A/N: So I've actually had this story in my head for around three years now. Quite a long time, huh? Well, this story has been my baby, and the last thing I want is for it to be horrible. I have this whole story planned out in advance. One chapter will be posted per week, and it'll be 12 chapters long. A sequel may follow, but that waits to be seen.

Here we go!

On the morning of September 23rd, the sun shone brightly in Tamaki Suoh's bedroom. The blonde High School student began to stir from his slumber, but didn't fully wake up until his alarm clock went off with a loud whine. He let out a sigh and tiredly reached for the button to silence it.

He sat up in bed, the covers slipping off his body as a gentle smile gracing his handsome features.

Tamaki Suoh was very much a morning person, unlike his best friend, Kyoya Ootori, who did not take kindly to being woken up by anyone except his own body. Not to mention Honey-senpai, whose early morning behavior was the stuff of legends. No, Tamaki loved mornings. He loved the sun shining, the birds singing, the first few seconds when you've just woken up and everything around you is so peaceful…


"Master Tamaki!"

He jumped with a loud scream, flying off the bed and onto the floor with a thud. Shima just stood there, arms crossed, as her young master composed himself.

"Good morning Shima, you're looking quite well this morning," Tamaki greeted the housekeeper with a smile that could make any one of his customers melt at his feet.

Unfortunately, Shima was not one of them, and so all he got for his efforts was a frown. "Hurry and get dressed, Master Tamaki. I don't mean to rush you, but your father is downstairs waiting for you."

Tamaki blinked in surprise. "My father's here?"

She nodded. "He says he needs to talk to you about something important, so don't delay."

With that, Shima turned on a heel and left the room, allowing Tamaki privacy to get dressed. He did so quickly, all the while wondering what could be so important that his father would come all the way out to the second estate this early in the morning. When Tamaki was finished, he grabbed his valise and headed downstairs, careful to move fast, but not too fast as to seem rushed. He found his father waiting for him in the dining room where he ate his breakfast every morning. Yuzuru Suoh smiled at his only son.

"Good morning, Tamaki, please sit down," the elder Suoh motioned at the chair right across from him.

Tamaki did as he was told.

"Father, this is quite a surprise, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Actually, your Grandmother asked me to come today," Yuzuru said, earning a wide eyed stare. "She and I will be joining you tonight for dinner."

Tamaki blinked, the smile having slipped from his face the moment his Grandmother was mentioned.

"Really?" he asked, unsure.

Yuzuru only nodded in response.

Tamaki averted his eyes, trying to figure out what to make of this. Why would his Grandmother, who made no secret of her disdain and utter loathing of him, willingly spend an entire evening in his company? Could she possibly have chosen to name him the Suoh heir? It didn't seem likely, especially not after the Éclair Tonnerre incident several weeks ago.

"We'll arrive at seven o'clock sharp, so be ready before then," Yuzuru continued in a business like tone of voice. "You know how your Grandmother is about tardiness."

Tamaki nodded, hiding his growing case of nerves behind a rehearsed smile. "Yes, Father."

Before anymore could be said, a maid walked into the room and placed Tamaki's breakfast before him, while another servant passed a cup of coffee to Yuzuru. The older gentleman eyed his son's meal with light confusion as he grabbed a spoon and dug in.

"Son, what are you eating?"

Tamaki looked up, his mouth still full of milk and cornflakes.

"This? It's breakfast cereal," he answered after swallowing. "It's what commoners eat for breakfast! You want some?"

"No thank you," Yuzuru answered, taking a small sip of his coffee. He would surely never understand his son's obsession with so-called 'Commoner' food.

"Hey, Kyoya, how do you feel about doing a pirate cosplay?" Tamaki asked the Host Club vice-president that day in class.

"Maybe…" Kyoya answered without looking up from his work. "So long as the budget allows it. Unfortunately, a lot has gone to more cakes for Honey-senpai this month, so we may have to hold off on anything too elaborate."

