Second chance

By: MysticFantasy

Disclaimer: (I own no part of this movie or the characters in it.)

A/N: The moments between the scene of Green talking to the brother's after the shootout and the final fight never happened in order for this story to work.



The three Mercer brother's laughed to themselves after hearing they each told the same story of sleeping with the cops wives.

"Mercer, we just got a call for you." The officer said handing the three their belongings. "You need to go down to Henry Ford Hospital right away."

"Why?" Jerry asked confused.

"It's about your other brother. The one that got shot." the officer answered casually.

"Jack?" Bobby asked softly as pain and sorrow slowly crept into him. For a moment he had forgotten the pain he'd felt of loosing his baby brother but now it was all coming back to him.

"Yea. They need you to sign some forms concerning his surgery."

"Surgery?" Angel repeated confused. "What are you talking about?"

"They didn't tell you when you were being questioned?" The officer replied looking equally confused.

"Tell us what?" Bobby demanded yanking his beanie on his head.

"Your brother Jack isn't dead. He got out of surgery about an hour ago."

At that moment, everything around the three Mercer brother's seemed to freeze. Like time somehow had paused and everything was at a stand still in order for them to absorb the information that was just given to them.

Could it be possible that their baby brother was really alive?

"Talk!" Bobby barked suddenly jumping forward and grabbing the officer by the front of his uniform.

"He's alive." The officer gasped fighting to get free but failing. "When the ambulance started to take his body to the morgue they found out he was still alive. Just stunned or something. They got him to the hospital and they performed an emergency surgery. He's alive."

Bobby let go of the officer's uniform before giving him a warning look. "If you're pulling my chain, I'll be back."