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Full Summary

Just an idea of Billy and Jenny's story. What happens to them after James and Helen left their bodies and they return to the lives they tried to escape? It starts with Billy and Jenny outside their bodies, what did they do? Who did they watch? Billy finds Jenny by accident and ends up watching her but when she suddenly leaves her body Billy tries to find her to get her to go back to her body or to speak to her he doesn't know, but he can't see her, so instead is forced to face his own troubles. But when Billy and Jenny return to their bodies they don't remember anything, all they know is that they are drawn to each other, but slowly they start to remember, and as they remember their feelings deepen yet their lives still aren't perfect and they have to face the world and the people who are against them.


This sucked. I fucking overdosed to get away from this shit, this world, this life, all I wanted was nothing, some peace and quiet, some numbness, instead I'm floating, watching the world. At first I thought it would be ok, I'm not living it, I've escaped, but watching is worse. I can see everything clearly. With the haze of smoke no longer clouding my eyes, I can see Mitch, never realised he worried about me so much, and I can see mom.

I don't want to sit by her side anymore I've sat here ever since it all happened; I can't smell the sterile room or the slight whiff of mouldy flowers, or feel the hard seats but the affect is the same, the walls still seem too close, the air seems too still. Her glassy eyes reflecting the world are still the same. The hard consuming grief and anger are still the same, only now I'm powerless to act, I can only float, drifting through corridors and people, truly invisible.

I always wanted to be invisible, didn't want the teacher to see me, didn't want my good for nothing father to see me, didn't want Mitch to see me, or maybe I didn't want to see them. I didn't want to face the disappointment, the fear and hate or the guilt. I only wanted to see one person, because that person could make everything better, but I didn't really want to see them, because what if they blamed me too?

This sucked. Walking through walls really was odd, I didn't feel the wall, yet I didn't not feel it either, it was all really odd, and I had hallucinated some odd shit as well. I remember what happened yet not quite how it happened. I went home, took everything I could find, willing the pain to go away, to finally get some peace and I felt it, everything became light I started to float as my body convulsed, and then there was a rush, and I was outside my body, looking down, just looking, I couldn't move I couldn't breathe. I couldn't do anything even when I regretted it, something held me back like a glass wall, I felt like I was being called back by someone, someone who cared, but I couldn't get to my body, something was holding me back. Then it was too late, my body was taken to hospital and when it woke up someone else was in it.

I watched them for a while; they seem nice, better than me. Mitch won't fall into an early grave now he has a brother who isn't a complete dick. But I don't want to watch them now, I can't. I need to see something completely different, something that is so far away from my old life it seems like a different world.

That house looks good. Looks clean and tidy, so clean I think they measured every single blade of fucking grass. A light shines in a couple of the rooms through the curtains, not welcoming, but then why would this clean house welcome me? I don't need inviting in anyway, I slip through the wall into a light hallway decorated with flowers, the kind you could find in a church, religious family, should of guessed. I could hear pots in the kitchen and a low voice speaking on the phone, both of which were boring. I was going to leave, find a proper family, the kind you see on T.V you know, mom, dad, 3.2 kids who sit and eat a chicken dinner every night and talk about how great everything is. But something stopped me, I don't know what it was but something drew me up the stairs and to one door, a door with Jessica written on it.

I was not going to enter, I wanted to see a perfect family, I didn't want to perv on some girl, who was probably boring anyway, if the neutral colours and emptiness of the house was anything to go by. She was probably reading the God-damn bible anyway. So why was I slowly walking through the door?

I knew her. Jenny was what they called her in at school. She was the type that went to church, went to bible classes at lunch on Thursdays, and got straight A's in everything, basically was a boring goody-toe shoes, that I usually ignored. But I couldn't ignore her now. There was no way and it was nothing to do with the fact that she was naked. I mean I couldn't see anything, she was curled up, knees to her chest head down, her golden hair loose and flowing down her sides, she was still and quiet, a sudden peace settled over me as I stared at her. Who would have thought, was this some sort of religious thing?

A blinding white light spilt the air and I jumped at the loud click that came with it. She moves her hand reaching for something, I look away. Jesus, I lose my body but I gain some sort of morals and conscious? I mean come on! Here was a naked chick that couldn't see me but I was looking away? But it seemed wrong to look, not like that anyway. She wasn't just a chick. There was something about her that I understood, something that I couldn't see before, something I don't think anyone saw.

She was like me. Not a disgusting excuse of a human like me, but hurting like me, she was confused, repressed, escaping using the forbidden, like me. Yet she did it with art, I look over the small pile of square photos that sat on the floor as she slips into sensible high necked, suffocating night clothes. She was beautiful, her naked body real, revealing everything to the world, the true her, she was stripped bare of the facades of the fake faces she put on every day. The pale flesh tones making her seem more vulnerable than ever, and I felt torn, part of me felt a connection that I had never felt with anyone before, and part of me felt like I was intruding. A thin wrist moves and a pale hand flicks up the photos, quickly hiding them away, in secret compartments and under clothes. I smile and chuckle, yeah she was like me. How many stashes did I have?

I watch as she sighs, her eyes dark and sad as she leans against the draw she had just pushed in and rubs her arms, then her eyes dart to the clock sat on her dresser and she gasps and moves, quickly rushing to her chair and picking up a magazine. Its then that I hear the footsteps.

"Hey puppy" It's a man, her father, I dislike him on sight. He looked like one of those men who liked to control everything; "do as I say not as I do" kind of instructions. "Time for bed"

"Yes Dad" He comes in, places a hand on her head and kisses her forehead, each action controlling, I want to reach out and rip his hand from her head, I want to pull her up and out of the his house, I want to- stop thinking of the impossible. I have no body, and no chance of getting it back, even if I could I shouldn't, Mitch was better off without me and what could I do for this girl? I was not a hero that was for sure, she had a family, not a great one admittedly but she was safe, safe from people like me and she was better off for it. Why did I suddenly care anyway?

I shouldn't, that's what and I'm going to leave, no point looking for some perfect family now it's too late, might as well go back to Mom, at least I knew how I felt when I was around her, I didn't around Jenny. Around her I felt... mixed up was the best way to describe it. But I don't leave instead I watch her as she slips into bed, as her mom comes to read to her, I watch her as she stares up at the ceiling in the darkness and cries silently. She was angry, scared and confused and yet she gave me more peace than I had ever felt.

This really sucked.

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