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Luffy was slightly worried. Zoro looked like he was about to go into a mixture of seizures and fainting, but thankfully he sat up straight. Luffy knew asking about everything he had seen would have to await a better time, if he would even ask at all. Maybe this was one of those things that should be left buried, like so many other things regarding all of his comrade's pasts.

Luffy knew Zoro had gone trough some tragedies, and apparently more than he thought, considering what Luffy had just witnessed. Sanji had suffered some food-related trauma, which was quite possibly what influenced him to be a cook. Luffy knew better than to ask. He didn't know Nami's past, since he didn't have any interest in what she had done wrong or right, but it had something to do with Arlong and a long span of suffering and being misjudged. Usopp had been more than willing to tell Luffy about his own childhood, though it wasn't done in his normal, boisterous way. There was no bragging or fibbing, only a sad smile now and then. He knew about Chopper's excruciation and what verged on racism, which was why Luffy was all the more intent on protecting Chopper against anything like that.

His friend's pasts didn't matter, unless they were harming them in some way. But all of them ditched their old ways of life when they joined Luffy, and he was glad they did. It made him feel… helpful. Like he had actually helped them get over their demons, given them a little push in the right direction and they'd kept walking the rest of the way by themselves. And, to Luffy's utter and complete joy, decided to walk alongside him.

Was he going to let some Devil-bastard tell him who he could and couldn't have? Don't think so.

Was he going to let that guy get in the way of their dreams? HELL no!

What was he going to do about it?

Everything he could.

"Zoro." Luffy addressed his swordsman, keeping his hand on his back but glaring at the Devil, who was hovering nearby, seemingly exploding with rage.

"Go help Nami and Sanji. You need to find the exit; Nami can tell you more." Luffy started walking forwards, eyes on the man he was going to use his every ounce of strength to defeat.

"This guy is mine."

Zoro looked up, just now noticing the Devil again.

"You-That's the guy that's been messing with my head?" He grabbed his sword, that was lying on the ground and was NOT in a pool of blood from someone Zoro DIDN'T kill, and stood up, fixing his infamous death glare on the devil.

"Zoro, no. You're definitely not in the shape to fight this bastard," that was confirmed when Zoro swayed a bit in his tracks, "plus he could make you see things again. I'm the only one that can fight him. And, besides, Sanji needs your help ~ "

Luffy finished in a sing-song voice. That was of course what reached Zoro, since he was long started to ignore all the you're-not-in-good-enough-condition from Chopper. But, the chance to help Sanji from distress meant Sanji owed him something. And that's a chance Zoro would never turn down. Zoro nodded and turned to dash towards the half rock-half cave Nami and Sanji were trapped in. Before the first step, he turned back to Luffy. "I'm not asking you to be careful, Luffy, I'm ordering you to be. I know crewmates don't order their captain around, but-"

"But friends can order friends around." Luffy finished for him. Zoro didn't quite have the energy or the mood to smile, not just yet, but he nodded to Luffy again and took off. Luffy smiled at his retreating friend's back before turning to the Devil again.

"You are fucked, Mr. Devil." The Devil laughed, and gathered some sort of fire on the tips of his fingers.

"Very well, since you seem to make everyone bounce back form the illusions I throw at them, I'll just have to destroy you. Then, I'll move to your friends. Too bad you won't be able to watch them writhe in pain, but hey, you can't win 'em all."

But Luffy already had watched his friends suffer from the Devil's tricks, and he had had just about enough of it.

This would stop right here, right now.


Sanji immediately covered Nami when the rocks seem to just spring up around them. He couldn't see just what was going on trough the upset dust and grime, and he didn't bother to stand up and try to make something out. His priority was Nami and Nami alone. If they weren't careful, some of those rocks might fall on them, and though they wouldn't be physically hurt they would be in pain, and he would let no harm come to his Nami.

The ginger girl buried her face in Sanji's chest, afraid of what she might see if she opened her eyes. Everything was so loud, and the earth was shaking again. She'd really had enough of this; she wanted to go home…

When both of the couple dared open their eyes, they needn't bother. It was pitch black. Sanji's first instinct was feeling his eyes to see if they weren't definitely open, like they might have stuck.

