. "Actually I was sleeping in Dojo when you called me, master."

Baek Doo San nodded several times. He knew Hwoarang easily provocated for he had bad temper, yet he was very soft at heart. "Why are you standing there? Sit here with me."

As Hwoarang took the chair, Jin also sat next to him. Hwoarang couldn't help himself cursing at Jin. "FUCK OFF! FIND ANOTHER PLACE, YOU SLEAZE BALL!"

"Hwo!" Baek raised his voice. "I told you, please behave. Uncle Wang came today for discussing out family matters."

Hwoarang grumbled and let Jin sat by his side. He didn't know Jin had such wicked idea for him. Jin kept listen to the conversation, looking for the right moment. He had to do that, he had no choice.

"Son, what do you think about my daughter?"

Hwoarang's face blushed as Wang Jin Rei asked him about Xiaoyu. He had been in love with her since they were little kids. Her silly spoiled acts always drew him. Hwoarang smiled uneasily. "Xiaoyu is good girl, I always…"

"I just want to say something to Ling-ling's father about few things." Jin whispered slowly to Hwoarang. "Xiaoyu is wonderful in bed. She didn't scream when I entered her. Usually first time rather hurts, don't you think?"

"What are you saying?"

Jin kept on saying those pervert thoughts to him. "She will do anything to please me. Maybe I'll ask her to spend one night with you, comparing which one of us better."


"Will you still fancy that little whore?"

"GOD DAMMIT, KAZAMA!" Hwoarang lost his control. He punched Jin's face with all his flamingo punch. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! EVEN IF XIAOYU WAS WHORE I WOULD ALWAYS LOVE HER!"

Jin grinned widely when Hwoarang sent him flying two meters ahead. He had achieved what he wanted. Wang Jin Rei widened his eyes. He couldn't believe how vulgar Hwoarang these days. Baek closed his eyes in desperation.

Everything screwed up.

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT MY DAUGHTER?" Wang Jin Rei face turned purple in anger. He shook his head and apologized to Baek Doo San. "This conversation couldn't be… ah, let's talk about our agreement later on."

"Wang, wait a minute," Baek tried to convinced his friend about Hwoarang's statement, but Wang Jin Rei was unstoppable. He hated when someone bad-talked about Xiaoyu. Moreover, he hated bad guys with vulgar mouth the most. "Wang…"

"Wait, Uncle Wang!" Hwoarang panicked. "I never meant to say… please listen to me, it's not what I meant, well…"

Wang Jin Rei left the restaurant, ignoring Hwoarang pleads. He didn't even look at him at all. Baek Doo San huffed, gazing at Jin. He knew who should be blamed at that awful situation. He was the spiky young guy with fake personality. He knew it.

"Master, I was just…"

"I knew it, boy. I'll fix this, don't worry." Baek tapped Hwoarang's head. He won't give up easily on the wedding. That cruel trick had to be paid. "Come on, let's go home."

Hwoarang clenched his teeth for a while. "Fuck, Uncle Wang must be angry. That's Kazama's…"

Baek slapped Hwoarang's head. Fool boy, being trapped that easy.

"Master, that hurts." Hwoarang gently brushed his head. "Why you hit me that hard?"

"Tell me, who is that Jin Kazama?"

Jin quickly took Xiaoyu with him. They walked out from the side doors. Jin forced himself not to laugh even though it was as hard as hell. His lips were bleeding, but he felt so happy. Xiaoyu pouted her mouth when Jin asked her to ride the motor.

"What did you said to him? Why he called me whore?"

"I said you are wonderful." Jin winked one of his eyes in pervert way. Xiaoyu still refused to go on with him, so he continued. "You are wonderful, especially in bed."


Xiaoyu tried to slap Jin, but Jin caught her hand. He smiled sweetly to his lover, and suddenly kissed her hand. Xiaoyu was so speechless and her face flashed pink. "What—what are you doing! Release my hand!"

"This beautiful hand should caress me lovingly, not slap me." Jin said softly, staring at Xiaoyu. "Well, no need to be angry. One night you'll prove it to me whether it's right or wrong."

"You pervert!" Xiaoyu pretended as if she was angry. She was very happy. Jin somehow had cancelled the marriage talk between her father and Uncle Baek Doo San. He had protected their love, yes. Oh, how happy she was.

Might be Jin loved her deeper than she ever thought.

"Come on, we are going to visit your pet, right?" Jin asked her again. He narrowed his sharp eyes, staring at Xiaoyu. "Don't make me push you."

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Xiaoyu replied. As she tighten her grasp on Jin's waist, the Mishima Heir hit the gas, rode the motor in crazy speed. Xiaoyu almost lost her breath in the middle of the road. She held him closer than before. She yelled as loud as she could, "JINNNNN!"

Jin laughed delighfully. He was happy too. He hoped they could always be together like that, forever.

Mishima International Hospital, which was known better as Mishima Hospital was one of the best hospitals in the world. It had high technologies in medical equipments and best doctors. However, Mishima Hospital didn't charge expensive price or differentiate the patients. As Heihachi Mishima had said, it was developed to help the communities.

Jin knew the real reason, though. The hospital was actually made to gain positive responses from people. In the other side, Mishima Corporation built nuclear base, gunpowder factory, and many evil deed buildings in many sites in different countries.

"Which room?" Jin asked, covering his handsome face with sunglasses. He didn't want people knew his identity, but his awesome figure was hard to be hidden. In short time, several fangirls already surrounded him and Xiaoyu. Jin smacked his mouth dreadfully, then he grabbed Xiaoyu closer to him. "Sorry, I'm with my girl."