"But Kyoyaaaaaa," Tamaki whined childishly. "I really wanna cosplay pirates! Can't you imagine how adorable our precious Haruhi would look as a pirate?"

Tamaki spent the next few moments lost in his Inner Mind Theatre, imagining Haruhi in a pirate costume complete with a hat, eye patch, and even a fake parrot on her shoulder. A goofy expression adorned his face as he sighed happily.

The bespectacled youth observed his friend, clearly annoyed. "Well if you really want it, you may have to pay for it out of your own pocket."

Tamaki, now broken from his fantasy, could only pout. The bell rang shortly afterwards and the two boys began packing to leave.

"You know," Tamaki continued his needling. "A lot of ladies love pirates, I bet they'd enjoy a pirate scene."

"Need I remind you again about the budget?" Kyoya countered, with growing impatience.

"Oh, it's always the budget with you. Budget, budget, budget," Tamaki huffed angrily.

"Well of course," Kyoya replied with an almost evil look. "Otherwise, the Host Club would fall into bankruptcy and have to shut down, you don't want that, do you Tamaki?"

To that, the host club king had no rebuttal. Kyoya smirked and got up to leave. "Like I said before, if the budget allows it, we can do pirates next week."

Tamaki's pout changed immediately to a smile, signaling his easy bounce back from defeat. "Okay, thanks Kyoya."

The two left the classroom and walked down the hall to the cafeteria. Along the way, they were greeted several times by regular customers. It was just as they did every day before and would continue to do every day after. Like always, Tamaki flashed them an award winning smile that caused mass swooning and blushing from every female in the near vicinity.

"See that Kyoya?" Tamaki bragged as another girl fell to his charm. "In my presence, it's impossible for a woman to be anything but happy- OOF!"

Tamaki took an awkward step back from the girl he'd walked into. Her books had all fallen to the floor and she was stooped over picking them up, her face hidden by long, black hair. She was unfamiliar, and he wondered if she was new to Ouran. Either way, he gave her a bright smile and reached a hand out to her.

"I'm so sorry, my dear, let me help you with that."

The girl stared at him for a moment, then abruptly stood back up, books in arm, and gave him a glare that made his skin crawl.

"If you want to help me so much, look where you're going next time, idiot!"

She pushed past the stunned Tamaki and disappeared into the crowd, while Kyoya looked on, amusement written all over his face.

"Yes Tamaki, I see what you mean."'

The young Suoh stood frozen in shock, until he noticed his friend had gone on without him and broke into a run.

"Hey, Kyoya! Wait up!"

4:00 PM: The Ouran Host Club is open for business.

"Good afternoon Hasami-hime, Shizuka-hime. You're both as beautiful as ever today."

The two girls blushed so hard, their faces looked like rather large beets as they swooned before him. Behind them, Tamaki could hear two or three girls squealing with delight as Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin did their usual brotherly love routine, while Hunny-sempai happily munched a piece of cake one of his regulars had brought him.

"Tamaki-kun," Hasami shyly spoke up. "I was wondering, do you like dark chocolate? I made some cake for a party my aunt is throwing, and I was wondering if you… well if you…"

The girl trailed off, her persistent blush revealing just how nervous she was about asking this. Tamaki smiled and gently grasped Hasami's chin, pulling her close as if about to kiss her.

"I would love nothing more than to try it," he whispered. "I'm sure I'll love it just as much as I love seeing your beautiful face every day…"

Hasami sighed as next to her, Shizuka was almost beside herself with joy at how romantic the scene was.

The two girls left five minutes later, Hasami promising to return the next day with some of the cake. He smiled brightly, letting her know how eager he was to try it. Truthfully, Tamaki wasn't all that fond of dark chocolate, but he'd still eat it with a smile. The last thing he wanted was to see Hasami's lovely face streaked with tears.

His next customer would not arrive for a few minutes, so Tamaki busied himself with setting a clean tea cup down and refilling the pot in the clubroom's kitchen area. Walking back to his table, his ears caught a beautiful sound that made him stop.

