"Hermione, you may be a smart witch, but you're a total idiot." Harry said, not holding back. Hermione looked up from her knitting scandalized.

"Harry James Potter!"

"Shut up. You know, I'm done with this bullshit. First and foremost, Hermione Jean Granger, you are a muggleborn witch. You do not know everything. YOU are a bigger threat to Wizarding society than Voldemort." Gasps were heard from people around the common room.

"How dare you say that!" Hermione shouted.

"Look around you, Granger." Harry snapped. "Name one person here that considers you a friend besides me and Ron."


"Does she? Or are you Ron's friend to her? Your experiences in the Wizarding World do not compare to those of half-blood or pureblood students. None of them like you. I barely tolerate you. I'm a half blood, raised by muggles. Do you see me here trying to stamp on Wizarding Traditions?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you that thick, Granger?" Alicia Spinnett asked. "Look at you! You flaunt your so-called knowledge that you obtain from books. You don't look at the Wizarding World from a wizard or witches' point of view. You have been here almost 4 years, and you still look at it through muggles' eyes. You balk at any Wizarding tradition. Don't think we didn't hear your rant about Betrothal Contracts. We hear everything. Hell, even Harry is getting tired of you. Now you are making clothes for house elves!"

"Slavery is wrong! House elves deserve freedom!" Hermoine screeched.

"Do they?" Harry asked. "Would a HOGWARTS house elf, please attend!" A second later a small elf popped in and looked at Harry.

"The Great and Noble Harry Potter calls for Mickey?" the students snickered.

"Hello Mickey. This is Hermione…" Harry stopped as the elf began trembling in fear.

"It's she-who-must-not-be-named!" the house elf screeched. Others looked at the elf in pity.

"What?" Hermione snapped.

"You is trying to kill house elves!" Mickey wailed.

"Mickey, maybe you should tell Miss Granger exactly what freedom does to an elf."

"It kills us! Without magic bond house elves die!"

"But don't you want to…"

"NO!" Mickey shouted. "House elves must have family. Hogwarts is family."

"But what about Dobby?"

"Oh give me a break, Granger. Even I figured this out." Collin Creevey said. "That bugger bonded himself to Harry." Harry snapped his head over to Collin. He shrugged. "Why else would he be so fanatical to you?"

"Eh. You see, Granger? Had you freed any house elf, you'd be guilty of murder. You think just because you did research, it means you're right. Guess what? YOU'RE NOT! You're nothing more than a muggleborn idiot, who puts muggle ideas forth as fact… facts which do not exist in the Wizarding World." Harry said. "I was raised in the muggle world, sure. But I accepted the Wizarding World. I may not agree with their beliefs of supposed pureblood superiority, but I do not belittle traditions. You, however, take what little knowledge there is about House Elves, and you automatically assume you know better. Guess what, you don't. Did you even speak to a House Elf? Dobby wanted freedom over abuse. Hello, he'd rather die than be abused! No, you didn't take that into consideration, did you? Instead, you pushed your morals onto another creature. Just like the Wizarding World does to centaurs, and what happens? They chaffe at it!"

"No one is ever going to respect you, Granger. Not until you drop this know-it-all attitude. We don't care about your muggle beliefs. We don't care what you have to say about the muggle world. Why? Because you're not in the muggle world. This was what Salazar Slytherin was afraid of. Muggles and their so-called superiority. We, as a Wizarding folk, have our own rules and regulations, our own lives separate from muggles. Would you go into another country and impose your beliefs on them? That would get you killed." Katie Bell said.

"Listen, Hermione. You are one of my best friends. It's time you learned that you are not a genius. You know nothing about the Wizarding world. You can read all you like, but you will never know. Why? Because your precious books are written by humans. Humans write books on centaurs, house elves, and other magical creatures. Your precious books are biased in favor of humans. Guess what? Humans aren't the only intelligence on this planet. Until you learn to curb your own biases, you will never be accepted." By now tears were flowing freely down Hermione's face. No one had ever lectured her like this. "And now you can go cry until your heart's content. You needed to be smacked down before you get yourself killed. People like Malfoy and Parkinson, while total ignorant idiots themselves, do make a valid point. They go about it in a totally rude and unpleasant way, but the point is still valid."

"Very good, Mr. Potter." A voice said from behind them. Everyone who was listening in and watching the spectacle turned to face their head of house. "While not the way I would go about it, you did so out of concern for your friend. Twenty five points to Gryffindor. Miss Granger, while you may be smart, Mr. Potter is innately intelligent in observation. You clearly lack social skills, but that can be helped. I too witnessed how you denigrate Wizarding society. The Americans have their own saying about their country. Love it or leave it. You will not change over five hundred years of tradition. You will be killed before you even get out the door. You are a witch. A fine one at that. But you also must understand, like other muggleborns have, that you are a part of a larger community. A community that has its own values and traditions. Do you understand?" Hermione nodded. "Good. It's late, and all of you have classes in the morning."