Alright, it's been an age and a half since I updated this, and unfortunately not only am I out of ideas but (as you may have noticed already) many reading the books fics have been deleted in the past weeks. Though I have remained relatively invisible here on FFN (not a complaint, just a fact) I can't ignore that might happen to this one.

I don't really have an immediate plan for this, and I have a couple other projects I'd like to work on. I don't intend on leaving this forever, but for now I just can't get my mind to work on this. I'll try again, but first I'd like to find another place to upload. I'm working on getting an Ao3 (username will probably stay the same), but the waiting list is crazy long, and I don't know what heir policy on this type of fic is. So, if anyone knows of some place that these fics can be uploaded to, and could tell me, that would be utterly fantastic. I'll update when I know more.

I really want to thank everyone who favourited, reviewed and added this story or me to their alerts, it really is fantastic. I think FFN is making a mistake in banning this type of fic, because not only do they provide great opportunities for character development, but they also are a lot of fun to read and write, and they provoke really excellent response and dialogue between reader and writer, however, since it is their site, tbtb have the ability to do what they wish.

I'd like to take just one more moment of your time and ask you to continue reading your favourite authors, even through the recent craziness. They aren't to blame for FFN's policies, and, despite it's faults, it's pretty much the best place to get stuff out there due to the large amount of traffic and (mostly) fantastic community. So thanks, and happy reading.