Nami thought she'd gone blind and panicked slightly, before seeing the very faint silhouette of Sanji trough the tiny, tiny hole in the ceiling. He was still holding her, but without being too whooed. Nami figured he was probably scanning this small cave they were in, like her.

When Sanji, however, started breathing irregularly, Nami had to reconsider that thought.

"Sanji-kun? What's wrong?"

Sanji breathed for a moment before answering in a shaky, unsteady voice that said the contrary to his words "Nothing's wrong, Nami-san, don't worry your beautiful head about it."

Nami frowned. His compliment wasn't followed with him trying to touch her boobs or something. "Sanji-kun, what-" then it dawned on her. Nami was a smart girl after all, maybe not as smart as Robin who could have figured Sanji's situation out in less than a minute, but smart nonetheless.

"Sanji-kun, don't tell me you're claustrophobic?" A small hitch in Sanji's breath was all Nami needed for confirmation. "Oh no. Sanji, what do I do? Isn't there something you're supposed to do in a situation like this?" Sanji didn't answer at first, and Nami had to wonder if he was getting enough oxygen, hyperventilating like that. "It's not that much… being in a small space, it's just… I'll be fine, really…" Nami huffed. Men. Why could they never admit their weaknesses? Well, Luffy did, sometimes way to easily, like when he politely informed his enemies that he was helpless in water. Usopp did too, because he, like Nami, was aware of them and wanted to best them. Okay, so Chopper did too… that left Zoro and Sanji. Damn testosterone-fueled apes.

They distinctively heard Luffy shouting something, although they couldn't hear words it sounded suspiciously much like "Zoro".

Sanji curled into a ball when the earth shuddered a little. When he was in good mental state, he would never let his Nami see him do something this… weak, this shameful. But at the moment, nothing mattered more to him than getting out of this place, into an open space, and not be stuck here in this godforsaken little cave when just anything could be happening on the outside and he was powerless to help and the walls were coming closer…

They heard a roaring, intimidating voice, bellowing something they couldn't decipher. But no doubt it was something that didn't bode well. It was followed by some shouting from Luffy.

Sanji suddenly felt slim, elegant hand wrap themselves around his, stroking them gently. "Sanji, we're on the Going Merry." he heard Nami say in a stronger tone than she'd used for a while.

"What? Nami-san, we-"

"No, Sanji, listen. Close your eyes for me, okay?"

Not one to go against a maiden's wishes no matter how much he was freaking out, Sanij did as she said. "Now don't open them until I say so, okay?"

Sanji nodded, though he wasn't sure if she could see that in this dark. She must have, because she kept talking in a not slightly unwavering voice.

"We're on the Going Merry. We just ate a delicious course you made, so you don't have to worry about cooking for a while. Everyone's full, even Luffy."

Outside the cave, they heard Zoro say something, very quietly. But it sounded scared.

"Zoro's trying to argue with Chopper about whether he has to stay in the med bay or not, 'cause the damn idiot managed to scald himself on one of the pots in the kitchen. And Chopper's being a doctor, thinking he'll die if he doesn't get some rest. You know how Chopper gets, he just wants to help."

A loud crash was heard from the outside, like someone had taken a gigantic dinnerplate and smashed it. "Usopp just managed to blow something up as usual, I'm going to yell at him afterwards. He needs to learn how to keep those explosions under wraps. Remember when he made that smoke bomb that went crazy? You kicked him so hard."

Nami giggled a little for effect, and Sanji seemed to be relaxing too. At least he wasn't breathing as raggedly. 'It's working!' Nami thought. Distracting him by making him feel like he was back on the Merry. She kept stroking the back of his hand with her thumb, like Bellemére would sometimes do when she held Nami's hand when they went to the market and Nami was scared of all the bustling. A continuous, gentle motion.

That was rudely interrupted when a very loud crack suddenly shook the cave.

"What?" Nami couldn't help but yelp, and thereby her illusion bubble with Sanji was busted, and he snapped his eyes open as well.

