Title: Get the hint
Rating: uh idk, T for subtext regarding sex?
Prompt: Discomfort
Summary: Sometimes Tsukitachi just doesn't know when it would be best to keep his hands to himself. Or maybe he just doesn't care. He's a tactless idiot either way, as far as Hirato is concerned. Set pre-series.

Notes: Written for the promptbingo challenge. BAH WHAT AM I DOING


But there was no response from the redheaded teenager aside from a Hiratoooo-chaaaan exhaled against the back of his neck in a puff of hot breath. He decided to try again instead of just kicking the other boy to get him to get the hint and back off.


A beat.

"Aww, come on. Don't be so cold! You didn't get hit too badly earlier, did you?"

"Just go back to your room." The battle had been anything but easy, and the victor was very sore. He was very sore, very tired, in need of a good night's sleep. And now when Tsukitachi's hands still didn't make any move to retreat and only persisted in groping, persisted in touching the sore spots, he didn't bother to suppress his annoyance. He pushed at him once, twice, and somewhat half-heartedly.


"But Hira-oof!"

The redhead's whine was cut short as Hirato's elbow connected with his side.