A/N: I love Sheamus too much to not give him his own story. Enjoy!

"Have you lost your mind?"

"I know you're scared, baby, but this will be good for both of us..."

"Don't you mean good for you?"

"Damn it Piper, I do everything for you! You can't do this one thing for me?"

"This one thing? You're asking me to marry a stranger!"

"If you loved me, you would do it."

"If marrying a complete stranger to solve your problem is love, then you're right. Maybe I don't."

Stephen sat on the barstool, looking at his watch once before taking a sip from his mug. "You're late." He looked at the man approaching him from the corner of his eye.

"Sorry, Piper was being a brat. You know how that is." Deacon said.

"Let's get on with this." Stephen said. The guy was a jack off and he really didn't want to spend any more time with him than he had to.

"Right. Anyway, you'll be very happy with Piper. She cooks, keeps the house clean, does what she's told. She won't give you any problems." Deacon assured.

"I'm not lookin' for a servant."

"Well, she's easy to deal with just the same." Deacon said. Stephen rolled his eyes, he should've known better than to do business with a sleaze ball like this.

"And the lass agreed to all this?" Stephen asked. He didn't trust Deacon as far as he could throw him. There was nothing good about a guy this willing to sell his girlfriend into marriage to pay off his debt.

"Of course, she did." Deacon said. Lie. She threw the biggest fit he'd ever seen. "I can't give her what she wants anymore. She always has been a bit of a gold digger." Even bigger lie, she never asked anything more from him than his attention.

"Fair enough, then. You'll get your check, after the wedding." Stephen said.

"Sounds like a plan. See you at noon tomorrow." Deacon extended his hand.

"Aye." Stephen said, hesitant to take his hand.

"Piper. Piper! Get up." Piper's eyes opened when she heard the voice coming from down the hall.

"Gimme ten more minutes." She mumbled.

"Oh no, I heard that one before. Get your butt up." Deacon walked in the room and pulled the sheets off of her.

"Ugh, you're so anxious to get to this wedding, why don't you marry him?" She spat. Deacon cursed under his breath before striking her across the face.

"Get dressed. Now. And don't even think about pulling any stunts." He ordered before leaving the room.

Piper walked over to the mirror and wiped a spot of blood from her lip.

"Now remember, keep your mouth shut except to say 'I do', understand?" Deacon said after he rung the doorbell.

"Yeah, whatever." Piper said absently as she looked around the porch.

"Oh good, you're right on time. You must be Piper. Stephen's waiting in the den." A man who had to be the justice of the peace said as he stepped back to let them in.

"Thank you." Deacon smiled and nodded.

"Right this way." The justice said with a smile. Deacon had to jerk Piper when she stood frozen at the door. She took in as much as she could as they walked down the hall. Not too many pictures, just trophies, belts, plaques. This guy was sure full of himself.

"Here we are." The justice said as the reached the den. Piper stopped in her tracks when Stephen turned around. His fiery red hair was offset by his porecelain skin which was only complemented by his light blue eyes. His was bigger than any man she'd ever seen.

"Nice to meet you, Piper." He said. Piper couldn't move herself to speak, she just stared at him like a deer in the headlights.

"Shall we begin?" The justice asked.

"We shall." Stephen nodded before turning his attention back to his pending bride.