Title: My Drug, My Lust, My Love
Summary: Three words started it. And only one ended it.
Word Count: 500
Rating: M

"Fuck you, you stupid asshole!"

The night air bit at my skin bitterly as I waded my way back into the crowded bar, his footsteps pounding heavily on the ground behind me- following me. Angrily I swing the door open, washing my body in a blanket of warmth, and for a second I feel a moment of contentment as the door shuts but the feeling vanishes quickly when the door opens again and the cold blows over me, chilling my senses once again.

He is the devil masked as an angel. A personal hell for me and yet as much as I wish my longing for him to end, every nerve-ending in my body won't allow me to curb this addiction I have of him.

Wanting an escape, I run into the women's bathroom, a small abhorred space, thinking that a locked door would stop him. But the lock on the door is broken, much to my dissatisfaction, and in all his glory, Edward, the bane of my existence or the reason, barges in and slams the door with a resounding bang. I want to scream, hate him with every ounce of my being but words fail me at the beautiful look of fury on his face.

I push myself into the wall, willing it to swallow me whole, but the anger in his eyes brew heavily in deep pools of green, holding me to my doom. No words are being passed, just deep and heavy pants filling the space between us. In a movement so fast, I see his fist come flying in the air landing hard into the wall next to my head. A small whimper escapes me when I look up and see green looking into brown.

His hand, that's still embedded in the wall, grabs a hold of neck, not tightly but enough pressure to cause me to focus. With centimeters between every line of our bodies, he whispers one word. "Mine."

And with such force that I'd be knocked backwards if it weren't for the wall pressing against my back, his soft yet punishing lips claim mine. My fingers, having a will of their own, thread through his thick hair and yanking his tall frame lower to my height, causing him to groan. I smile in satisfaction. Loosening his hold on my neck, he slips both his hands down to my ass lifting me up. I wrap my legs around him, pushing my heated core into his hard and demanding erection.

My panties are torn and his pants are unzipped and before my mind can whisper the sins I'm about to commit, he thrust hard into me. I moan and dig my nails hard into the coiled muscles in his back allowing my body to bask in the pleasure of my lust. He continues to set a hard and fast pace but my body revels in it. Soon I'm pushed over the edge and Edward follows after.

Both sated, he whispers the words that started it all, "Marry me, Bella."