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~~~~ On to the Story! ~~~~

Chapter 1: The Permission Slip

"Miss. Erasa."

"Here." the blond girl called out happily.

"Mr. Sharpner."

The blond boy gave a grunt as his answer.

"Miss. Videl."


"Mr. Son. Mr. Son." The teacher sighed. "Late again."

The class looked up when the heard skidding and then a bang come from outside the door. It slammed open. "Here!" Gohan said loudly and slightly out of breath. A feat for the young sayian. "I'm here."

"Nice to see you joining us Mr. Son." The teacher said with a grin. "Now tack your seat so class may begin."

"Sorry Mr. T." Gohan said before making his way to his seat.

He slumped in his chair. Erasa smiled at him like usual before filling him in on the 'juicy gossip' he missed before class. He felt Videl's eyes on the back of his head like normal.

'Nother boring day.' he thought.

He hadn't even noticed that he dozed off until Erasa elbowed him in the side. She jerked her head toward Mr. T their elderly, and rather eccentric, teacher. Gohan thought of his first day day at school and grinned.

"How did mom talk me into this?" Gohan asked himself. He cautiously opened the door. "Um... Mr. Tobiyashi?" he asked sticking his head in the door way. There was a gasp that rang out in the class room.

The balding man's head snapped in his direction, about to yell but saw that it was a new student. "Please it's Mr. T. Being called Mr. Tobiyashi makes me feel so old." he said grinning. "Come on in and take a seat."

Gohan got a harder elbow to the side from Erasa.

"Thank you for getting his attention for me Miss. Erasa. You won't want to miss out on my new's Gohan." Mr. T said before jumping onto the front row of desks. "We have been given a rare opportunity here people!" he exclaimed.

He was gaining the attention of the students. There was an exciting buzz in the room that was confusing Gohan.

"A field trip has been planned to." a few squeals of excitement erupted from Gohan's classmates. "TO SOME OF THE MOST AMAZING PLACES!" Mr. T shouted over the noise causing it to lower.

Gohan glanced at Erasa who was smiling from ear to ear. Then Videl who's head was resting on her desk. Gohan managed to hear exasperated sigh.

"First, to our hero's own home, Mr. Hercule Satan!" Mr. T announced like a wrestling announcer. There was a thunderous applause as everyone in the room went wild.

'Great just what I wanted to do...' Gohan thought with a grimace.

"Then we have the great honor of going to the Capsule Corporation, and meet the Miss Bulma Briefs in person."

"Mrs..." Gohan thought.

Gohan noticed that Mr. T actually got an excited look on his face. "Next we will be going to one of my own personal hero's homes," he paused for affect. "The previous World Champion, Son Goku."

Gohan's jaw dropped to the floor causing Erasa to giggle.

"Last we will be attending the World Martial Arts Tournament." Mr. T finished.

Gohan slammed his head onto the desk causing it to groan under the stress.

'Amazing? Amazing?' Gohan thought. 'Those are places I go normally. Except Satan's but like hell I even want to go there.'

Erasa nudged him and when he looked up she handed him a goldenrod colored paper. The Permission slip.

"Curse you Dende." Gohan muttered under his breath.

"We will be staying at Satan's, Capsule Corp., and the Son's for a week each. Then it's to the tournament to watch people get there asses beat, and then by the generous donation by Miss. Briefs,"

"Mrs..." Gohan thought again.

"And a few volunteers who not even I know, there will be a Martial Arts Training Camp if you will. The trip in all will last a little over two months. Mr. T said.

People started whispering excitedly about being able to meet the world's Savior.

"I be my dad had something to do with this 'camp'." Videl said emphasizing the word. "He is the world champ and all."

Gohan only looked down at his new enemy.

"Oh and I forgot to mention," Mr. T started. "I forgot to give these to you a few weeks ago. What is the day today?"

"It's friday sir." someone shouted out.

"Oh well the trip begins on Monday and it is required for a grade. If you skip you fail. Be ready on Monday." he said in a sing-songy voice.

Gohan slammed his head on the desk a few times gaining the attention of his class. He grinned sheepishly and they all turned away.

"Wow Gohan you so lucky!" Erasa exclaimed.

"For what?" he mumbled.

"You've only been a student her for a few weeks! Just think about it, If you didn't come you might have missed this!"

"Yeah." Gohan said slowly while thinking 'Would not.'

"Well since we're all to excited to actually learn anything. I officially say it is free day. Just keep the noise down so I can think about how I should greet my hero. " Mr. T said loudly over all the chatting teenagers.

Erasa pulled Videl and Sharpner into a conversation about what they were going to bring. He only heard the buzz of their voice in his ear as he was to far in his thoughts to really pay attention until Sharpner spoke to him.

"What about you nerd-boy. What do you plan on bringing?" Sharpner asked.

"Well normal stuff. You know shirts and pants. Toothbrush. The usual stuff you take when traveling."

"Very funny nerd-boy." Sharpner said.

'Now that I think about it, Vegeta will want to be sparing and training 24/7 because on the tournament so he can try to beat dad.' Gohan sighed to himself. 'That means I'm going to need more cloths then I thought.'

Class was going by quickly. Gohan wanted time to stop so he wouldn't have to go threw with this. Unfortunately it was doing the opposite. He would look at the clock then look again when he thought it had only been five minutes, but it would turn out that it had been twenty and sooner then he wanted Gohan was flying home with the permission slip gripped tightly in his hand.