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The boxes Fiona was hiding behind exploded, and she found herself flying through the air heading toward a pile of broken glass. Ignoring the sharp, stabbing pain in her back, she threw her hands out and muttered a few words. A thin fog appeared, hovering over the ground, and just in time. She crashed into it but instead of falling through the white mist, it caught her. She bounced a time or two and then settled. Grunting, she stepped off the make shift cloud just as it dissipated, glass crunching beneath her stilettos- she really wished she was dressed properly. She watched one of their attackers dart across open space- a severe limp impairing his speed as he clutched his bleeding side. Smiling, she threw out her hand. Lightning erupted from her fingertips and the creature collapsed to the ground. She felt something crash into her and she went hurtling through the air again. Her already sore back hit concrete and something heavy landed on her. She grunted.

"You need to pay more attention, love," Dorian chastised.

Fi glanced over his shoulder and saw broken, smoldering concrete where she had been standing moments before.

"And you need better informants," she hissed as he rolled off of her and pulled them behind a large shipping crate. " 'It's just an information pick up.' 'Nothing's going to go wrong.' 'You don't need to worry about changing.' 'You're being paranoid, love.' 'Nothing bad is going to happen.' I hate that phrase! Whenever someone says it, something bad always happens!"

"Love, it's rude to mock the person who just saved your life," Dorian pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

"Bite me!" she hissed as another explosion rocked the warehouse.

"Tempting but I hardly think now is the time," he pointed out calmly.

"Funny. My best guess is we have about nine left?" she said, returning to the business at hand.

"I counted ten," he said, reloading his guns.

"Including the one I just killed?"

"No. You're right, that makes nine. Nine incredibly hard to kill Drekavs," he sighed. Then holding out his guns, "You mind?"

Fi held her hands over them and muttered an incantation, they burned silver a moment and then returned to their original black.

"Thanks love. So, what's the plan?"

Fi sighed as she felt the Sai blades come to life in her hands, "We need to separate them, we don't stand a chance against them if they're fighting together."

"Yeah, but how? The only reason that last one crossed on his own was desperation," Dorian pointed out, trying to ignore the stabbing pain in his ribs- he hoped they were only bruised.

"How are you magically?" she asked as another explosion shook the building, awfully close to where they were hiding.

"Not good, I'm almost drained, you?"

"Same, plus a couple of them are wearing some rather interesting amulets," she informed him- he swore. "We're going to have to do this the old fashioned way."

"I hate hunting, I much prefer directly blowing my enemies into smithereens," he whined.

"Me too, baby, but we make do with what we have. You want the upper level or the lower?"

"I want you out of here."

"I'm not leaving you to deal with this on your own," she maintained stubbornly. "I was a field agent for years. You need me for this."

"I know," he sighed. "Can you make it to the upper level?"

"Yeah, be careful," she told him, moving into a crouch.

"You too, love," he whispered, leaning around the side of the crate.

Fi crept forward keeping to the shadows, praying they would come out of this mostly alive. There were stairs and there was also a chain she could climb but both put her in plain sight. She sighed and, remaining in the shadows, drew on her limited magical reserves. Fi shot up from her crouch, soared fifteen feet into the air, and straight through the floor of the second level that ran around the warehouse. Her feet had just hit the ground again when she was tackled to the floor- her Sai blades rolling from her grasp. She bit down on a cry as claws dug into her side and instead looked up into the snarling face of the demon that had her pinned, his pointed fangs coming closer. Desperate, she reached for his eyes- one of the few weak points on a Drekav. Her thumbs pressed against his orbs and she tried to hook them in further hoping to get a purchase with her nails- if she could blind him she stood a chance. Yelling in pain but unwilling to surrender it's pray the demon dug his nails further into her injured side. Fi pushed harder, and felt her nails slide in but didn't stop there. She needed to do as much damage as she could. Ignoring the twisting of her stomach as dark liquid poured down over her hands, she continued to press and twist and dig her thumb into its sockets. The creature yanked back, freeing itself of her hold, screaming as it covered its bleeding eyes. She pulled herself free, and dove for her Sai. She gripped them in time and rolled into a standing position to face off against the monster.

It had lowered its hands though blood continued to poor down from empty eye sockets. It wouldn't stop it but it did give her a better chance. Fi rushed forward. Hearing the sound of her feet, the Drekav raced forward as well. Ducking under its outstretched claw she thrust her weapon forward. It sank into the creatures thigh. Calling on fire, she channeled it through the Sai. He yelled and his leg buckled. Unfortunately, he threw a fist as he was going down and caught a lucky punch on her injured side. White hot pain shot through her and she fell sideways, the need to throw up hitting her. Ignoring it, she turned back to the creature, knowing she was running out of time- others would be joining it. Pulling on the strength of the earth she brought her blades down, hearing the sickening sound of one snapping its back while the other severed its head. She groaned, pulling on elemental magic didn't deplete her reserves like traditional witch magic but it did require more energy, and she was already exhausted.

