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City of Bones Jace's POV

Jace hated demons. Downworlders were okay, they knew how to party. Especially at the Pandemonium Club. This demon couldn't even dress normal. He had electric blue hair that spiked in all directions and really bright green eyes. He also had a red zip-up jacket that even Elvis himself would have cringed at. He had a blade in his hand that looked lethal. He nudged Alec.

"Bet he used glamour to get in with that thing!" He had to shout as the music was deafening. Jace looked around. It was easy to spot Isabelle. She looked stunning in her white dress. She'd worn it to cover all her runes. She snaked her way towards the demon and walked past him. The hungry look in his eyes sickened Jace. The demon followed Isabelle towards the storage cupboard. He was unaware of the two Shadowhunters behind him. Jace said to Alec "Let me do the talking alright?" Alec looked pained but he nodded.

They reached the cupboard only a second or two behind Isabelle and the demon. Before they entered, he got out a seraph blade and whispered its name. It flickered into life. They entered the cupboard and saw Isabelle standing over the demon and laughing. Her deadly gold whip curled around its ankles.

"He's all yours, boys." She smirked. Jace laughed as he hurled the demon against one of the concrete pillars. He bound the demon's wrists together and slowly came into its view while it pointlessly struggled. "So," Jace said. "Are there any more with you?"

"Any other what?" He replied. Jace smiled, still trying to deny what he is.

"Come on now." He held up his hands to the creature, showing the runes that covered his hands. "You know what I am." The demons expression shifted from confusion, to hatred.

"Shadowhunter," he hissed.

Jace grinned as the realisation hit him. "Got you," he said.