They both thought, maybe, the Devil was going to finish them off for good. Maybe the world was even collapsing.

What they didn't expect was Zoro, standing outside of a considerably large crack he had made in the wall, looking like he had been chewed, swallowed, and thrown up again. He was breathing heavily, holding his sword in one hand.

"Sorry to interrupt your tea time, ladies, but we gotta move out."

With that, he was running off again, barely giving Nami and Sanji enough time to squeeze out of the crack and follow him.


They were running off somewhere, where exactly no one seemed to know.

"Marimo? What the fuck's going on, where are we going?" Sanji had recovered his sharp tongue and didn't hesitate to use it on his favorite subject. "One at a time, dart brow. What's going on is we're getting the fuck out of here, one way or another, and we're going away from here." They were inside a leafy forest now, a very peaceful-looking one, too. That wasn't saying it was safe.

"What about that Devil guy? Wasn't he after you?"

"And where's Luffy? We need him to tune out the illusions!" Nami asked, a little out of breath. Zoro hesitated, but answered without turning to them, "Luffy's dealing with the Devil. He'll catch up once he's done kicking his ass, now let's move. Nami, Luffy said I should ask you if I was confused about something and I'm confused as fuck right now. Where is this gateway to the other side and how do we get trough?" Nami frowned upon Zoro's answer to Luffy's whereabouts, but said nothing. Instead, she answered him the best she could.

"If anyone knows, you do. It should be something that means a lot to you, like… the door to your childhood home or something." Zoro snorted without smiling. "Don't think that's it, but I get your point. This'll be harder than I thought…"


Luffy cracked his knuckles, something he did more out of a habit than anything else. He was made of rubber, why would he need to crack anything?

…Besides the Devil's skull, if he had one.

The Devil looked down at him, unfazed and not in the least amused. Crossing his arms, he levitated down to Luffy's level until he was hovering just barely above the ground. "You intend to defeat me in battle? My illusions may not work on you, but I am the Devil, remember?" Luffy snorted.

"So? I'd defeat God if I had to, now let's get started. I don't have time to waste."

Without warning, the Devil disappeared and reappeared right behind Luffy, breathing seething hot air in his ear. "And just where are you looking, Monkey-kun?"

Before murderously sharp claws could be brought down on him, Luffy darted out of the way. He wasn't quick enough, however, as the devil's knee came straight in his direction. Luffy braced himself for the impact, but it never came.

A few centimeters away from his stomach, the Devil's knee was resting, with sharp edges sticking from the cap just waiting to tear into Luffy's flesh. But they never got the chance to, because some invisible force, like a shield made from air, was stopping the Devil. The Devil frowned and tried again, only to be stopped all over again. Luffy grinned.

"I ate a Devil fruit, remember? You can't hurt me."

The Devil looked as if he would burst any second, like an enormous, black and rocky balloon, but he regained his composure quickly enough. "Maybe not, Monkey D. Luffy, but I still have the upper hand." Withdrawing, the Devil made the earth move again, this time downward. Rocks and patches of ground rained upon Luffy, and he would have been buried under had he not gomu-gomu-no-rocketed himself out of the hole. What met him on the surface was no better than what was under it. No matter what he did, dirt and grass tried to envelope themselves around him, trapping him in. They succeeded a couple of times, but not for long enough. In the end, he always managed to break free just before he disappeared under the surface of the ground. 'This is bad', Luffy thought. 'He really does have the upper hand. If I don't find a way to beat him soon…'

The Devil laughed. "At the very least, Monkey D. Luffy, I'll keep you here for all eternity. I wonder how your crewmates will do without their captain, hmm?"

So that was his plan.

Luffy paused momentarily to think things over and catch his breath, but he had better not.

This time, the water seemed to rise from the plants, ground, and air itself, and wrap itself around Luffy, trapping him effectively.

He struggled to get free, but like in all other worlds, hell included, he was powerless in water. He struggled to breathe inside this reverse bubble, powerless to do anything.