Many girls moaned furiously and cursed Xiaoyu before they left. Some whispered that the handsome man had no taste in women.

"Panda is in room 120A." Xiaoyu couldn't help smiling. She enjoyed Jin's attention very much. She also pleased the way Jin mentioned her as his girl. "I guess Panda in this room."

Panda was hospitalized because of the mushroom it had eaten were poisoned ones. It found those mushrooms two weeks ago, and the poor animal had been hospitalized that long. Yet, there wasn't progressive result. Xiaoyu was so worried, looking at her beloved pet lying weakly in the bed.

"No worries, it will be okay."

"It was just mushrooms, why Panda still lying weakly like that?" Xiaoyu dropped few tears on her face. She was very sad. Panda had been with her for years. She hardly lived without Panda. Of course, living with Jin so far was far more interesting, but Panda had it own specialty. At least, hugging Panda all night had no side effects like pregnancy.

Jin didn't know what to say, so he hugged Xiaoyu instead. This time, he didn't take advantage of her. He just wanted to comfort Xiaoyu. "Jin, will he be all right?"

"Nothing we could do but praying for it safety, Ling-ling."

When they arrive in the Roppongi Mall for buying present for Uncle Lee's engagement party, Xiaoyu was still sad. She couldn't forget Panda. Jin knew that Xiaoyu was in blue feeling. He wanted to make her happy and cheerful as usual. Jin smiled wickedly when they passed underwear section. He had plan.

Jin had thought about buying silver spoon and fork set or sexy underwear for Uncle Lee. He decided to buy the second option. Xiaoyu was rather shy when she entered the shop with Jin. Those shop assistants stared at her, clearly jealous. Meanwhile the shop manager couldn't stop goggling at sexy girl with hot legs. They made everyone in the shop jealous.

"Jin, what are you going to buy here?"

"Try this on you." Jin had chosen yellow transparent camisole for Xiaoyu. "I bet you will look best in yellow. That really suits you, Ling-ling."

"EEHHH?" Xiaoyu screamed as Jin handed her the camisole. Jin didn't stop there. He gave her more transparent dresses. All was yellow colour.

"Wait a second, I guess this dress looks better on you, darling."

"You are crazy!"

"Why not?" Jin smiled innocently. "You prefer naked?"

Xiaoyu almost stomped on Jin's left foot, but Jin was faster than her. Experience was the best teacher for Xiaoyu had stomped on him many times. "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?"

"I had saved you from arranged marriage, right? This is the best way to show your gratitude to me, Ling-ling." Jin nodded, then he lowered his head, whispering to her. "Don't think too much, I'm virgin too."

Xiaoyu's face instantly turned red in shame. Yet, she managed to smile. "You are so crazy."

"Aha, smiling at last." Jin grinned at her. "You look most beautiful when you smile."

Xiaoyu smiled shyly. Jin's flowery words affected her. She felt so happy she could die anytime without regrets. He made her so happy. True, Jin was her very everything.

Jin knew it. He also felt the same way. He held Xiaoyu and spoke softly to her, "hey, how about making out in the dressing room?"

Of course, Xiaoyu slapped him real hard on his face.

The couple kept walking until they arrived in front of the gowns center. Jin told Xiaoyu that she had to be his partner in the party, so she had to wear finest dress. Jin also insisted that Xiaoyu wore the one that he chose. Xiaoyu wanted to refuse Jin's idea, but she finally gave up.

"We have to be in the same room until finishing the book, right?" Jin reminded her. He looked like that he enjoyed everything around him. "Besides, this time is big opportunity for me."

Xiaoyu was holding the dress Jin had chosen when Jin continued. His words made her heart leap many times, rolling, and rolling. "I want to introduce you to my family."

Xiaoyu found herself speechless. Her heart beating like crazy. Jin noticed that. He took her hands, placing them on his chest. "Well, I don't want to lose you to anyone, including Hwoarang."

Xiaoyu stuttered. "You are kidding, right?"

"When your father mentioned about your marriage, I almost lost my consciences and ended up snatching you away to somewhere far from Tokyo." Jin didn't laugh. His face was tense."I even thought of killing Hwoarang."

The atmosphere was rather scary. Xiaoyu felt her face was stiff. That was even harder than love confession. That was kind of possessive love. That was terrifying. Suddenly she heard Jin said. "All right, what about having beautiful sex in our room?"

"Those lovey-dovey acts meant sex? Jin, you are so annoying!" Xiaoyu walked faster, leaving Jin behind. She didn't know what Jin said before was all true. The possessiveness and demanding love were true. The problem was, Jin didn't want to show it to anyone. He felt that his own feelings were burden.

"Hey, Ling-ling wait for me!" Jin rushed toward Xiaoyu. "Fuck it, stop running!"

"No way! Catch me if you can!"

Not far away from them, Leo and Steve were discussing about their relationship. Steve couldn't believe that Jin and Xiaoyu was lewd couple who spent their night doing sex over and over as Leo confessed to him. He had to ask them. Besides, Jin and he were going to be one family by their uncle and aunt's marriage.

"Steve, don't you think that we shouldn't…"

"Leo, if they really did such adultery, they have to stop it."

Leo smiled when she realized how straight and righteous Steve could be. He was the best man she ever met. She couldn't help blushing when he held her hand. Steve told her. "Come on, let's find those two."

"Ehmm, Steve…"

"Yes, Leo?" Steve looked surprised to see Leo's red face. "Mind if you take me to your aunt engagement party?"

Steve smiled gently. "I don't mind."

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