"…he wasn't feeling too well when he got back. So, I made him some soup that my mom used to make for me when I got sick, and he was better the next day. I wasn't really sure at first if I'd made it right, but I did, and it really made me happy."

"That's so great, Haruhi-kun," one of Haruhi's customers gushed.

The other two gave similar reactions as the self proclaimed Host Club King looked on with a joyful feeling erupting in his stomach. His beloved daughter, his Haruhi was so cute! He just wanted to run right over, pull her into his arms and hug the life out of her. If only she'd be more receptive of her daddy's love.


He glanced away from Haruhi at his best friend, who lightly tapped a finger against the open page of his notebook.

"You're next guest is waiting for you," Kyoya informed him.

Tamaki nodded at his Second-in-Command as he took one last glance at his beloved daughter, then walked gracefully back to his table and filled the teacup of his newest guest.

6:00 pm The Host Club is now closed.


Everyone stopped. Six pairs of eyes trained on the commoner girl as she stood in the corner, her cell phone out and her father's voice filling her head.

"When did it happen?" she was asking, wringing the hem of her jacket in her hands and shaking slightly. "…no, it was running fine this morning… have they said… well, is anyone hurt? …That's good, but…"

Tamaki's eyes widened. The look crossing Haruhi's face caused his heart to break in two. She looked like a small child who's kitten had just been run over in the street. More than anything he wanted to rush over and hold her for as long as it took to bring her smile back, but something was stopping him. Hikaru looked as though he was thinking the same thing as Tamaki, but similarly made no move.

They waited until Haruhi said good bye to her father, after spending several minutes reassuring him that she 'would figure out another way,' whatever that meant.

As soon as the phone was closed and in Haruhi's pocket, the stupor that had fallen over the Host Club broke, and in the blink of an eye, Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Hunny-senpai were surrounding her. Kyoya and Mori-senpai stayed back, but not by very much.

"Haru-chan, what's wrong?" Hunny asked, his eyes glistening like he would cry at any second.

"Is everything okay?" Kaoru asked with an equal amount of concern.

Haruhi eyed her friends sadly. "There was a big accident on the train I take to and from here everyday."

The four boys gasped collectively.

"That's awful," said Hikaru.

"Poor Haru-chan," Hunny-senpai cried, his eyes finally filling up with tears… at least until he inexplicably brightened back up. "I know what'll cheer you up, Haru-chan!"

The small boy ran off fast as lightning before Haruhi could give away kind of response, Mori-senpai not far behind.

"Well, at least no one you know was hurt, right?" asked Hikaru with slight urgency.

Haruhi nodded her head, no. "Nobody I know takes that train. The problem is that now I won't have any way to get to and from school until they can reopen the train."

Tamaki, who had up until now been silent, felt a chill go down his spine at these words. He knew… he hadn't seen their faces yet, but he knew exactly what those demonic twins were thinking. He could just taste the evil thoughts roaming through their heads as they rounded on the innocent, unsuspecting Haruhi. Sure enough…

"Well that's not a problem, Haruhi." Kaoru said as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Indeed it isn't," continued Hikaru, coming in from the other side. "If you can't use the train, then you can just come and go with-"


The trio jerked their heads up and faced their club's president. Tamaki stood in a dramatic pose; one hand on his side, and his other one pointed straight out at the twins and their 'captive.' His anger was palpable, though it had absolutely no effect on it's targets.

"I will not allow my daughter to be in the hands of you doppelgangers!" Tamaki declared forcefully. "You'll probably taint her virtue with your barbaric practices! She'll be driven by me, and that's final."

The twins' eyes narrowed. "Oh, and who said she wants to go with you, boss? We bet Haruhi'd prefer us any day of the week."

"How dare you!" Tamaki shouted, though inwardly he was a bit creeped out by their way of talking in unison like that (did they rehearse or something?). "My darling Haruhi would never prefer you over her daddy!"

"Do I get a say in this at all?" Haruhi wondered aloud.

