Chapter 5: Meetings

I was able to talk to Lumina before it was 8 pm and I walked out the door I heard chanting, knowing who it was I went to the small blue roofed building next to Luminas place and opened the door and the Witch Princess is floating on her broom on a latter in front of her culdrin chanting in strange language. Why even have a latter if she can just float? That makes no sense.

"Ah. Why does that Harvest Goddess always complain about everything I do? I mean sure every now and then I bully the Harvest Sprites, break up a few sweethearts, destroy crops, make animals sick, and she gets so mad about it! I'm just having a little fun! Does she think she's such a "good" girl or something? It just burns me so!"

I hope she realise's she's ranting. Not only that, but talking to herself. But like I'm one to talk, though.

The Witch Princess is ranting to herself about the HG. I get what she means though. Harvest Goddess can get really annoying most of the time, sure, she's nice and all but she can go a bit over bored.

Witchy then finally notice's me after her ranting.(Witchy. That's what I call her.)She come's up to me, "Hey! You heard me, didn't you?"

Well yeah, she was kinda ranting a bit loudly. I nod my head. "Yeah."

She calms down a bit, "Then answer me this: Doesn't the Harvest Goddess annoy you?"

"Yeah, she rellly does." I say.

"I knew it! You and I will get along just fine, Franny." Witchy smile's big, and so do I.

We talk for a bit, then I remember I have to leave, I tell her I need to leave. "Come on back if you ever need anything. I'll do what ever I can." She tells me. I nod. She laughs and says, "I'll get that Harvest Goddess when she come's back!"

I tell her she's already back and she looks at me surprised. "Really?! You got 60 sprites now?" I tell her yeah I do. "YES!" she says excitedly, "I can get back at her now!" I wished her luck with that, we said bye, waved, and I left. Then I teleported back to the path to Lumina's place. Cause I had a meeting with serten someone to get to. ;D


I had to waste some time till it was near 11pm so I had walked around the valley talking to some people for a bit. I saw Rock at the inn, he had a bandage and gozz taped to his nose. I guess it broke, 'HA!' that explained the bloody mess. He had it coming though. Ruby even agreed with me. She asked me not to injure him TOO much though. I'll try. No promise's though. Dark still needs to clean up that bloody mess back at my ranch too.

I start walking up the path to Lumina's mansion, I stop to look at the time. It's 10:50 pm. "It's just about time." I tell myself. It turns 11:00, then I start walking the rest of the way up to the mansion.

I'm shaking with excitement, and I'm trying keep my myself under control. I'm standing in front of the fountain, then I hear the door click open and shut. And then out walks is the prince of the stars himself, Phantom Skye.

He's smiling to himself. Confidently. He's not fully paying attention, and he just about bumps into me. He stops and blinks. His sea green eye's look down at me in surprise. and his pretty silver hair shine in in moon light. 'Guess he wasn't expecting me, of course.' I stare into his eyes. I love green eyes... I feel my cheeks flush a bit.

He quickly reacts, bows slightly then straitens up and says, "Hehe. Hello, beautiful. Walking alone at night?" He tilt's his head to the side. OMG. I'm trying not to squeal out and jump onto him like a total fangirl right now. He ran his fingers through his silver hair.

"Yes." I say. I'm trying my best to keep my cool.

He puts a hand over his chest and close's his eyes. "Hehe, I'm quite the ladies' man, and a prince of the stars." He ran his finger threw his hair. 'I should start counting up every time he says 'Hehe'.'

Just as I'm about to introduce myself I hear another click's of the mansion door opening and shutting and Lumina out walks and she yells, "Hey! Aren't you that famous thief who warns his victims ahead of time?!"

Skye and I turn sideways in surprise. Geez, why did Lumina have to show up now?

He looks to Lumina and quickly puts back on his poker face. "Hehe. Sorry, but I'm a bit pressed for time. I'm about to jet out."

