Name: Soar

Author: Sdfreeze

Chapter 9

Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight Characters. This is just a short story so the other characters get to speak. Thanks to Kree for giving me the courage to keep writing….secretly.

Chapter 9

Finale …no seriously, it is.

Bella POV

It was the first year all three kids would be home at Christmas since they left Washington. I made Edward, ah, decorate the house with every decoration I could get my hands on. It looked like someone set the place on fire and I knew Budge would love it.

Dreamer had a son named Dyno, it wasn't his real name, but I forgot what his real name was, and a daughter named Sable, no idea where she came up with that name. Trooper and Emma were expecting their first baby so they would stay for a few months this time. I had no idea what Budge was up to or if Jasmine was even with him.

"Bella," Edward, ah, called for me and I headed to his office. He looked up and motioned for me to sit down. Oh no, he wanted to talk about something important, and it had to be in his office so it must be something legal. He pulled out a locked box from the drawer, "I want to talk about the inheritance."

"Are you dying?" I gasped. He had always seemed so fit and healthy but maybe he was too old to still be pounding on walls and I was killing him by doing him. I would stop doing him…forever…well, for a bit…maybe give him a break over Christmas. "Don't take your dangler away," I begged.

"Bella, listen," he said and watched me closely. "The kids don't know about the money."

"They don't like money for Christmas, Edward, gah," I said and planned on doing more shopping if he was only giving them an envelope.

"I think they'll like millions," he said and my mouth opened and then shut tightly. Millions, he said millions…like with an s? I didn't know he had millions. "I'm going to divide the money and set up a trust for each of the kids so their shares are in their names."

"Do you have a share?" I asked him because right now the platinum card looked pretty darn small. When he told me he had a trust fund left by his grandfather I thought it was a bank box with old coins or a gold watch, because Jess would screw a guy for a watch, in fact she had and it was only a Timex.

"I would love to give you something, Bella. Name it and it's yours," he said and I thought really hard, but I had everything I wanted.

I finally shrugged and said, "I want you, and I have you."

"How about a charity you feel passionate about?" he asked and I sat and thought again.

"Is there a charity that helps girls not be whores, because I would support that one," I laughed and knew Budge would too, in a different way.

Edward, ah, smiled and looked back at his papers. "I know I'm retiring, but maybe I'll sell the club outright. I don't show up very often and I don't need the money."

"Maybe it is time to sell the house, too." I said sadly. "It's too big for just us."

He nodded but neither one of us took the idea any further. It would be hard to leave our home and if we got too old to climb the stairs I would snuggle with his wrinkly ass in the luv sack. We were only fifty-eight and fifty-five, but planning for retirement made me feel old.

"I'll talk to each of the kids alone, don't mention anything to them," he said.

"About what?" I asked and he laughed, no seriously what didn't he want me to mention?

I headed back into the kitchen to finish their welcome mugs when a horn sounded in the driveway. I ran for the door at the same time Edward, ah, did and we crashed into each other hard. "Damn it," he said as he hopped up and down on one foot.

I was rubbing my knee when Trooper opened the front door. I forgot all about my pain as I flew into his arms. It was like looking at Edward, ah, twenty five years ago, they were a carbon copy of each other. Emma walked in holding her back and asking for a bathroom. She was still gorgeous, even hugely pregnant.

Dreamer walked in behind her carrying Sable and holding Dyno's hand. "Do you remember grandpa?" she asked her son and he nodded shyly.

"Um…excuse me?" I said to remind her grandma was here, too. I held out my hands for Sable and she came right to me. I checked her outfit and nothing said grandma, so I headed to the kitchen to get a sharpie.

"Where's Patrick?" I yelled over my shoulder.

"He's getting the cases from the van," Dreamer said and collapsed into her father's arms. He hugged her long enough for me to write, Oma, on Sable's shirt.

