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Chapter 1: Big Beau versus Little Beau Part 1

After a long first day of school, Kelly walked into the house. She smiled at and walked passed her dad Beau whom was sitting on the porch strumming the strings on his guitar. She walked into her home and found her mom Chiles getting dinner started while her five year old sister Rory sat at the table attending to her coloring book.

"How was school?" Chiles asked

"Wonderful, I have a lot of great classes and all of my teachers seem really nice" Kelly said sitting down at the table and pulling some folders out, as she heard her dad walk in

"You have homework all ready?" Beau asked "On the first day!"

"Yep, I take all honor classes so my teachers waste no time getting us started" Kelly giggled

"Where's Tanner?" Chiles asked about her oldest child and oldest son

"I don't know, he wasn't on the bus after school"

"He should've been he doesn't have baseball practice? Not on the first day" Beau said

"Well, let's hope he's just with a few friends" Chiles replied

"You know his friends, where ever his friends are there's trouble, that's why I told him to come home right after school" Beau told "I don't want him hanging out with kids like that"

"Me either, but he's a teenager this is the hard stage of parenting when kids tend to think they know everything and go off and start doing what they want to do" Chiles replied walking over to Beau and sitting on his lap "We shouldn't stress ourselves out worrying about him, we have to learn to let him make his own mistakes"

"You're right, but I don't want him hanging with the wrong crew and something happens to him… I can't have that happen to us"

"You can stop worrying dad, I can see him walking up the driveway" Kelly said pointing out of the window

Beau and Chiles turned their heads in unison when they heard Tanner walk through the door. Tanner caught all eyes staring at him when he came in, "What?" he rudely replied

"Hello to you too Tanner" Beau said

"How was your first day of school?" Chiles asked

Tanner shrugged "Okay!"

"You have homework?" his dad questioned

"Nope!" Tanner bluntly shot making his way passed them to his room

"Where were you after school?" Beau asked as he followed Tanner

"What's with all the questions?"

"Just answer them" he firmly said

"I miss the bus, so I had to walk all the way home"

"Bull.. If you had to walked all the way from your school you still wouldn't be home yet, so cough up the truth Tanner"

Tanner rolled his eyes as he slammed down his backpack on the floor of his bedroom,

"Fine I was with a friend"

"Friend's got names?" he asked "Sara"

Beau stared "A girlfriend?"

"Something like that. Are we done?" Tanner asked

"What's with the attitude?"

"I'm getting questioned for no reason"

"Hey, I'm trying to look out for you and if you are too stupid to see that, that's too damn bad" Beau said

"I don't need looking out for? I can handle myself" Tanner shot

"That's what you think" Beau said "There's a whole different cruel world out there that you are bound to experience with that damn attitude and trust me it will chew you up and spit kids like you out"

"Kids like me?"

"Hardheaded!" Beau replied "I need to know where you are, with whom, and when"

"I never get any freedom in this stupid house!" Tanned argued

"I will give you your freedom, when I feel I can trust you to do the right thing, but right now I can't"

Tanner rolled his eyes and laid on his back across his bed

"Do we have an understanding?"

Tanner paused

"I can't hear you?" Beau firmly said

"Yeah!" the rebellious child gave in

Beau nodded "Wash up for dinner" he said as he walked out…

Tanner heard his dad walk out of the room, and shot up out of his bed. He grabbed his coat and quickly opened his window to make a quick escape….

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Chapter 2: Big Beau versus Little Beau part 2