Title: A kick of jealousy
Summary: Bella's boyfriend is moaning his ex's name. She's get a little bit defensive
Word Count:440
Rating: M( For citrusy fun)
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended

My boyfriend was moaning his ex-girlfriend's name while spooning me!

I mean what fucked up shit is that?

I growled and pushed him away and he just clung on tighter and pulling me closer.

So I kicked him. Simply in the dick.

He screamed...like a girl with tears running down his face.

"What the fuck Bella!"He yelled letting go of me.

At least his face colour matched his hair colour; only the hair was more attractive.

"Oh you know my name?"

He took deep breaths to calm down.

"What the hell? Bella what was that for? Are you trying to kill me? Aggggh."

He laid back down on the bed trying to control his erratic breathing.

He fucking went back to sleep again. I didn't disturb him this time 'cause it was my name.

If he was cheating on me I would kick his and that skanky ass.

"So are you going to explain the wake-up call at three in the morning?"

He was on top of me his body was covering mines. Ugh, why my wake -up call now, I just got to sleep.

"Think hard, it may be task but do it, what did you dream about?"

I closed my eyes again.

Immediately my leg hovered near his crotch again; only this time he was quick enough to trap both my legs between his.

The kisses started this time, slow and tense building. Little pecks here and there nothing much.

My hand dropped down into his PJ shorts as I stroked the length slowly.

He flinched.

"Aww Eddie-Teddie, all scared. Huh, it's okay you little boo, boo its gonna be okay," I cooed.

He growled and pushed himself on to me.

I reached to get some oil after rubbing it on his length I stroked it on his length.

Running my hands up and down as I watched his head tilt back in pleasure once I was sure he was on the brink I removed my hands.

I managed to extract myself from him. Just managed.

Before I knew it, I was pushed against the bathroom wall as I finished washing my hands.

He growled. "That wasn't fair."

"Should have thought that when fucking your ex in your dream."

"Fucking who." He started laughing – a great big belly laugh.

My leg twitched near his middles again.

"You got to be joking me; I was trying to get her the fuck away from me. She was serial killer." He shuddered as he thought about obsessive ex.

"Can we finish this now."

I was too tired so I hovered my legs near his balls again. He got the message.