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Chapter 2

Angel stepped reluctantly away from me and turned to look at the newcomer. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked back at me questioningly, searching my eyes to find the answer. Suddenly before I knew it, I heard his voice in my head.

"Kathryn? They have no idea about this. About us. Should I tell them the truth?" It startled me to hear his voice, velvety soft, brushing through my thoughts like that again. It had been years since we had last communicated like this. The connection between us ran deep. I had forgotten how deep it had run. It felt rather like coming home. I had to admit that I had missed him, despite what had happened between us. I nodded.

"I suppose if you think it best." I answered him silently; giving him leave to answer the questions that I knew would be thrown at him. He quirked his lips in a slight smile, then turned back to the other man.

Clearing his throat, he began, "Giles. May I introduce the Lady Kathryn Dubois, The Balancer?" Giles raised an eyebrow in surprise. "The Balancer?" He strode forward, and took my hand his, bowing low and planting a kiss to my knuckles. "My pleasure, Lady Dubois. I have heard so much about you."

"Thank-you. You must be Giles. Buffy has spoken of you." I smiled and dipped my head in acknowledgment. Giles cleared his throat and looked at Buffy fondly, "I am sure she has. Forgive me, My Lady, but what brings you to Sunnydale? I was not aware that the Council had called for you?"

At this I frowned. The Council of Watchers and I had never particularly seen eye to eye. I had broken away from them during the Ripper panic of 1888, something I was more than sure Giles was aware of, Watcher that he was. I had been convinced that the killings had had been the result of a vampire. The Council were not so convinced. I had taken the then Slayer out with the most notorious of Vampires, the Scourge of Europe himself, the Master's favourite Darla, Angelus' childe Drusilla and his gran-childe and Drusilla's mate Spike, also known as William the Bloody, to search for the vampire. A most foolhardy and dangerous decision, one that had taken the Slayer Elizabeth's life. But before dying the courageous girl had found the vampire and staked him, thus ending the panic. The council refused to have anything to do with me after that and I then fled to Paris with Angelus.

I looked back at Giles. "No, the council did not send me. You know as well as I that I would be the last person they would call upon for assistance with any kind of disaster. No. I found myself here." Giles looked confused. "How do you mean, found yourself here?"

"I mean that one moment I was relaxing quite comfortably at Dubois Mansion with Christabel Vibraye, only to find myself here quite suddenly the next. I don't recall how I ended up here, but I can only assume that a portal opened that transported me here or Christabel decided to try teleporting objects from one place to another again. If that is the case, then I would say she has been most successful!"

"A portal? I was unaware that magics of that magnitude had been active here? Most intriguing." Giles stared off into the distance. "Perhaps there may be something within my texts." At this I rolled my eyes – typical Watcher, ever eager to consult the books at the slightest sign of anything even remotely supernatural. Buffy exchanged amused glances with Willow and Xander. Xander smiled at Buffy and then looked back at me suspicion clouding his eyes.

"Sure, but that doesn't explain how Dead Boy here-" Angel cut him off with an annoyed. "Could you not call me that?"

"-knows Lady What's-Her-Name?" Xander continued ignoring Angel completely. I looked at Xander affronted. "My name is Lady Dubois, boy." Xander shrugged. "Sorry, Dubois."

I smiled back at him. Angel had told me that he would tell them the truth and I was more than willing to let him tell our story. After all he knew these people better than I did, therefore it would sound better coming from him. "Angel, you must tell them now. They will understand it better from you." I thought to him. Angel nodded silently at me.

Turning to Buffy, he took her hands in his. "Buffy. I need to tell you something. I need to explain." Angel broke off and ran an agitated hand through his hair. "I knew Kathryn. Before. When I was-" Buffy nodded and slipped her hands from his and crossed her arms. "When you were Angelus." She finished. "Yes." Angel looked stricken. "Not when-you know. Recently." I looked up at this confused. I took a step forward. "What do you mean recently?" Angel looked even more agitated. "I was – look I'll tell you later." He told me. Turning back to Buffy he said, "I knew her when I was Angelus. Before, in 1882."

Buffy looked shocked. Gasps were heard around the room. I could tell the others were listening intently. "That's not possible. How-?" Buffy questioned, eyes darting between him and me. "I…we…we." Sensing Angel was struggling, I stepped forward and laid a comforting hand on Angel's forearm. Angel sighed and then took a deep shuddering breath. Continuing, he said. "We had a relationship back then. She's my mate." Buffy took a step back and lifted a hand to her mouth, her green eyes filling with tears. "I'm so sorry Buffy." Angel hung his head. There was silence throughout the room as everyone absorbed what had just been revealed.

"How is she your mate? How do you know?" Willow spoke up. Angel closed his eyes in pain and I knew he wished Willow hadn't asked. Wanting to spare him any more pain, I answered for him. "Because he marked me. Angelus marked me." Angel let out a pained whimper at this. I turned to Buffy and Giles. "You have to understand something about it. It happened long ago when we were both completely different people. I'm a Balancer. I balance Good and Evil. Back then I walked a very thin line and I just…tipped, I supposed. I dabbled in the worst kind of magics. It was like an addiction. I was hooked." I looked at Giles. "It was one of the reasons the Council found they could not trust me. Why I was forced to break away from then." I bowed my head in shame. "Why I let a Slayer die." I whispered, tears filling my eyes. Blinking them back I turned back to Giles. "I regret my decisions back then. I never meant to let 'Liz get hurt. I never meant for her to die." The look in Giles eyes was unforgiving. I continued to look at him until finally he nodded imperceptibly. I smiled weakly and his lips twitched as the harsh look slowly subsided. "Thank you, my lady for that explanation. Perhaps it would now be prudent to discuss how you come to be here?" Angel opened his eyes, shooting a relieved look at me. Buffy also looked relieved at the change in conversation.

To be completely honest, even I wasn't sure how I had ended up stuck in a cemetery in Sunnydale, California, home of the Hellmouth. I furrowed my brow as I thought. The last thing I remembered was sitting in the library in Dubois mansion researching a Vornacck demon when quite suddenly I found myself in the cemetery. I gasped. "Vornacck!" I exclaimed. Buffy looked at me confusedly and Giles raised an eyebrow. "Pardon?" he asked. "Vornacck! Demons! Vornacck demons!" I said excitedly. "I was researching Vornacck demons when I was transported here!"

Giles looked surprised at this. "Vornacck demons?" I nodded. "Yes. Christabel and I had run into a couple a few days ago. They had slaughtered a couple of teenage girls on what we thought was Lethshe's feast day. We killed them but I was in the process of researching why they were there and what Lethshe's feast day had to do with it."

Giles' eyes widened considerably at my news. He took off his glasses and began hurriedly wiping on a handkerchief he had taken out from his pocket. "Lethshe's feast day you said?" he asked. "Yes." "And the Vornacck killed teenaged girls?" "Yes, why?" I asked.

Giles looked even more worried at this. Buffy looked at him in alarm and asked "Giles, what's wrong? What's going on?"

"Oh dear." Giles polished his glasses more vigorously. "I fear this is most alarming news."

"What? Why?" Buffy asked. "Giles, what's going on?" Willow said. "What's happening?" Xander questioned.

"Mister Giles?" I asked.

"Well it-" Giles said gravely, stuffing the handkerchief back in his pocket and replacing his glasses on his nose. "It rather appears that we may be in for another apocalypse."

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