Chapter 6

By: MysticFantasy



"Here you go Jackie." Bobby said handing his brother a paper plate holding two slices of pizza.

"Thanks Bobby." Jack said taking the plate and sitting back in the couch.

"Yeah. Just don't get use to this waiting on you hand and foot stuff." Bobby warned with a grin as he sat down next to his brother with his own plate holding four slices of pizza.

"D**n it." Jack playfully cursed. "Well, at least I'll have a few weeks of it until I'm cleared."

"Great." Bobby said sarcastically with a smirk.

Jack chuckled and began to eat his lunch. It wasn't until he came home and had gotten into his own cothing that he realized he lost weight from being in the hospital. Must have been about seven or eight pounds that he lost.

Bobby had been teasing him a little about it. Saying that now it was going to take twice as long to put some muscle on his little brother.

Jack would just laugh and play along. He'd never had a metabolism like any of his brother's. His was quick and he hadn't really been able to gain weight as easily because of it. But after seeing how easily Bobby and Angel put on weight he was sometimes glad that he was so thin. Although he would admit that he might be a little too thin for his age and size.

"Eat up Jackie. You're already as thin as you can possibly get. Don't need you disappearing on me cause you're thinner than a freakin' needle."

"Jealous." Jack said with a grin.

"Whatever you fairy. Now eat up." Bobby declared putting another slice on Jack's plate. "It's gonna take forever to get some meat on you. Gonna have to make you eat six or seven times a day from now on."

"Like I can eat that much." Jack replied starting on his first slice. "You and Angel can but not me." he added around a mouthful.

"Yeah, you're probably right about that." Bobby agreed with a shrug starting on his second slice. "Guess I'm just gonna have to take you to the gym and make you workout to get some muscle. Seriously baby brother you weigh maybe eighty or ninty pounds. Gonna have to put rocks or something in your pockets to keep you from falling over when the wind hits ya."

"A**hole." Jack said through a grin.

The two laughed for a few moments and then continued with their lunch. After a few moments, they were done and Bobby spoke again.

"This brings back memories Jackie." He said putting an arm around Jack's shoulders. "Thank God that we can keep making memories with you here. I almost lost my f***ing mind thinking you know."

Jack lightly nodded.

"I'm really happy you're still here Jack. I am." Bobby said honestly.

Jack smiled at his brother.

"Me too Bobby."