Her question went unanswered, and she was deterred away from the thought when Hunny-senpai suddenly seemed to materialize in front of her with an enormous grin and a bowl held tightly in his hands.

"Here you go, Haru-chan," he said while holding it out to her.

Haruhi, who'd by now managed to get out of the twins grip, bent over to see what Hunny-sempai was offering her. She tilted her head to the side.

"Is that chocolate pudding?"

The small host nodded eagerly, "Yup, one of my guests made it for me and Takashi, but Takashi doesn't eat pudding, so we have some left over. You can have it if you want Haru-chan, it's so good, I bet it'd make you feel all better."

Of course, Haruhi didn't really like anything sweet, but she could tell that Hunny-sempai was sincerely trying to help. Besides, he was certainly doing a better job than the three idiots known as Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru, all of whom were still arguing over who would be driving her home.

"I'm her father, it should be me!" Tamaki said for the third time.

"You are not her father, and she wants to go with us!" Hikaru shot back, Kaoru nodding in agreement.

Haruhi rolled her eyes as she took the bowl and placed it on a nearby table.

"Thanks, Hunny-senpai, I'll eat it later," she said with a smile.

This seemed to satisfy the young man. Haruhi then turned her attention back to the fight, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen.

"I may not be her father by blood, but I care about her like one," Tamaki was ranting furiously. It had gotten to the point were he looked close to breathing fire at the twins. "And that's why she should go with meAAARGH!"

Before he slipped, Tamaki could've sworn he heard a monkey screeching in the distance. It was ridiculous to think one would be at the school, but it sure would've explained the banana peel randomly laying on the floor right where his foot was. He struggled to regain his balance, screaming as he went, and grabbed onto the table Haruhi had just placed the pudding bowl on, knocking it over and sending the half full bowl flying.


That was all Tamaki heard before a loud squelching noise penetrated the air around them. Realizing with shock and horror what he had done, Tamaki shakily got up and observed the damage.

It was just as bad as he'd imagined, if not worse.

The bowl had fallen to the floor with a clatter, but Haruhi's face was now completely covered in chocolate pudding. The twins wore duel looks of shock and Hunny-senpai cried out in anguish at the wasted dessert. Tamaki could only walk forward like a zombie, desperate to make sure his dear daughter figure was okay and didn't hate him for this.

"H-Haruhi," he stammered as Kyoya handed her a towel. "I-I am so-."

Haruhi held up a hand, silencing Tamaki in an instant. She'd finished wiping off her face, though her hair and the top part of her uniform jacket still needed cleaning. Standing, she breathed deeply through her nose, as if trying to hold back anger. Despite her much shorter frame, she somehow seemed far bigger than Tamaki at that moment, making him all the more fearful and guilt stricken.

"Don't worry about it, Senpai," she said curtly. "I know you didn't mean to do it."

It didn't to much to calm the Prince's nerves. He could hear the aggrivation in her voice despite what she had said, and was so distraught that he didn't even try to object when Kyoya informed Haruhi that he would give her a ride home and the two of them took their leave.

As the doors closed, Hikaru leaned over to hiss in the shell-shocked Tamaki's ear.

"Nice going, boss."

'Nice going, boss.'

Those words followed Tamaki all the way to his limousine. Home drew nearer as he slumped over in the back seat, wishing he could go back in time and take back what had happened. Even though it was an accident, he still felt like it was his fault Haruhi had gotten so mad.

He never wanted to see her unhappy, not when he first met her, not when he'd almost left her and the club for good, and definitely not today. She had the most beautiful smile in the world, and if he could, he'd make sure it stayed on her face forever. He just loved his little daughter-figure so much. Now she was mad at him, and it almost killed him. If only he hadn't been so clumsy. If only…

A light bulb went off in Tamaki's head as he gasped and sat up.

"Of course," he said to himself. "If I really want her forgiveness, I shouldn't just wait until tomorrow, I should go see her right now and let her know how sorry I am!"

