Airborn - 10 things to know about the book before reading it

*Airborn by Kenneth Oppel is an adventurous book.

*It has pirates in it- part of the book has pirates take over the ship, and the passengers and crew try to take back control.

*It's more of a boy book, than a girl book (but girls can still enjoy it)

*A lot of the book takes place on the Aurora (it's a ship)

*It has some French terms in it- so sometimes it's a little bit confusing… but then eventually get explained

*Airborn has a sequel, Skybreaker, followed by a trilogy, Starclimber

*Kate and Matt (the 2 main characters) find a strange creature- which they eventually name "Cloud Cat"

*The book uses a lot of ship terms- so you may want to know what aft, starboard, port, etc all mean

*At the beginning of every book in the series, there's a picture of whatever the ship looks like, in the book. So, when Matt describes where he is, you know what he means

*Airborn is overall a great book

Some questions (and answers) to ponder…

*What are Airborn's strong points?


-Ending of a chapter shock (aka- you don't know what to expect and can't put the book down)

-The characters

*What are Airborn's weak points?

-Describing the ship

-Beginning of the book (1st chapter)

*What movie did I think of, when I read the book?

-Disney Pixar's Up

The reason is…

A lot of what happens in Up happens in Airborn, or is very similar to what happens.