He turns away from Lumina and I towards the entrance and takes a few steps, then stops, and he turns to me. "Hehe. Call me Phantom Skye. I have a feeling we'll meet again. It's written in the stars."

I nod, smiling. "Will do."

Skye was about to leave, but Lumina quickly ran up to him. "Wait right there!" She yelled sternly.

'Why does she have to be so loud? It's the middle of the night. People are trying to sleep. Shut up.'

Skye's not phased at all. "Hehe. Hold up, beautiful. Don't let such raw anger steal away your beauty." Yeah, that's his job. Ha. You know, steal? Yeah, whatever.

Lumina gasps. Her face reddens and she cup's her face, blushing. "What a smooth talker... Phantom Skye..."

Skye take's this as his opportunity to escape and takes off, but Lumina follows after him.

I watch the whole scene and see he got away from her and she walks back to the gate entrance. "Phantom Skye! He...he got away from me!" She squeals. I would too if I were him. -_-' I roll my eyes. I walk up to her, she giggles to herself. "Hehehe, that thief is cool!"

I shake my head, chuckling, and start heading back to the ranch. Thinking of a surten silver haired thief along the way.

When I made it back I noticed the bloody mess was still there. Lazy. And I that saw Dark was sleeping on the couch, I pulled blanket over him, then went to my own bed got into my pg's and climbed in.

'I got to meet Phantom Skye today. What a pretty boy... Time for sweet dreams...'


The next day, I woke up, got dressed and quickly left all before Dark woke up. He usually doesn't get up till later anyway. He's lazy. :P

I ran to Lumina's house and went inside. I was 6:50. I went to Romana's room and said hello and I told her who visited last night. (I wanted to see what her reaction would be.)

"A phantom? Oh my... Oh ho ho. Someone like that came?" 'Ho ho? What is she? Santa Clause?' I nodded anyway, waved bye and left her room to see the butler, Sebastian, in his room and talked to him as well. "The phantom? I am glad that it was nothing serious." Nothing serious? They where just robbed.

I just stare at him. Then shake my head in disappointment to myself. Then went upstairs to Lumina's room.

Lumina looked like she had her head in the clouds. "Hehehe, that thief is cool!" Wha? She's saying the same thing from last night?! Maybe she finally lost it. I wouldn't be surprised, Skye's pick up lines are WAY better than Rocks are anyday. I just shook my head again then sighed.

I left their house, chuckling to myself thinking. 'I love how they don't give a shit about just being robbed.' and then I teleported back to my ranch just before the time hit 7 am.


"So where'd you go off to this morning so quickly?"

Dark was sitting on a computer chair-(that was conveniently placed in front of the door)-and slowly turned it around when I came back in.

Startled. I froze on the spot. Guess he noticed I left. I thought he'd still be asleep! Damn! My ninja skillz didn't work this time!

I pulled myself together, and continued to get my tools that I had left behind this earlier when I left. "I went to Lumina's. I wanted to see how'd they react to being robbed. Apparently they didn't give a shit."

He just raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

Putting my hair up in a ponytail and putting on my hat I forgot to put on before I left. "They were all calm about it. Guess that's just how rich people are. Reminds me or Ouran High school host club." I chuckle to myself.

Dark just looked at me, his eyebrow still raised. "Huh."

"Don't give me that look!" I pointed at him. "Now, YOU have work to do."


"Yes, YOU! Go clean up the bloody mess from yesterday! It better be clean when I get back!" I slammed the door shut and ran to my field to take care of my crops and animals. Basically, my daily chores.


I finished my work, talked to the troll-I mean Harvest Goddess, Witchy, and the baby Harvest sprite that was hiding in the biggest pot in the Sprite Tree by the Goddess pond.

I decided to go to Daryl's place. The crazy scientist. Why? Cause I felt like he was hiding something...

He was home, I gave give him an orange grass, cause that's what I had on me. I already had 99 of them in my fridge so I had no use for it, and the red ones are for Witchy. He seemed pretty happy to get them. I've been giving him them for a while now. I wonder what he does with them all?