"Erm, Master Tamaki, did you say something?" asked Toshiro, Tamaki's chauffeur.

Unaware that he'd been shouting a moment ago, Tamaki leaned forward with large, starry eyes and a gleeful smile.

"Toshiro, slight change in plans," he said in a commanding tone. "I need to get to the Fujioka residence right away!"

"Eh?" the confused driver said. "But sir, what about the dinner with your Grandmother?"

"Oh, I'll only need a few minutes," Tamaki answered with a wave of his hand. "There's still an hour and a half before Father and Grandmother arrive, after all."

From the overhead mirror, the driver could see the surety in his young Master's eyes, and knew there was no point in arguing. He sighed and changed direction, taking the quickest route he could to Haruhi Fujioka's apartment building.

Tamaki leaned back in his seat, this time with happiness in place of gloom. He just knew that if he gave Haruhi his most sincere and heartfelt apology, she'd have to forgive him, and then things could go back to normal between them. He could see it now!

Tamaki Suoh Inner Mind Theatre

"My darling Haruhi, I cannot bear to see your lovely eyes so filled with sorrow, especially not when I am the cause, can you ever forgive me?"

Haruhi smiled beautifully, a white rose he had given her rested on her head, enchaning her adorable features. "Oh, Tamaki-senpai, of course I do. I could never stay angry at you."

Tamaki pulled her close, almost like her was about to kiss her, but since she was like daughter to him and nothing more, it would be silly to think he'd actually do something so disgusting.

"Oh, Haruhi…" he whispered.

"Oh, Tamaki…" she breathed, her heavily lidded eyes sparkling as they got closer...


"ARGH!" Tamaki flew to the other side of the car, smacking his head on the glass window.

"Are you alright, Master Tamaki?" Toshiro called back to him, concern evident in his voice.

Tamaki blinked, quickly composing himself before answering. "Oh-oh yes I'm all right, I think I dozed off for a minute there…"

He trailed off upon looking out the window and seeing the numerous cars piled up around them, many honking their horns futilely as they tried to find a way out of the jam.

"Forgive me, sir," Toshiro said. "It appears there's some traffic. I don't think it'll be clearing up any time soon."

Tamaki glanced at his driver, then out the window again. His heart was falling. He didn't want to be late for the dinner, but he couldn't leave things with Haruhi the way they were. He wanted her to forgive him. As Tamaki thought about this, he suddenly noticed something outside. That building across the way was the supermarket they'd all gone to with Haruhi once before! His eyes widened as his mind clicked.

"Toshiro," he suddenly said. "Forget about driving to Haruhi's place."

"That's probably the best thing," Toshiro agreed with a nod. "I can probably back out at that cross street behind us, trying to drive forward would be too difficu-"

"I know the way from here, so I'm going to walk."

Toshiro stopped and twisted his neck around. "What? Sir, you can't-"

"Don't worry," Tamaki interrupted as he opened the side door. "It's only a short walk. I'll call you when I'm ready to leave, and we'll be home in time to greet Father and Grandmother. Just drive around until then, okay?"

Without waiting for a response, Tamaki slid out of his seat and maneuvered his way around the stalled cars in the street to reach the side walk. He moved briskly past the grocery store and turned the next corner. His mind once again filled with images of him and Haruhi together, happy and enjoying each others company as they watched the sunset hand in hand. His heart swelled, he could hardly wait to reach his destination and set everything right.

He stood on the corner of the last street he had to cross. Her building was now directly in his line of sight. The WALK signal appeared on the traffic light, and Tamaki stepped off the sidewalk into the street, an ever present smile adorning his features.

'Just wait,' he happily told himself. 'I'll make everything right again.'

He heard it first, the loud honking of a trunk's horn. Then someone screamed, prompting Tamaki to stop and turn his head. High beams blinded him as the trunk barrled towards him. He was frozen in place, and could do nothing but stare in shock and horror. It came closer and closer, it wouldn't be stopping.

And then everything went black, and Tamaki Suoh knew no more.