I came back into the room and expected to see Patrick walk through the door, but I gasped when it was Budge. Luckily, Edward, ah, grabbed Sable before I dropped her on the floor and ran to my long haired bearded son without shoes on. I held him tightly and sniffed to see if he smelled, because he really looked like he would smell. I only caught the scent of sandalwood and musk.

"I can't believe you're here," I cried into his hair, and damn he had prettier hair than me.

"I missed you, mom. I raised Alpaca's for awhile," he said and I wasn't sure what that was or if it was even legal.

"I won't tell anyone," I assured him. I was afraid to ask him about Jasmine and prayed he didn't push her off a cliff in the Andes, but my brave husband wasn't afraid.

"Is Jasmine with you?" Edward, ah, asked.

"Yeah, she's bringing a surprise," he said and I really hoped it was some South American candy.

Budge reached over to open the door and Jasmine walked in holding a baby carrier. I was ready to turn and run back into the kitchen for my sharpie when Budge pulled out a brown little baby. Oh God, she cheated on him and he didn't know it. Or maybe he traded his shoes for a baby, but I didn't think Budge had shoes that great.

"This is Mariella, our daughter," Budge said and I glanced at Edward, ah. Maybe Budge didn't know babies should look like their parents and Jasmine used her southern charm on some South American gigolo.

Luckily, Trooper stepped in to explain. "The mother was a young girl who asked them to adopt her baby. I've seen the papers and it is all legal."

"She's an Alpaca baby?" I asked and wondered just where that country was.

The entire group laughed and I took the baby and headed into the kitchen to leave my mark. I didn't like them laughing at me just because I said, Alpaca instead of Alpacaen, it was close enough. Tiny Mariella had gorgeous dark hair with big black eyes. She was so beautiful and I fell in love with her instantly. She didn't even squirm when I wrote Abuela, on her shirt. I just hope they speak Spanish in Alpaca.

The babies were put down for naps and Dyno played with Budge, since they were the only kids still awake. Edward, ah, motioned for me to follow him into his office and called for Trooper to join us. I sat on the arm of Edward's, ah, chair and Trooper sat across from us.

"Son, I need to talk to you about your inheritance," Dad said.

"Are you ill?" he asked and I smiled because I was as smart as Trooper for asking the same thing.

"No, I've never told you I was the Cullen heir. My grandfather made a fortune in commodities. I never used the money, but I can't make the same decision for you. It is yours if you want it." He handed Trooper a folder and when he opened it his mouth fell open.

"Dad," he said and finally looked up. "I don't know what to say. I can start my own foundation with this money. I can do things Emma and I have only dreamed about for the schools we build."

It was just like Trooper to think of others when he saw a large sum of money. "You need to sign the last page," Edward, ah, said and Trooper broke into tears.

"You didn't think your dad was just a bartender, did you?" I asked him.

He looked at me and then at his father before saying, "My father has never been just a bartender. He was always a great man, who happened to own a club."

"That should be on a Hallmark card," I said and wiped my eyes. "And Trooper, you weren't just a great kid; you were a great mother, too."

He laughed and wiped his tears on his sleeve before taking the pen and signing his name. "Can I show Emma?" he asked and Edward, ah, nodded.

"Can you send Budge in?" Edward, ah, asked. Trooper hesitated and then mumbled as he left the room.

"I always wondered if I did the right thing by refusing to spend the money, I think I just got my confirmation I did," Edward, ah, said. But he hadn't talked to Budge yet and I worried about his reaction. He might throw a big party and use the money to roast hotdogs or he would try to overthrow a government, with Budge you never know.

He stuck his head through the door obviously not happy about ending play time with Dyno. "Sit down," Edward, ah, said.

"I didn't do it," Budge said and I totally believed him…whatever it was he was denying.

"I need to talk to you about money, son," Edward, ah, began.

"I know I look poor, but I have tons of money," Budge replied.

"So does daddy," I announced so he knew how much they had in common.