I spotted a trap door on the floor to the left side of his house/lab and pulled on it, it opened, looking to see if Dr. Frankenstein was watching-(A nickname for him, like Elivs/Marlin. lol)-and walked down the stairs.

I heard the sound of water splashing and a voice yell, "Who's there?" Suppirsed I turned to my left and in a tank of water was...a mermaid. Cool! I love mermaids. I walked up to her at the tank.

She looked at me curiously. "Who are you? A friend of Daryl's? What's your name?" Not really. But to be nice anyway I nodded and introduced myself.

"I see. You're a friend of Daryl's, aren't you, Franny? That's a relief." She smiled and I looked at her quizingly. How is it a relief? Daryl is a creep. He even stalked Flora for a time and also tried to steal my cow once. But I didn't say it out loud.

I asked her what her name was. "Me? My name is Leia."

I smiled "Pleasure to meet you Leia." What? I can be polite sometimes.

"I'm a mermaid. You must be Shocked..."

I sweatdropped. "Not really."

"Heeheehee." She giggled.

"So, what are you doing in the craz-I mean Daryl's basement, in a tank, and not the ocean?" Why was she here anyway? I hope Daryl didn't do anything to her, she seems pretty nice.

Thankfully, she didn't catch my almost insult towards Daryl. "Hm? You want to know why I'm here? Well, actually... A huge typhoon just pulled me up onto the beach one day. I was injured badly, but Daryl came to my rescue and carried me here. As a mermaid, I'm pretty embarrassed to be washed ashore like that, though. Since then, he's been such a big help."

Really? I was baffled. I didn't know he could be nice. He usually just mumble's and grumble's alot and offenly would spaz out about forgetting something, or stalk Flora, stare at my cow, try to capture the abominable snowman to experiment on. You know. The usual.

"He's such a gentleman." I say both sarcastically and nervously.

I don't think Leia caught my sarcasm and she continued. "You are so right. He looks nerdy, of course, but I'm so impressed with his gental heart. I really want to repay him. So I've been cooking his meals. You know an awful lot about Daryl. You two must be close friends." Yeah, I need to, and no. "I know! Let's you and I be friends too!"

I smiled big. I'm ok with that. Her and I being friends, I mean. Leia was really nice and sweet. She'd make a good friend. I don't completely get how she could get along with him. But whatever. Hm... It makes me wonder what would happen if Skye met her...

I snap out of my thoughts. I nodded enthusiastically . "Yeah, that'll be great!"

Leia bobbed up and down in her tank in exitment. "Thank you, Franny. Here's to our friendship." and she did a back flip in the waster, splashing me a bit, but I laughed anyway. I'll dry of later. No biggy.

Then I realized I had to leave, "I'm glad I met you!" She called out. I said "You too!" Waved and left. I ran by Daryl so he wouldn't notice me, and went to entrance to the valley.


"I've been standing here at the entrance to the valley for HOURS NOW! When is he going to show up?!" It's 12 pm. I start trying to leave the valley but Jackie, a harvest sprite, doesn't let me and teleports me back to Vesta's farm. I stomp back to the entrance. Where was Skye? He should have been here by now. I sit on the ground in frustration.

Then something hits me. I bolt back up standing. Skye doesn't show up the day after a heist. I face-palmed. How could I forget? GAH! "I just wasted my bloody time for NOTHING!" I yelled.

Marlin, standing in the field looked at me oddly. I glare, and he quickly turns away and gets back to his work. Great. What a total waste of time that was...


I slam the door as I walking into the house. Dark put's down his book/my manga book he was reading and looks at me. "So how was Prince charming?" He asks, smirking darkly. He probably knows what happened. Smart ass...

I just stare blankly at him, then glare. I'm not in the mood, I just wasted a day waiting for Skye to show up only to remember he won't show up regularly until tomorrow.

"I cleaned up the mess outside." He said.

"Thanks. Took you long enough." I jump onto my bed and snuggle into the sheets.

