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Fi let her robe fall to the ground and slipped into her favorite bra and panties- it's amazing what good undergarments can do for a girls confidence, and today she needed all the confidence she could get. With a sigh, Fi flipped her head over and began to towel dry her hair. Finally satisfied that her hair had gone from dripping to only slightly damp, she flipped her head back up, a very long tangled mass of dark blue hair falling down her back. With another sigh, Fi walked over to her full length mirror and, nervously twirling a piece of her very blue hair, began examining herself.

-It's been a long time, maybe the blue's too much… But I like the blue, but what if they don't like the blue… I could dye it back, I should have time but even then- fiddling nervously with her tongue ring, Fi ran her fingers over the many bits of metal that ran down her ears. One hand moved down, anxiously pulling on her belly button ring while she stared pointedly at her nose ring and snake eyes- Well, I could remove a few piercings… but they could close up…. And they'd still see the holes on my face… though I could make them not see but… my tattoos, I won't do that to them but…- Fi stared helplessly at herself in the mirror. Outside of the hair and piercings, she also had numerous ancient symbols and ruins tattooed over her body. There were also the life sized tattooed Sai blades on her arms, the hilts starting on her palms, and the blade going nearly to her elbow. Not to mention the small crossed Sai blades on the back of her neck and the tattooed charm bracelet on her ankle- a tattoo charm for all the important events in her life- But how much am I willing to change… I am a grown woman with every right to decorate myself in the way I like… But what if they don't like it, it's been so long…-

A throat cleared somewhere near the window. Forcing down an embarrassed blush, Fi calmly turned in the direction of the noise and found it crouched on her windowsill. He wasn't suppose to be here, she didn't want him here, but she found that a little difficult to remember as she took in his dark eyes and scruffy goatee, the chin length dark hair curling into his face, the deep tan that worked so well with the muscles that were currently straining against his shirt, the intriguing snake tattoos that crawled up his arms- he never would tell her what they were for.

-I don't want him here, I don't want him here, I don't want him here- she thought over and over again like a mantra.

"Am I interrupting something," he smiled wickedly, hopping to the floor and straightening to his full six-foot-five height.

"My peace of mind," she answered disdainfully, walking with a forced leisure to where she had dropped her robe.

"That's not a nice greeting."

"You're not supposed to be here," she said, securely tying the robe and sitting at her vanity.

"Oh come now, love, you don't mean that," he reasoned.

"Actually, I do," she insisted, combing out her hair. "Or did I not make my point clearly last time?"

"No it was quite clear," he assured, gently fingering the remains of a burn on his neck. "I just-"

But, whatever he was about to say, Fi never found out for she began to blow dry her hair. Frustrated, he sat next to her on her long vanity seat.

When she finally finished and began brushing her hair again, she snapped, "I don't care why you're here, just go!"

"What's wrong, Fi?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"No, you're not," he informed her plucking the brush from her small hands and turning her to face him. "What is it?"

"It's been so long," she confided, shaking her head. She knew she was caving to him but she couldn't seem to help it, "Dorian, the last time I saw any of them was Thanksgiving, when I was fifteen. I've changed so much."

"Of course you have, and they won't be expecting you to be the same."

"But what if they are? What if they don't like me as I am now?"

"Fi, I've read some of the emails, they adore you."


"Ssshhh," he said cupping the side of her face and leaning forward.

-Oh God! I should pull back…. Push him back? Tell him to go? I should-

But she didn't. She leaned forward, and let him kiss her. Letting her hands get lost in his hair she felt herself relax as he wrapped his arms around her tight, pulling her close. She felt a warm tight sensation in her stomach as his tongue began to peak into her mouth. She started guiding his hand into the opening of her robe when reason returned. Fi pushed herself away, stumbling off the vanity seat.

"You should go."




"Please?" She asked, her voice pleading.

"Alright," he agreed reluctantly, hopping agilely onto the window ledge. "But you know Fi, you can't fight us."

"Watch me," she snarled, her eyes going cold with a fierce determination.

"I love you," he sighed, hopping out the window.

Stomping over, Fi slammed it shut.

-He has no right! How could he?- she thought angrily, returning to her vanity to apply her makeup, which mostly consisted of large amounts of black eyeliner- How could I?-

Finally finished, with her suitcases by the door, Fi pulled on her favorite skin tight, dark wash jeans. She carefully pulled on the dark blue short sleeve shirt. It was her favorite with a scoop neck and a loose blousing fit to middle of her stomach where it switched to being skin tight, ending at the top of her thighs. The back was her favorite part as it was covered in artistically designed cut outs that showed more skin then material. She pulled on a pair of black stiletto boots that went to just above her knees and put on the copious amounts of jewelry she had laid out. Finally ready, Fi took one last look in the mirror and sighed as she slipped into her leather jacket. Struggling, Fi managed to get luggage downstairs just as the taxi cab pulled up.

As the driver loaded the last of her luggage, Fi closed and locked the door of her London home. She'd be back, she just didn't know when. Climbing into the taxi, Fi wrapped a black scarf around her neck and fought off a chill.

"Where to, miss?"

"Heathrow, please."

"Where're you visiting? If you don't mind my asking."

"The States, to see my family."

"Well that'll be nice. How long's it been since you been home, then?'

"Six years."

"Hi everyone, I ended up catching an earlier connecting flight so I'll just catch a taxi home. See ya all, soon," said Fi, hanging up the phone, hoping her message sounded cheery, hoping they got her message.

She struggled outside with her luggage, and, after several attempts, managed to flag down a taxi.

"Hope Springs, please?" she asked, once her suitcases were loaded and she had buckled.

"Yes ma'am."

Settling back for the long ride, Fi pulled out her laptop hoping to get some of the work she was behind on done. After about twenty minutes, she dug around in her bag for her glasses with a sigh, when she noticed a txt message.

-Okay, baby, we'll see you when you get here- mom

-They're you're family, stop freaking out!-she admonished herself, trying to ignore the twisting feeling in her stomach.