Logan yawned. He looked over to his side. Kendall wasn't in his bed like he normally was. He decided to take advantage of this opportunity to go back to sleep. As he closed his eyes, he smelled something. Flowers. "Roses? Tulips? Petunias?" Logan thought. He sat up. He looked around and saw multiple lit up candles. And in a chair sitting was Kendall. "Kendall?" Logan asked.

"Hello Logan," Kendall replied huskily. "I've been waiting for you." He said as he spun around in his chair. Logan noticed he was wearing a robe. And had nothing under it.

"Kendall, what are you doing?" Logan asked.

He replied, "Looking at you sleep is so cute." He moved over to the bed next to Logan. Logan felt something hard pressing against him. "Do you feel that Logan? You're so sexy, and I can't help myself." Kendall moved closer. "I need you Logan. Now."

"Can we do this later? I'm still kind of sle-" Logan was cut off by the force of Kendall's lips pressing against his. He moaned.

"No. I want it now," Kendall said. They kissed some more, lips rubbing against each other and tongues swirling in each others lips. Kendall moved down and kissed Logan's neck, biting and nibbling. He then moved down to Logan's chest, revealing a purple mark on the area where Kendall was previously biting.

Kendall licked his chest and tweaked his nipples. "So hot," Kendall said. Logan's nipples were warm to the touch, just like the rest of his chest. He kissed Logan's abs softly as Logan moaned.

"Uh, Kendall," he said. Kendall continued down. Removing the blanket from the bed, a fine trail of hair was revealed starting from Logan's navel and going down. Kendall kissed the hem of Logan's boxers. He then mouthed Logan's hard cock through the boxers.

"Ugh. Kendall, more," Logan urged. He lifted his hips up as Kendall pulled Logan's boxers down, releasing his throbbing dick from the tight space.

"So beautiful," Kendall said, gazing in amazement at the sight.

"Take off your robe," Logan said. Kendall did, and his aching member was exposed. Kendall moaned at the comfort and Logan moaned the moment he saw it. Kendall then quickly went to work on Logan, licking the head of his penis.

"Uhh, so good," Logan moaned. Kendall lapped up the pre-cum that was on Logan's slit. He then started bobbing his head up and down, giving Logan instant pleasure. Kendall then placed Logan's whole cock in his mouth and popped off quickly. As he sucked, he placed a finger inside him. Logan emitted a moan with two times the happiness.

Kendall finished with an inaudible pop. He then flipped Logan over and continued fingering, this time adding a second digit. Logan emitted moans of pleasure with each thrust. Kendall then took out his fingers, leaving Logan whining.

"Don't worry," Kendall said. He then placed the head of his cock at Logan's entrance. "You've got a nice ass," Kendall said as he started to penetrate. Logan loved the feeling of Kendall inside him. Kendall thrust back and forth slowly.

"Harder! Fsster!" Logan exclaimed. Kendall placed his whole member in Logan and quickly drew out, only to quickly come back in. He moved his hips back and forth inside Logan at high speeds. Kendall and Logan both could feel heat pools in their groins.

"I'm gonna cum," Logan said to Kendall.

Kendall took his mouth off of Logan's dick and said, "Do it for me, baby." Logan came all over Kendall's chest. The sound and sight of it was enough for Kendall to cum too. He came over Logan and the bed, covering them both in white ribbons.

The two of them fell down on the bed. Logan sighed as their dicks began going back into a flaccid state.

"I love you," Kendall said. He turned and hugged Logan, and they both fell asleep.