Our story begins at my house in Calgary, during the winter at the beginning of 2011.

I'm not spoiling the story for you no matter how much you ask so Bwahahahahahaha! Now let's get this thing over with so I can torture Dark already. *laughs evilly* XD

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My point of view:

I'm sitting quietly in my room playing Harvest Moon DS Cute on my DS Lite-(aka- old DS)-as someone opens my bedroom door and enters. "Hey Franchesca, what are you playing?" Dark says-(aka Dark Link. Were friends ok)-as he close's the door. "Harvest Moon Cute" I squealed excitedly "speaking of cute, Skye is!" and I looked at the screen and grinned so big that my teeth showed.

"I am sick of hearing this! If you like him-and the game-so much why don't you just go there?" he says

'Ooooh, looks like someone's jealous' I thought with a devious smirk on my face. "Actually that mite actually be a good idea." I said as I put my finger on my chin "Dark? You coming with?"

I glare at him

"…ok, fine"

"Great, But I'll have to use my nickname Franny, not my real name."

"Just make sure you don't heart attack-from fangirlisame or laughing to much." Dark said being smart (sarcasm) he said crossing his arms

"I'll try. Look out Forget me not valley, Frannys coming to town!" I yelled sticking my fist up in the air.

Dark rolled his eye's and snickered "Dramatic much?"

"Can it…"


"You ready to go?" I said putting on my knapsack full of art stuff, clothing, books, and games, pretty much everything I own. "Because I don't want to forget anything important." 'He doesn't even need bag; all he needs is that little tiny bazaar magic bag that he can shove just about anything into. 'I mumbled

"You have one, it's just a bit bigger then mine." He said turning around. Also being smart

"Dark, I bet you could shove a bed in there with how much crap you carry around in there!" I said pointing to the small bag attached to his belt around his waist.

"I'm sure it would just blow up then."

"Cool! Anyway I think we should get going-wait! One last thing" I ran to grab the family laptop from downstairs, and shoved it under my arm "Can't forget this. In case I forget something about forget me not valley." I explained

"Why? You can just get a tour" he questioned

I turned and looked at him like he was stupid "Do you even know who would be the tour guide? Do you? No. And I don't think I - nor you, could spend at least five minutes being near him with out killing him."

"And who would that be?"

I just stare at him "Here's a hint. He's named after this." I said holding up a rock in my right hand that I pulled out of my pocket with awesome speed. :D

"Ah, Rock right?"

"Well it an't Phantom Skye"

"Speaking of HIM, are you sure you're wanting to meet with HIM?" he asked with a touch of concern, but also wined a bit, but also jealousy. I could just tell he didn't like Skye, even if they never met. He knows I know he's jealous, even though he try's to deny it. It's not like I'm in love with Skye or anything, I'm just one of those crazed fangirls who just wants to meet him in person. So then I can build a bridge then get over it. God I love that saying.

"Maybe… don't worry. Anyway I am making YOU help on the farm.-as a brother- so no one suspects anything abnormal about me." I add, as I snap my fingers as my dimension portal opens, witch looks like a huge round swirly blue hole.

"Abnormal? You're quite far from abnormal if you ask me" he scoffs (sarcasm alert) as we start to walk towards the portal.

"Don't you get all smart with me mister.-And no killing anyone!" I yell looking at his dark sword "and put that away!"

Right before he steps through the portal he snickers "yes MOTHER" then scoffs, then walks through the portal.

I smirk and say "Smart arse" then jumps through the portal after Dark Link.

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