Chapter Two: Annoyance

Raven's eyes automatically opened at 7 am the next morning. She tugged her boots on and fastened her cloak around her shoulders after changing her leotard to a new one. She brushed her hair, rubbed her eyes, pulled her hood up and levitated down to the kitchen.

Heading straight for the stove to make her daily herbal tea; she hardly noticed Starfire and Beast Boy on the couch, watching Silkie to pass by time. As she reached for a banana Starfire startled her, bursting out of nowhere behind her shoulder.

"Hello friend Raven! What are you doing?" she asked excitedly.

"Uh, eating breakfast," she replied. "You're up a little early," she noted to her alien friend.

"Yes, friend! I cannot wait to go to Tamaran for the festival! It will be so exciting!" she replied. "Friend Beast Boy told me that he did not sleep well last night, and that is why he was down here before I. We were speaking about your fights together…." Starfire whispered her last sentence.

Raven looked over Starfire's shoulder. Beast Boy was watching some Discovery Channel show on the animals of Africa, not paying the least bit of attention to the conversation that was going on behind his back. Raven scowled at her friend and rolled her eyes, then levitated her whistling pot of tea off the stove and poured a mug. She took her banana and tea to the table in the kitchen and sat down. Starfire did not sit with her, but simply rotated to face her friend for easier conversation. Raven glanced back at Beast Boy, who was laughing at some obscene comment the narrator of the TV special made. She looked back at Starfire and shrugged, then raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe if he quit being such an immature jerk about everything I'd actually get along with him," Raven said bluntly.

"Oh," Starfire said softly. Her bright and hopeful features fell with dismay and disappointment. She then walked over to the couch and resumed her spot next to Beast Boy and held her face in her hands, looking glum.

'If she was trying to make us reconcile, it didn't work. I am not saying sorry first,' Raven thought angrily.

Before they all knew it, they were seeing Starfire off in her part of the T-ship. Although they all knew that Starfire could make it to Tamaran on her own without the T-ship, Robin didn't want "to take any chances" when it came to his girlfriend going out into space by herself. So he convinced her to ride to Tamaran in the T-ship.

"I will keep in touch, friends! I hope you all stay well while I am gone!" Starfire told her friends cheerfully.

"Hope you have fun!" Cyborg said hugging her goodbye.

"Yeah. Tell us all about your trip. Hope everything goes cool," Beast Boy said. Starfire nearly crushed Beast Boy in a hug and then turned to Raven.

"I can't believe I am saying this, but I am actually going to miss you," Raven said. Starfire smiled and placed her hands on Raven's shoulders.

"I will miss you too, Raven," she smiled and hugged Raven before she turned to Robin. The two looked at each other. Starfire didn't bother with words of goodbye or statements of how much she would miss him. She pulled him close and kissed him right on the lips, not caring that her friends were watching. Robin turned the deepest shade of red, but kissed her back before he whispered "Be safe," and helped her into the T-ship. After a final wave goodbye, Starfire was blasting off the roof and into space.

"Well, I am off guys, it's a long trip to that mountain, especially on foot. Remember, everybody keep in touch, and I'll be back in two weeks," Robin said to his remaining friends. "Try not to kill him," he said to Raven as an afterthought before heading to the stairs on the roof. The three Titans waved good bye and followed suit, heading for the stairs on the roof after Robin was out of sight. Cyborg mumbled something about last-minute packing before he left the roof. On the way down the stairs, Beast Boy stopped Raven by grabbing her wrist quite forcefully. He jerked her back up the stairs to him with strength Raven wasn't aware he possessed. Her eyes grew wide at the shock of being, quite literally thrown around, by Beast Boy. He pulled her a little too close for comfort to him and looked her in the eyes. She momentarily regained control of herself and put up her wall of defense again. Anger and annoyance replaced her shock.

"What?" she growled, trying desperately to free her arm from his grasp.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. Raven could barely hear him, his voice was so soft. She wasn't sure if she heard him right.

"What did you say?" she asked, not as annoyed this time. Her eyes searched his face, making sure that this wasn't some joke.

"I'm sorry. You're right. I'm really immature and I've been acting like a jerk lately. I-I'm sorry. Really," Beast Boy said seriously. His expression was that of slight pain and sorrow. Raven relaxed her body and the frown on her face disappeared. Beast Boy was being sincere? She didn't know what to say. She was beginning to feel a bit guilty for talking behind his back. But what was she supposed to say?

"You heard us?" she murmured, a bit embarrassed. He smirked and laughed a little, but not happily.

"Yeah, I can hear pretty well because of all those animals inside me, remember?" he said, looking to the side at the railing. Raven sighed. Beast Boy seemed to suddenly remember that he had a hold of Raven and let go of her wrist. She rubbed the spot he had been gripping, it was surprisingly red. He noticed this and gently took her hand in his own and began massaging the spot he had been holding on to. When their skin met, Raven felt a jolt through her body she didn't remember ever feeling before. Scared and surprised, she jerked her hand away from him and stepped down another stair.

"I'm sorry-I forgot-you don't like being touched…." Beast Boy said. "God, I'm such an idiot," he whispered to himself.

"It's okay, really….I just…your hands are…..cold….I have to…go," she stuttered. She levitated down the rest of the flight of stairs, leaving Beast Boy standing alone, confused and frustrated with himself over what just happened.

Raven closed herself up in her room, dreading the next day when Cyborg would leave to help the Titans East. She couldn't seem to help the fact that her mind continued to wander to the events that happened between her and Beast Boy earlier that day. She decided to not continue to think about it anymore and took to meditating.

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