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His eyes are blazing. She knows she should have told him in a more delicate way, but he'd been frantic. He was going crazy, demanding answers. The only option she'd had was to blurt it out. She regrets it, but there simply wasn't another option. He shoves his trademark magnum in the back of his pants as he charges for the door, reaching for his trench coat madly. The only thing she can think to do is throw herself in front of him, keeping him at bay for at least a few moments.

"Don't!" The word tears out of her throat before she can stop it, ricocheting loudly off the walls of the small room like an explosive. She splays her hands across his chest, trying to ignore the eruption of sparks she feels in her fingertips; This is the first time she's had to get physical with him in ages, feel his warmth and the erratic rhythm of his speeding heart. "Don't go!"

His nostrils flair as he lets out an angry sigh, allowing his hot breath to hit her face while he glares down at her. "Why not?"

She swallows...hard. "Because..." Think. "Because you need to stay here for Abby! She needs you to be strong for her!" She hopes the mention of Abby will soften him, but it seems to have the opposite affect, as she finds herself having to push harder on his chest.

"I am being strong for her! I'm doing this because she's not strong enough to do it! Too kind! Too ill!"

She shoves with all her might, managing to throw him off balance a few steps. "Archy, don't!"

His eyes pierce her, almost going through her like beams. He swallows, too, straightening his coat while trying to gain control over his unsteady breaths. "Why not? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't go and kill 'im right now."

She stares at him with watery eyes, her bosom heaving while she backs away, spreading herself across the door. "She's afraid of men as it is. How do you think she'll react when she finds out you murdered him?"

"She doesn't have to know."

"She's smart, Archy. She'll put two and two together. And when she does, she'll be terrified of you."

He stands and considers. Lizzie's right. Abby is a smart girl. She'd probe the both of them upon hearing of her attacker's death, and she'd ask just the right questions, too. Little questions, asking for details that appear to be insignificant, that will lead her to the correct conclusion. And that's only one of the many things he loves about her. She's an inquisitive young woman, gaining information through her own hard research, learning for her own benefit...because she has the right. That's also why he has to kill the person that's done this to her...that's made her so weak and afraid, timid, back to the quiet person she had only just started to break free of. "I have to do it."

Lizzie braces herself against the door, ensuring her body is pressed painfully against the doorknob and locks. "This is wrong."

He stops just inches from her face, breathing fire on her smooth skin again. "And what they did to her is right?"

"I didn't say that!" She snaps. "I'm saying, you should cool off, and go comfort Abby. Think logically of your next move. That's what you do, isn't it? You think about what you should do next in your line of work, and then you execute. Apply it here. There's someone very weak and hurt in the next room, and she needs your attention now, more than he does." Her voice is softer now, lulling, her lips barely brushing his chin. "Go on, Archy. Contemplate the next move logically. Think of what hurts him the most, and think of how to do it without having a run-in with the police. Please. I don't want her to lose you to prison again."

His breathing is easier now, eyes pregnant with thought, rather than blind rage. He studies her eyes carefully, noticing for the first time how close they are to his. All he can manage is a nod, lumbering off without another word to the bedroom to his left. He doesn't like sobbing women, but seeing as this one shares his own blood, he can't stop himself from easing down on his side, scooping the limp figure against his brawny frame.

To be continued...