Drabble,drabble, dribble, and trouble. Some random crack stories staring the new badguy of Black and White! Enjoy!

"God, N, separating Humans and Pokémon? That's got to be the most idiotic plan I have ever heard!" Black was pissed. It's perfectly understandable, what with Black finding out that his friend/love interest (in yaoi fangirls crazy little minds) was the leader of the evil organization he made his lifes' mission to destroy for some reason.

"Seriously, N, what goes on inside of your head!"

Meanwhile, in Ns' mind




A Beedrill and a Vespiquen are disco dancing to the Black eyed peas 'Imma bee'.

Back to reality.

N giggled."Hehe. It's funny because they're bees."

Black sighed and did a face palm.

"You are a complete moron."

Chapter one down. I'm having fun!


Shut up and bring on Chapter two (Anticsareme)