You felt sorry for me

The one who had everything since he was born

The scholar

The loner

The pathetic guy who couldn't get the girl he wanted

But you let me have you

You let me hold you

You let me into your life for the sole reason that you were afraid

Scared to death that I would leave you like your mother did

I can't say I didn't mind for awhile

Though, I pretended not to for the most part

But I can't live like that

I can smile and say so

but we both know we can't go on like this

Me being the substitute for someone else

You the cracked glass that could break so easily

I'm on my toes for you

I'm about to fall

And I don't if I'll be able to catch myself

Me spending five minutes being bored. Like it? Hate it? Let me know! It's set before the series ends, where Fuji and Ann were going through some problems in their 'breif' relationship that I actually was cheering on for a bit. And it didn't happen. Darn. But that's why I made a FujiXOc story, and I know I'll get torched for attempting such a thing. But whatever. I might post it, I might not.