She turned at the sound of running and cursed. Two were coming at her now. She couldn't take on two at onceā€¦ She didn't have a choice though. Ignoring common sense, she ran to meet them head on.

She was on her fourth Drekav now, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to win. Yelling, she lunged forward her blades sinking into its shoulders. She groaned as it just gave her an irritated look and then gripped her wrists, she didn't have the strength to pull free. It raised its foot pressing it against her stomach. The creature kicked out at the same time it released its hold on her. Fi went flying and crashed into the ground rolling against the railing that encased the second floor. She saw Dorian fighting and winning against one of the creatures. She also saw a pipe sticking out of the ground. A desperate plan forming, she waited for the creature to come at her again. It didn't take long. As it lunged at her this time she forced them both over the railing. They were speeding toward the pipe. Calling on air, she forced the creature down at a faster speed at the same time she heard a gunshot- she hoped that meant Dorian had killed his foe.

"Dorie!" she called out desperately.

His eyes widened in fear, his magic was almost completely gone. He didn't have the power for much more than a fireball. Gritting his teeth he formed and threw one at her. It her side at the same time her Drekav was speared and, to his relief, it knocked her off course enough that she missed the pipe by inches. She hit the ground hard nonetheless and didn't get up. Raising his gun, he fired off three shots into the creature's head to be certain it was dead. Quickly reloading, he limped his way over to Fi. He looked around nervously. He had just killed his fifth before saving Fi, but he wasn't certain how many she had taken out. Gently, he turned her over, there was a large, nasty, egg forming on her head. And there was a lot of blood. He wiped at her cheek where the worst of it was and discovered long gouges. One of them had clawed her face.

"Fiona? Love! Come on, I need you to wake up," he said gently patting her uninjured cheek.

She wasn't waking up though, and he wasn't in much better shape. He'd lost a lot of blood, and things were spinning when he moved too quickly. He wasn't sure how they were going to get out of this. He didn't know how many, if any, of the Drekav were left but he couldn't just leave them here to harm others. He also knew he wasn't up to much more of a fight, and Fi was out for the count; which, of course, presented another problem- how was he going to get her out of here. He wasn't sure he had the strength left to lift her let alone carry her any distance. That's when he heard footsteps. Dread filled him as looked up. It wasn't a demon that burst around the corner.

"Thomas?" he asked, relief flooding through him- Thomas was a Blood-Brother and Dorian trusted him almost as much as he trusted Fi.

"You look like hell, mate," he replied nonchalantly as he took in his battered friends and the dead demon. "A Drekav? They don't usually act alone."

"They didn't. It was an ambush. There were twenty total."

"Twenty!" he gasped, shocked. "How are you still alive?"

"Dumb luck, mate, dumb luck," he sighed out, his head feeling worse by the minute. "I don't know how many Fi got exactly- there could be three left."

Thomas closed his eyes a moment, "No, they're all dead."

"Thank God," breathed Dorie. "We need to get out of here. She took a bad blow to the head and isn't waking up."

"She looks like she had a lot more than a bad blow to the head," Thomas commented dryly, typing something into his phone. "And you don't look any better- all you've got going for you right now is that you're conscious."

Dorian didn't bother to comment as the rest of his Brotherhood filed in. He smiled as he heard several oaths.

"My thoughts exactly," he said as Thomas came forward and lifted Fiona carefully into his arms. "How did you know?"

"That parts a little confusing," answered Thomas unhelpfully.

Two of his other Blood-Brothers bent by his sides and, pulling his arms over their shoulders, hauled him to his feet. To his relief, they supported most of his weight.

"A friend of your Priestess- she said her name was Annie- astro-projected to us," explained Eric from his right.

"How?" he asked as they helped him limp toward the door.

"No idea mate, we're still trying to figure that one out," said Paul from his left.

Confused, Dorian shook his head and immediately regretted it- everything started spinning.

"Woah, easy there Dorie. You gonna be okay? You gonna make it to the van?" asked Eric, sounding worried.

"Sure," he mumbled, taking another step with them, except the room was still going in circles.

"You sure, mate? Cause you look like you're about to pass out," Paul told him.

"I don't pass out," he growled out, forcing himself to take another step.

"I don't know," said Paul eyeing Eric. "Maybe you should carry him?"

"I don't need-" Dorian started but then everything went black.