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Chapter 1: Disaster at Ba Sing Se

"There it is my son, the great wall of Ba Sing Se."

The sun was low in the eastern sky as the fire nation army marched towards the massive wall, ready to begin the siege of the Earth Kingdom capital. Taking the city would be the General Iroh's greatest military victory and fulfill the vision of his youth. This was also Lu Ten's chance to prove himself in combat.

"Father, how long do you think the wall will hold against us?" Lu Ten asked.

"No more than three years. They don't have enough earthbenders inside to maintain the wall for that long." Iroh stated.

"Excellent. Admiral Jeong Jeong, give the signal to begin the siege." Lu Ten ordered.

Suddenly, a fireball fell from the sky behind the fire nation army and struck the wall. The crater left by the impact penetrated a third of the wall's width. It was as if Agni himself had struck the first blow against the city, for no firebender could do that in one strike.

Lu Ten looked up and saw the smoke left in the wake of the fireball, and turned to face the direction it came from.


Iroh turned to see what his son was looking at, and couldn't believe his eyes. Dozens if not hundreds of fireballs in the sky, all of them following the path of the first one. As if Sozin's Comet had arrived early and fragmented. Three of the fireballs struck the wall leaving craters as large as the first. Iroh could hear the soldiers cheering Agni's name, believing that the sun god himself wanted the Fire Nation to win.

But Iroh knew something was wrong. The sun was still in the eastern sky, and these fireballs were falling from the west. Then five fireballs struck the ground ahead of the army while four more fell behind the wall.

"Admiral, send the signal to scatter our forces NOW!" Iroh ordered.

Suddenly a fireball came down thirty feet behind the admiral, killing the soldiers unfortunate enough to be in its path. Debris from the impact scattered and injured everyone around it, even hitting Jeong Jeong in the eye. Several more fireballs followed killing more soldiers.

That's going to leave a nasty mark Iroh thought as he rushed to the admiral's side. Iroh looked for a medic and saw more fireballs striking his army, killing hundreds instantly and injuring hundreds more. "Lu Ten get everyone to safety." He shouted, hoping that his son could hear him.

Lu Ten had already taken the initiative and was ordering the soldiers to break their tight formation as more fireballs fell among the troops. By spreading out each impact would claim fewer lives. Taking a quick glance at the wall Lu Ten saw dozens of craters in it, and witnessed one fireball punch a hole through a weakened section. Wonderful he thought. It's about to come down and we're in no condition to take advantage of it.

Iroh had just gotten Jeong Jeong to one of the field medics when he heard another impact right behind him. Looking up he witnessed nine more fireballs punch through the wall, shattering the entire section. The damage then spread across the entire length of the wall as the earthbenders maintaining it were overwhelmed. Iroh couldn't look away as the wall fell apart, leaving only fragments of it still standing.

Now would be the perfect time to attack Iroh thought if I still had an army to attack with. Iroh looked back at his soldiers and saw that all of them had been injured by several dozen impacts. Even his own son was bleeding from his arms and legs. Lu Ten turned to signal his father that he was alright.

As a fireball struck the ground he was standing on.

"LU TEN!" Iroh screamed. Running to the crater made by the impact, Iroh saw only smoke coming out of it. There was no trace of his son left, nothing to bring back to the Fire Nation for a proper funeral. Iroh fell to his knees, not caring anymore about the chaos around him, or that the fireballs had stopped falling.

All that mattered to Iroh was that his only son was dead. As far as he was concerned the siege was over, before it had even begun.

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