A/N: Yes, yet another 100 theme challenge I'm doing, this time from Wishing-Fire. All the themes will be about Aqua. If you have any requests, then don't hesitate to let me know. Enjoy. ;D

01. Introduction

Terra could still recall what had happened the day that Master Eraqus had introduced him to Aqua.

"Hi, I'm Terra."

She had smiled at him, and he had felt a strange feeling in his stomach, as if he had skipped a stair step in his hurry to get down the stairs. Even then she had been very pretty.

"My name is Aqua."

"Aqua is a new trainee. I expect that you will treat her with as much respect as you do with me, Terra," Master Eraqus had said.

"Yes, Master."

Terra had nodded, sheepishly. That, he had certainly not expected.

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