Hey all! So while I was being bored to sleep in Biology I came up with another Beau & Chiles story since by first one is doing fairly well. All reviews are appreciated and taken into consideration. Please in enjoy "The Three little Beaus' "…

Full Summary: Beau and Chiles Hutton family is complete with a faithful, beautiful, & honest marriage, a beautiful beach side house in California, and three wonderful kids to match. Read to witness their journey to happiness and all the bumps in the road they had to take to get there.

Chapter 1: Fast Forward (Prologue)

Chiles Stanton- Hutton morning alarm went off, the time being seven ante- meridian as she quickly rolled over to hit the off button. She sat up straight and stretched before getting out of bed, ready to start the day she knew would be full of chaos with the three children she and Beau bought into the world.

After taking a half hour to freshen up, she walked downstairs and on their refrigerator was a calendar with the date Monday August 16, 2027. A day Chiles, Beau and every parent looks forward to; the first day of school.

January 2011while on tour a night of passion lead to the pregnancy of Chiles and Beau's first born Tanner Beau Hutton. Tanner is sixteen years old and it was his first day of the tenth grade. Like his father he was tall, nicely muscled for his age, had deep blue eyes and blonde hair. Unlike his parents he was not so much into music. He was exposed to it, but never fully interested in it. Tanner Beau was more into sports. Baseball was his favorite as he was the first freshmen to make the varsity team last year. He was the one child that every parent worried about. He did not apply himself much, and he followed the wrong crowd. Such defiant action, causes him to crash heads with his parents, especially is father.

A few years after Tanner, Beau and Chiles conceived their second child. Beginning the age of her dramatic pre-teen stage Kelly Anne Hutton is just turning thirteen, and starting the eighth grade. She is considered to be Beau and Chiles over achiever. Kelly is smart, sweet, sassy at times, yet gorgeous as she also possessed her dad's deep blue eyes but her mom's dark brown hair and tiny figure. Kelly is also your typical middle child. She often feels left out and alone, and she can be over the top in dramatics, in other words a headache for her mother.

Lastly, came to be Rory Brianne Hutton. She is the youngest of the Hutton's, at the tender age of five years old. Though only so young, she is already showing signs of being a mini Chiles Stanton. She has long curly brown hair, big brown eyes, and even the voice of her mom's. Rory is just starting Kindergarten, and out of all the Hutton children she's loves the spotlight, as she shows off her feisty and outgoing roots, which she gets from her father. Though at home it can be cute, in public it can be a nightmare.

As for Chiles and Beau things between them haven't changed at all, but the size of their family. Their love is stronger than ever, they continue to make beautiful music together, and with every passing day all the Hutton's are alive they look at that as a accomplishment, because though they were brought up to be nice, genuine, honest, care free people, doesn't mean their children were going to be the same.

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