Chapter 50: Finale

After fighting Azula, Kal El flew back to the airship fleet to destroy the remaining airships. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that he didn't have to. Zuko and the others had seized enough ships to ram the others and destroy them. After destroying the ships they had gotten to work on putting out the fires set to the land, Zuko bending the flames away while Katara and Toph put other flames out with water and earth.

Standing on top of the crashed airships were the soldiers that operated them. They heard a boom noise in the air and looked for the source of the sound. They saw Kal El arrive and blow out the remaining fires. When he was finished Kal El landed on the crashed ship with the most people on it, giving them a chance to fight if they wanted to.

"This war is over" Kal El declared. "Fire Lord Ozai is gone, Princess Azula has been defeated, and there is no reason to continue fighting. Surrender now and you can all go home."

One of the soldiers stepped forward from the crowd, took off his skull helmet and threw it away. The soldier observed Kal El's strange clothing, noting the S symbol on his chest. "Thank you for having mercy on us, Superman."

All of the soldiers chose to kneel before Superman, surrendering to him. "Don't kneel to me" Kal El said. "Kneel Before Zuko." Then Kal El flew away from the ship and landed next to Zuko and the others. "I think that wraps things up here" Kal El said.

"There's still more work to do" Zuko said. "We need to take care of who my father left in control of the capital."

"Okay, next stop the capital" Kal El said. He picked up Zuko and flew west, quickly reaching the Fire Nation Capital. Kal El landed on the roof of the palace, and found Vandal Savage standing there and waiting for him.

"What took you so long?" Vandal asked.

"You were expecting us?" Zuko asked.

"I was expecting him to show up" Vandal corrected, referring to Kal El. "But as long as you're here I suppose you'll be wanting your throne now."

"You're just going to give it up like that?" Zuko asked.

"Of course" Vandal said. "You have The Blur, or should I say Superman, on your side. It would be foolish to resist that kind of power."

"It's good to see someone smart enough to know when to quit" Kal El said.

"Indeed, I have all the time in the world" Vandal said. As he walked away he said "Good day to you, Kryptonian."

Kal El was surprised to hear Vandal use that word, but didn't press the issue. He let Vandal order the soldiers in the capital to stand down, allowing Zuko to take his rightful place on the throne. With the capital secured Kal El flew to Ba Sing Se.

When he arrived at the walled city he asked Aang to help build a special prison for Azula. Underneath Ba Sing Se Aang earthbended a cell large enough for Azula to live in. Kryptonite was placed several feet outside each wall, far enough away for the room to be safe. Azula wouldn't be able to escape, since each direction would take her too close to the Kryptonite and stop her from moving.


One week later…

With the war over and peace preparations being made, it was time for Zuko's coronation as Fire Lord. Representatives from the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe traveled to the Fire Nation capital to witness the event. Inside the capital Zuko put on ceremonial robes while Aang wore new Air Nomad robes. When they were ready Zuko and Aang walked outside to address the audience.

The crowd cheered when Zuko came forward with Aang at his right. Then everyone heard a boom noise in the air and turned their heads to look up in the sky. They saw Kal El fly in, his cape blowing in the wind. He landed at Zuko's left, who raised his hand to tell the crowd to let him speak.

"Today, this war is finally over" Zuko declared. "I will restore the honor of the Fire Nation. The road ahead of us is challenging, a hundred years of fighting have left the world scarred and divided. But with the Avatar's help, and the help of Superman, we can get it back on the right path. We can be a great people, and now we know the way to an era of love and peace."

From behind Zuko, Ursa stepped forward with the crown in her hands. Zuko knelt while Ursa stopped just behind him. "All hail Fire Lord Zuko" she said and placed the crown in Zuko's topknot. The crowd cheered as Fire Lord Zuko walked towards the crowd with Avatar Aang and Superman.



For the last week Former Fire Lord Ozai wandered the barren wastelands of the Phantom Zone. The strange land was a nightmare made reality, torturing Ozai with every passing moment. The sun never set, but was colder than the darkest night. His firebending quickly dwindled to almost nothing, drawing no power from the alien sun. It was barely enough to fend off the wraiths and abominations that dwelled here.

Ozai was about to give up and let the next monster take his life when he saw two humanoid figures approach in the distance. They were wearing cloaks, and pulled back the hoods when they walked up to Ozai. One was a man with a thin beard and the other was a woman with short brown hair. "Come with us" the woman said.

Too tired to resist, Ozai willingly followed the strangers. They led him to a campsite occupied by strange creatures, some appeared to be human while others were clearly alien in origin. In the center was a large tent, which Ozai was brought inside. Within the tent was a throne built from strange bones, and sitting on the throne was a man with black hair and a short goatee.

The new person stood up from the throne and walked towards Ozai. Feeling a sense of power from the man, Ozai bowed to him. The stranger smiled and placed one hand on Ozai's shoulder. The stranger decided to introduce himself in the same manner he would to new subjects.

"Kneel Before Zod."


A month after the new Fire Lord's coronation, Aang, Zuko, Kal El, Sokka, Iroh, Katara, Mai, Toph, Yue, and Ursa met at the Jasmine Dragon. Everyone wore Earth Kingdom clothing during the reunion, reminding them of the last time they stayed in Ba Sing Se. Iroh played the tsungi horn while Zuko served tea and Sokka painted everyone.

"Zuko, stop moving" Sokka complained. "I'm trying to capture the moment."

"That's very thoughtful of you Sokka" Katara said. Then she looked at the painting. "Wait, why did you give me Momo's ears?"

"Those are your hair loopies" Sokka explained.

Zuko took a look at the painting. "At least you don't look like a porcupine" he said. "My hair is not that spiky."

"I look like a man" Mai commented.

"Why did you paint me firebending?" Yue asked.

"I thought it looked more exciting" Sokka said.

"My muscles aren't that big" Kal El complained.

"Well I think you all look perfect" Toph said.

Everyone laughed, but Kal El stopped immediately. The look on his face told everyone that he was hearing something important in the distance. "What is it?" Aang asked.

"Rogue firebenders threatening to blow up a building" Kal El said. "This won't take long."

Kal El stepped outside and unwrapped his green shirt, revealing the red S of his Superman costume underneath it. He shed the rest of the Earth Kingdom clothes for the blue suit and leapt into the air. With the red cape flowing in the wind he flew towards the disaster, ready to save the day.

Cue Superman Music

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