'Is this really it?' he thought without realizing it. A smirk from the Devil proved he had thought it, and it had been heard. "I'm going to catch up to your very much so vulnerable teammates now, if you don't mind. Chao." The Devil started disappearing into smoke. 'No! This can't be it, I can't die here! He'll get Snaji, Nami and Zoro! I gotta get out!


The Devil gloated. Victory was his, finally. He had been afraid he had lost his head there for a moment, but that was preposterous. He was the Devil, the trickster himself. No one beat him in a game. No man could touch him. Not now, not ever.

"That may be true, but I'm not a man; I'm a memory!"The Devil suddenly felt a sharp, stinging pain in his side. Wait, pain? 'I haven't felt pain in… millenniums.'

He wasn't used to pain, the last time someone hurt him was when Gabriel the arch angel himself punished him for wrecking havoc on earth. His head still ached in remembrance.

He was so appalled by the shock he lost concentration, releasing Luffy from his bubble. But that wasn't the top thing on the Devil's mind.


Spinning around furiously, flame protruding from every appendage so he looked very much like the older D. brother, he set his eyes on a little girl, holding a massive sword made out of… was that light?

"Kuina! How can you be here, isn't your sword like, really far away?"

Luffy called, lying drenched and panting on the ground.

Kuina smiled but didn't take her eyes of the Devil.

"Hey, Luffy. I managed to make myself appear here, though it is pretty straining. Willpower moves mountains, that's what our teacher always said."

The Devil watched the casual exchange of words with his mouth agape.


Luffy, who had now stood up, bowed. "Very sorry, mister."

The Devil tore at his scalp in annoyance. Kuina shook her head. "AND DON'T APOLOGIZE!" Luffy seemed very confused, he had been taught to apologize when he interrupted people.

"Luffy, I can handle him for now, but I can't stay here forever. Go find your friends, they're off in the leaf forest." Luffy smiled, but shook his head wildly. "No thanks, Kuina. I promised Zoro I'd kick his ass, I can't go back on that."

Kuina sighed. "I know you want to teach him a lesson, Luffy, but let me handle this. You and the others need to get a move on. The longer you stay, the harder it'll be to get out." Luffy was about to protest. But Kuina interrupted him. "Luffy, strength means to accept help when you need it. Teacher said that, too. And right now, this is best for everyone. Don't make this harder." Luffy stood dumbstruck. He wanted to hit this guy so bad! He hadn't felt this angry at someone since… since Crocodile! "Luffy, trust me on this one, okay?"

But she was right.

Luffy smiled before taking off. "Okay, just make sure to give him a good kick in the shin for me, got it?" Kuina laughed, not just a giggle, but a laugh. "Got it, Lu!" The Devil looked like someone hat hit him over the head… hard. "I'm not about to just-" his speech was stopped due to a sword in the mouth.

"I can't finish you off, but I can stall you. Now fight me, demon."

'Take care of Zoro for me, Luffy.'

The Devil scoffed. "You? You're a girl!" Kuina suddenly looked a lot more menacing.

"Oh, you're going to regret that."

Luffy didn't hear what she had just thought, but Kuina could have sworn she heard a cheery voice in her head say 'You got it, Kuina!'


They had been running forever! The forest didn't seem to end, it just got more bumpy by the second!

Nami voiced her complaints. "Yeah, marimo, don't you have any idea what you're looking for? Don't tell me you get lost in your own mind!" Zoro thumbed Wadou open. "What was that, ero-cook?" before Nami hit them and told them to "Stop so much MEN or I'll kick you so hard between the legs you'll be girlier than me!", Zoro felt something odd about Wadou. It felt… empty?

When he landed face first on the ground, a large bump on his head, he set his eyes on something… familiar.

"Guys? I think I found our exit." Zoro said, pointing to a very worn-down hole in the hill.

"…that? Zoro, that is a hole. In the ground. What makes you think you should go down that hole?" Nami asked, in a very sarcastic tone, might I add. "I dunno, it feels right." Was Zoro's only response.

"Coming out of the closet, Zoro?" Sanji piped up. Both Zoro and Nami looked at him like he was insane, until it dawned on them what he meant.