"Real money or things to barder?" Edward asked him.

"It's all the same to me," Budge said.

"Oh, daddy has real money," I said and sat back against Edward's, ah, shoulder.

"Son, you inherit one third of my money. I need you to look over the numbers and sign the back page," Edward, ah, said and handed him a folder.

Budge turned immediately to the back page and signed his name without looking at anything. I watched Edward, ah, pinch the bridge of his nose and Budge chuckled, "Really dad, I'm doing well."

"It's here if you need it," Edward, ah, told him and he nodded and left the room.

"I'll make Trooper the executer of Budge's portion, who knows, he may have a grandson who wants it."

Only Dreamer was left and she walked into the room as if we had horrible news to tell her. The look on her face made me laugh so I said, "I'm getting you a new daddy, Dreamer."

"Right, like I wouldn't kill him in his sleep," she said and sat in the chair.

"How's it going, honey, financially?" Edward, ah, asked her.

"It's tight but we manage. The military doesn't pay well, but Patrick gets to return to school so down the road we'll be okay."

I laughed loudly and knew Dreamer was going to finally have a reason to worship her father. He handed her the folder and said, "This is your money, sweetheart."

She opened it and looked at the first page. Her hand rose slowly to her mouth and she choked out a few gasps. "Your Grandpa Cullen wasn't the heir, because even his own father knew he was an ass," I explained.

"No, my father refused the money," Edward, ah, explained and I knew Carlisle was too stupid to beat Microsoft by himself.

"We can come home and Patrick can go to school here. We can buy a house and raise our kids close to family," Dreamer said through her tears. Damn, I needed to write Grandma Cullen or Rose could take credit for their clothes, too.

"Dad, you just made my life perfect," she sobbed.

"He made mine perfect first," I mumbled but she was crying loudly and didn't hear me.

When everything calmed down we all sat down to pizza and hot chocolate. Dyno sat on a booster chair next to me and I smiled at him. "How old are you?" I asked and pretended I wanted to know if he knew, without giving it away that I didn't know.

"Five," he said proudly.

"And what is your full name?" I asked, again needing the information for myself.

"Demetri Nicholas McCarty," he repeated.

"Why do they call you Dyno?" I whispered.

"Cause I like Dinosaurs," he said as if I was some crazy old lady and not his crazy old grandma.

Emmett and Rose came over to see Emma and Patrick. Trooper and Rose were going to stay at their house but the rest were staying with us. Christmas morning Jasper and Alice were coming from Seattle and so were the Cullens. Maybe Cacalisle's old eyes would cause him to miss a turn and end up in the Ocean…but I would miss Esme.

The house was quiet as I set out some gifts under the tree and filled the stockings. I don't know how Santa became male, because I did all the work. It was snowing lightly and I looked out the window happily. Edward, ah, came up behind me and kissed my head. "What are you looking at?" he asked.

"It's such a pretty night," I answered and leaned my head against his chest.

"Are you happy, Bella?" he asked.

After all the years of asking me I finally understood what he meant. It wasn't about events or happenings, it was about moments. Little moments sprinkled throughout our marriage when time stood still and only happiness existed. My babies were home and having their own babies. I loved my husband beyond anything I ever imagined. One tiny word spoke volumes. "Yes," I answered.

He began kissing my neck and I turned to pull him to my mouth. He lowered me to the ground in front of the Christmas tree and began unzipping my robe. I smiled and whispered, "Merry Christmas." My legs wrapped around him and I freed him from his pajamas with a sigh.

His touch transported me back in time and I felt young, and sexy, and lucky this incredible man was mine. He moved expertly and when I cried out softly he pounded on the floor causing the sound activated lights on the tree to blink off and on repeatedly, and he screamed something about effing elves.

I was enjoying the light show when I heard a tiny voice say, "Grandpa, can I have a drink?"

We were way too inappropriate to be grandparents.