Aboard the Going Merry, everything was in peace and quiet.





"Didn't he just bite you?"

Well, as quiet as it can get on a regular basis.

Luffy had recently discovered a new type of fish. It's grey, wet and extremely slimy appearance had Luffy fascinated enough to dive in to the sea after it, not caring that he couldn't swim. All that fit in his mind was the slimy grey fish with the strange beard on it's head. After all, how often do you see a bearded fish? And a slimy one at that.

Sanji, who had been out on the deck serving fresh fruits and drinks to Nami and Robin, had to quickly excuse himself from the divine angels he was fawning over to dive in before the idiot got himself drowned, eaten or burnt. How does someone get burnt in the ocean? This is Luffy we're talking about, remember? Anything is possible.

After scooping his captain up like a cat fishing a goldfish out of a tank, Sanji had to go and change clothes. Such an unmannered attire as soaking-wet clothes were intolerable whilst in the sweet company of ladies.

Luffy, however, once his strength was regained, was all about the beard-fish. The fish-or Mister Beards as Luffy had decided to name it- didn't seem at all too happy to be on the deck of the pirate ship. It's tiny yet unmistakably sharp teeth were sticking out of his mouth like a warning sign and he flashed his fins and tail dangerously. Maybe he's hungry? Luffy thought. If someone wasn't feeling well, on a beautiful day such as this, it had to be the only reason. Luffy just fished Mister Beards out of the sea, so he couldn't be thirsty. It couldn't be gas either, for as far as Luffy's knowledge went (which wasn't all too far), fishes did not do anything of the sort. So, in conclusion; the fish had to be hungry.

Eyeing the deck, Luffy's vision locked onto Nami's refreshments, freshly served by Sanji. Scooting ever closer, fish in arms, Luffy stretched his tongue to capture one of Nami's fruits.

Unexpectedly, Nami turned around, thinking she smelled something fishy[1]. Twisting her upper body to locate the smell, she felt something slimy touch her hand. Looking down, she noticed something like a worm, or rather a thick, pink snake, curling it's way towards her dessert. "What the- ew, LUFFY!" Nami yelled upon seeing the rubber man's tongue snaking it's way towards her delicious dessert. "What do you think you're doing? Get that away from me and my fruit!"

"But Nami" Luffy protested, "Mister Beards's hungry! Look!" And he tossed the now suffocating fish straight into Nami's lap, on her new skirt. But that wasn't something Nami was currently worried about, although she certainly would be later, because the fish looked at her with his beady, black eyes and strange beard- and snapped it's jaws straight at her.


Thus, chaos.

The escapade went on for quite a while, and managed to evolve into the chase of Chopper running away from Mister Beards, Luffy running after the fish, who was now frantically trying to escape this madman's ship, Nami, who was chasing Luffy after noticing the slimy, wet stain on her new skirt, and Sanji, chasing Nami in order to wash said skirt (and preferably take it off himself). Once Luffy had actually caught Mister Beards and attempted to swallow him whole, and Nami had capture Luffy and begun strangling him, in effect making him choke on the fish, Usopp suddenly interrupted their funny little game.

"O-o-oi, Nami, hey-Sanji, could you guys, um-what I'm trying to say is-"

"Spit it out, Usopp, I haven't got all day!" Nami still wouldn't release Luffy's neck from her grip of death. Lucky bastard, Sanji thought.

Usopp fretted a bit at Nami's outburst, then straightened up and took a breath.

"What I'm trying to say is, I saw a pirate ship and they're currently chasing us, and I think they just shot a cannonball at us."

On cue, a powerful boom erupted from behind them and the splash of a heavy lead cannonball hitting the sea's surface followed.

Yes, a normal day indeed, it would seem.

Sadly, it'd turn out to be a bit far from the normal.

So, is this OK so far? A person named Rea (-Arashi-Storm-Guardian-) asked if I were to write any continuous stories. Thus, I decided to give it a try. Should I go on?

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[1] See what I did there?