"Sanji!" Nami was blushing furiously, realizing just how wrong that had sounded. Zoro, very surprisingly, busted out laughing along with Sanji. Nami watched with curious eyes. Sanji and Zoro were laughing.

Together. When they had been calling each other Marimo and Ero-cook not minutes before.

And Zoro didn't look like he had seen bloody murder…. Well, not as much, anyway.

Inside, Sanji was relieved to hear Zoro laughing, even if it did make him look like an idiot in font of his Nami-san. He looked far too dead before. Sometimes all you needed was a good, immature joke.

Before he could spare it another thought, they were all thrown to the side by an intruding force. An intruding force with a mass of black hair and a straw hat, and a force that was laughing like an idiot.


Sanji and Nami immediately ran over to him, nearly trampling him down in the process. Luffy just looked around, looking all of them very carefully in the eye to make sure nothing was wrong, before his usual gin settled itself on his face. "Hey guys! Did we find the gate yet?"

"Yeah, we did, but that's not important here! Luffy, what the hell happened? Was beating the Devil that easy?" Nami kept flooding him with questions, along with the occasional remark from Sanji. Zoro didn't say anything, but he didn't need to. All the questions he wanted to ask were already spilling out of Nami's mouth.

Before Luffy could answer, a very loud, rumbling voice did.

"He didn't do anything, he had help!"

They all snapped their eyes to a figure leaning against a tree, albeit not as casually as it once did.

The Devil was back in his British gentleman form, only it was very tattered and shred. Obviously, he had been in a rough fight. He pointed a shaky finger at Luffy.

"He ran off, leaving some, some… spirit girl to attack me! He didn't do squat!" The Devil shouted, sounding like a kid denied his treat. Whiny and annoying, but if he starts throwing a tantrum, you're done for. Luffy blew his cheeks. "No way! I did too beat you!"

"Oh yeah? Just how? You didn't even touch me!"

"Maybe not, but she did, and she's my friend!" Luffy grinned. "My friends help me do what I can't do, and that's my strength. We won, either way." The Devil halted before mulling over this information.

"Well I'm not defeated yet! I WILL GET RID OF YOU ALL!"

At his words, the ground above the hole started crumbling down, sealing the entrance. "Quick! Get in!" Nami yelled before darting into the hole herself. Sanji was right behind her, both to make sure she wouldn't be harmed and to get a good view.

Zoro started in next, but not before flicking Luffy in the head. "Let's move, idiot! Don't just stand there!"

"Owie! I'm coming, I'm coming!" Zoro crawled into the hole, with Luffy behind him.

The Devil's powers didn't apply to this hole, because it was Zoro's gate, an in-between state between Hell and the Earthly world.

Casting one last look at the Devil, Luffy grimaced at him. All humour was lost from his face, leaving only stone-hard seriousness and rage so intense it actually sent a very, very slight shiver down the Devil's back.

"Don't fuck with my crew."

And with that, Luffy disappeared into the darkness of the hole, leaving a stunned Devil and his world.


It was dark, and damp, and the air smelled like dirt. Luffy could only faintly make out Zoro in front of him, but he heard Nami and Sanji's voice not too far away. "Down the rabbit hole? Really, Zoro?" Nami shouted over the rumbling and shaking all around them. "Well, I liked fairytales when I was a kid, so sue me!" You could almost hear Zoro's blushing.

Luffy, however, wasn't paying attention. He heard a voice in his head, the Devil's voice.

'Why won't he just accept his defeat?' Luffy thought desperately.

Now now, Monkey D. Luffy. I may be the Devil, but being quite the gambler, I know when I've lost.

Congratulations, captain. You beat the quick-silver trickster in his own game. As a reward, I'll do you a favour. Aren´t I the nicest guy?

Things will be just like before all this happened, before you knew me. I'll make you remember, though. I need something to make me be feared, right?

'Can you really do that?' Luffy thought back. 'You must be pretty powerful.'

I am, Luffy. God aint got nothing on me. Don't get me wrong, though. I will get you, and your crew. If the captain is this interesting, the crew can't be too far off, eh?

I'll get you, Monkey D. Luffy.

