Title: Stopping the Sun
Summary: A vignette involving a heaven-sent sweetheart's heartsong and love's possibility. It's an age-old tale involving singing harmonized notes and lovers who were always meant to be.
Word Count: 500 (not including title and submission heading)
Rating: M
Disclaimer: All copyrights, trademarked items or recognizable characters, plots, etc mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without their express written authorization.

In other words, I do not own Twilight. Unfortunately, SM does.


Stopping the Sun



"Please, please, please...touch me."

Sanguine red sing-sang their secret lifesong deep within her veins.

"Take me, please. Please, take me with you. I'm yours. Always."

Take her.

Take her here and now.

Make her mine.

Forever mine evermore.


Desperate, eager, her secret red-song plead on that fateful day in the bio lab.

Freesias and sunshine scent swirled in deep zephyr whirls sending the burn in my throat searing deep, unforgiving.

Venom dripped.

Muscles taut with herculean strain, I restrained myself from the murderous maleficent instincts that fateful day.

Little did I know what I know now.

She was my making and unmaking.


In the end, I withstood the murderous thirst.

I simply couldn't kill that which was made to be mine.

La tua cantanta.

She was rightfully mine, wrought from stardust and heaven-sent, naturally innately meant for me.

Only me.

Singer singing her lush sweet blood red notes for me.

Only me.

Her life-blood keeping the rhythm of time, harmonized only for me.


She had learned the truth and instead of recoiling, she reached out and wrapped herself round me.

And together we sang, repeatedly, lulled ourselves drunk with pleasure in each other.

I gave in to my never-ending ache for her.

I was always so painfully hard for her.


I was always in pain unless her hot body was clinging tight around me.

And then, it was sheer bliss, languorous and deep; I loved being inside her.


Squeezing around me, she was hot, small, tight, inside and out.

She always came completely apart underneath me, around me, on top of me, on all fours.

Always, only for me.

Together, through those blessed days and months, we learned each other's secrets inside out.

We drank deep, repeatedly, from each other till we were drunkenly high on blessed joyous pleasure.

She was the sun to my moon, the sunshine girl to my night-time dark.

So many of those days followed that the tendrils of those memories become intimately wrapped, clinging to the innermost recesses of my mind.

But now, those nights feel like a lifetime ago.


I rejected her, said no instead of yes.

I cast her aside, my splendid God-created perfect creature, my sweetheart whose bloodbeat had sung out a heart-song overflowing in devotional loyalty for me.

But in a mistaken attempt to keep her safe, I had cast out the only God-made gift ever to grace my life.

This remains my most heinous, wretched sin – what the fuck had I done?


Unwanted, unloved, her love-song slow-beat another tune in her swaying, world-weary heart.

Dragging a razor, pale flesh became gaping blood-dripping maws.

Red, sacred beads of life spilled rapid blood dimming life.

Her heartbeat slowed, sad and longing till it beat no more.

Please, no.

Please God no.

My beautiful girl, my sweet perfect heaven-sent heartsinging girl.



Without you, I am nothing, I'll be nothing.

It is as if I never was.


A/N: I had to write this despite its subject matter. I was supposed to be updating something else but this little plot bunny hopped along and refused to go away, no matter how much I waved a rolled up newspaper at it.