"What are you doing?"

"Sleeping." My voice is muffled by the pillows. I lift up my head, my hair down and messy. "Something YOU should be doing. Go to sleep!" I stuffed my head back in my pile of pillows.

He just chuckled. But put down the book and turned the lights off.


"Hey Muffy." I had, again, finished work for the day and went to the Blue Bar for something to drink.

"Hey Franny." Almost all the girls from the valley were here. You know, Muffy, Celia, Flora and Lumina. Except Nami, of course. "Did you hear about the new guy in town?"

New guy? Did she mean Skye? No, couldn't be. He's not dumb enough to come out in the day light. Ha. I make him sound like a vampire.

Muffy continued. "Well, I heard from Ruby that a someone will be staying in the valley for a while in a few weeks. Ruby talked to him, but she said he was wearing a dark hooded cloak, but she could tell he was a bit pale. Mysterious... Oh! Anyway, he made his reservation early cause he said he had things to finish up before he'd have his vacation here."

Flora spoke up. "I saw him leave the valley, it also had some gold on it."

Lumina gasped excitedly. "Maybe he's rich?!"

I ignored them from then on. They were just giggling amongst themselves. I wonder who this person is? The description of the cloak sounds familiar. But I just can't put my finger on who it is at the moment.

"Hey guys, did you hear about what happened to me the other night?" I heard Lumina say. "Guess who I got a visit from? Phantom Skye!" She says a bit smugly.

They all gasped, their mouths agape. "REALLY?!"

"Why didn't you tell us earlier, girl?!" Muffy exclamed.

"I heard he was good looking." Celia said dreamly.

"I heard that too, but don't you like Marlin?" Flora said.

Celia flushed. "I do! I was just saying..."

I finally decided to speak up. "Because she was all gaga over him and was too busy spending the whole day in her room day dreaming about him to notice the day go by."

They all look at me, and Lumina speaks up. "How do you know that?"

"I went by you place yesterday morning and you were doing exacly what I just said, you didn't even notice me standing right in front of you, you where acting the same when he left, and the fact that I never saw you leave your house." I say flatly, and I take a sip of orange juice.

"You were there, Franny?!" All of them gaped at me, except Lumina.

I nodded. Might as well tell them. "Yeah. I saw him strut out of the mansion's front doors, and he talked to me." I say smugly. Take that Lumina! "Of course, after he almost bumped right into me."

"Give us details!" Their full attention to me now, forgetting Lumina.

I sighed. "He has silver hair, green eye's, wear's a black V-neck T-shirt with a leopard printed blouse on, purple pants and black shoe's."

"So the rumors were right!" Muffy squealed in excitement. I covered my ears. I don't know about you, but I like my hearing thank you very much.

before they tackle me for more details I quickly had to change the subject. "...So Lumina, how's Rock?" I hate him, but that's the only think I could think of at the moment, I already knew how he was but I needed to change the subject before I got pounced on by rabid fangirls.

They all look at me oddly. "What about Rock? Why do you ask?" Lumina asked.

"I threw my hammer at him in the face the other day for whistling at me while I was bending over. Knocked him unconscious. Just want to know if he's smarter or stupider now."

Muffy and Lumina laughed, while Flora and Celia shook their head's, sighing. "Sounds like he had it coming," Lumina said. "and yeah, I talked to him earlier. He still the same idiot as before."

"But don't you like him Lumina?" Muffy asked.

"Rock? No! He's too much of a moron at times, and he doesn't listen to half the things I say." She pouted angrily, crossing her arms over her chest.

I take this as my opportunity to leave. "Gotta go guys. I have to do. See ya."

"Oh. See ya later then, Franny." Muffy said. Then they started talking about what guys they liked in the valley, and I left, I waved bye to Griffen on my way out of the Blue Bar.

On my way back to the ranch, I was wondering to myself. 'Hmmm... Dark cloak, adorned with gold, pale skin... Why did that sound so familiar? Maybe I'll remember later.'

To be continued...


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