Title: This Is Good-bye
Summary: Inspired by Rod Stewart's tune "My Heart Can't Tell You Know". Bella dances goodbye to Edward.
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Word Count: 428
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All Twilight Character and alike belong to Stephenie Meyers. No monies were made off this piece of creative artistic license.

When Bella asked him to dance, Edward knew something was off. Bella never, ever volunteered to dance. As he guided her to the dance floor, he listened to the opening chords with their sweet and haunting sounds. Just as Edward slid his arms around Bella's narrow waist, the opening lyrics told of heartbreak and begging for mercy. With each slow step, the air became heavy with innuendo and the feeling of goodbye. He realized that Bella did not have a smile on her face when she approached him.

Bella had not spoken a word since she held out her hand to him. Anger filled Edward as he listened to the lyrics. Was she really breaking off their arrangement? Was she truly telling him to not go to her anymore? That he tortured her on a regular basis? She knew from the beginning that he had obligations that dictated much of his time. After everything they had been through, how could she demand that he stay far away from her?

Edward tried to tighten his hold on her but her arms stayed rigid as did her back. The words had his thoughts all over the map but he knew this was not a coincidence. She was sending him a message. How could she end them on the dance floor in front of his family at his parents' anniversary party? Did she choose this song to out them? Was she trying to get them caught? He tried to get Bella to look at him but she had her temple pressed into his shoulder. He heard her mumble the lyrics.

"Bella, please." Edward begged quietly as he squeezed her hips. "You can't do this here. You know I need you. You cannot ask me to walk away from us. I know I said I would leave but I can't baby. Not right now."

The frustration inside Edward grew tenfold when Bella began to sing the lyrics with more clarify and strength in her voice. She never responded to his pleas. He could tell the song was coming to an end. The melancholy and desperation grew in the singers' voice. He did not want the song to end because it would allow Bella to walk out of his arms and out of his life. How did things get so twisted?

As the music died, Edward wanted nothing more than to cling to Bella's body, but feared the scene that would have played out. Bella's final words to him would be burned into his memory forever.

"It's a living hell...living hell."