Just you wait.


Chopper waddled towards the door. For some reason, he couldn't find Luffy, Nami, Sanji or Zoro anywhere! He'd checked every single room on the ship except for this one. Reaching for the doorknob, he wondered just what they could have been doing in there. He stood on the tips of his hoofs, stretching as far as he could to reach the knob. If only he wasn't so small…

The door suddenly opened, making Chopper give out a yelp and topple over. Out of the room came Nami, followed by Sanji and Zoro. All of them looked disoriented, blinking against the sparkling sunlight.

"Guys? What were you doing in there?"

Usopp walked over to them, picking Chopper up while he was at it.

"I, uh…" Nami trailed off, looking at Sanji and Zoro for support, who only shrugged.

"I can't remember." She finished, frowning.

"Oh? That's weird, maybe you fell asleep? Everyone slept in this morning, even Robin. Well I, captain Usopp, had the most amazing dream! I was bravely protecting the ship when we were under attack, but suddenly, a cannonball cam right at me! Sanji, Nami, Zoro, and Luffy were all mortally wounded, and Robin and Chopper had their hands full, so 'twas only I to stop it! It sped towards me, threatening to crush my every bone!"

Chopper tugged at his bandana. "Really? Oh no! What happened next?"

"I evaded it, of course. See, I was so quick to move not only did the cannonball not hit me, it went right over our ship without damaging anything!" Usopp intended to continue his story when Zoro grabbed his nose.

"…uh, may I helb you, Zodo?" Usopp asked. Zoro narrowed his eyes and gave his nose an experimental tug. Usopp squeaked and slapped Zoro's hand away.

"Zoro, is everything okay?" Chopper asked, but was picked up by Zoro's big hands.

He shivered in his grasp, writhing under Zoro's stare, but laughed when Zoro poked him in the stomach. Robin looked up from her book hearing the commotion, only to meet Zoro's intense gaze. She didn't waver, only tilted her head slightly. He looked deep into her eyes, which was unusual for him since he usually avoided direct contact with her, then his eyes drifted to her hands. He seemed relieved to find them grasping a book, and looked back into her eyes to give her a barely noticeable smile. She didn't understand the sudden act of casualty, but smiled back nonetheless and continued reading. Zoro walked over to the railing, sitting himself down with his hands behind his head. He didn't know why, but he just had this nagging feeling he had to make sure everyone was okay…

Maybe it was something he ate.


Luffy stepped out of the room. He noticed that the circle Usopp had drawn under Robin's instructions had disappeared, but the floor was warm where it had been.

On the deck, everything was abnormally normal. Usopp was telling Chopper about some dream he had, only he changed the dream into reality… Chopper wouldn't know the difference.

Robin was reading with Nami sunbathing next to her, Sanji offering them cocktails and eyeing Nami's bikini. And Zoro…

Zoro was sleeping. Everything really was back to normal. Luffy was shocked to find himself thanking the Devil in his head.


Zoro looked up when a shadow intruded his vision behind his eyelids. The shadow turned out to be Luffy, who quickly moved out of his line of vision to sit next to Zoro.

Zoro could sense something off about his captain. "Luffy? Everything all right?" he asked, his slight concern hidden by the drawl in his voice. Luffy looked at him, for a few seconds too long, before sighing and laying back. "If you're okay then I'm okay."

Zoro shrugged but said nothing. His captain would tell him if he wanted, and if it was truly important, he'd find out sooner or later anyway. For now, he just wanted to enjoy the dazzling sun he found himself very grateful for, for some reason.

Luffy smiled and closed his eyes.

No, nothing would be just like before, but that was the fun of adventures. Nothing was ever the same. Memories couldn't be erased, only pushed back, and they would resurface in the end, perhaps trough dreams. Zoro, his loyal first mate, having been trough all he had would undoubtedly have nightmares about his experience. And when he did, Luffy would be right by his bed, perhaps a little to the left, ready with whatever his swordsman needed to feel better.

Right by his side, always.

Because that's what friends do.

Wheels came off but I'm still on track

I bought a one way ticket to Hell…

And back!


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