"She's My Bad Girl Now"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Chapter Five (03.28.11)

But Vanessa was not the only Doofenshmirtz being roped into a fight, as the elevator car carrying her father and her boss had arrived at the 31st floor. The doors opened, and the two evil scientists tumbled out and onto the almost non-existent flooring. In fact, just a few feet away from the car, in all directions, the floor stopped and all that was there were just steel beams.

But they did not seem to be aware of that, or care, as the two continued to tussle...

Down on the ninth floor, Ferb was holding up a headshot photo of Vanessa to a few of the workers, having apparently asked them where he could find her.

"Her?" one of them finally spoke up. "Did you try the 28th?"

But Vanessa was actually at ground level, and at that moment, dodging blasts of gooey web left and right that were being fired at her by Carly.

"Will you stand still?" demanded Carly. "These things don't last for... for... for..."

She then heard her web shooter start firing... well, nothing. She had used up all of her ammunition. Seeing this, Vanessa stopped dodging and instead started approaching Carly.

"What's going on?" Vanessa questioned. "Why are you chasing me like I'm the bad guy?"

"I came here to stop an evil plot!" answered Carly. "What I didn't expect was to see you here, Vanessa!"

"Of course I'm here! I just got this job yesterday, and..."

"Ah ha!" Carly shouted.

The spy pulled out a mini-rocket launcher out of nowhere and aimed it right at Vanessa.

"Admitting you're an accomplice! Consider your offer to swap BF stories denied!"

Vanessa was shocked, stunned, dumbfounded, and fearful for life all at once. But despite that, she only had one thing to say to Carly.

"Who thought it was smart to give you THAT without a permit?"

Carly did not dignify that with an answer, instead pulling the trigger. But to her confusion, and Vanessa's relief, the rocket launched in the complete opposite direction. Those same feelings could not be felt by Norm, who was now in the line of fire even as he struggled to get Perry off of his back.

"I have an itch I cannot scratch!" Norm shouted as he kept reaching for Agent P, who dodged every attempt at swatting him off.

Perry then heard and saw the rocket screaming their way. He jumped off, and just as he did, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the rocket self-destruct. But apparently on purpose, as out of the top of it was launched, just a half-second beforehand, a giant net. Norm turned around, in time to get hit in the face with the net, which had so much force that it knocked him backwards and to the ground, pinning him there.

"Can I call it a day now?" Norm asked, to no one in particular.

"Oopsie!" Carly shouted as she had seen what her net had caught from where she was standing. "Shoulda read the manual first!"

"Are you crazy?"

Carly turned around and was greeted by Vanessa leaping onto her and sending her down to the ground as well. Vanessa grabbed a hold of Carly's arms and was trying to pin her to the dirt.

"Get off me, you evil person, you!" shouted Carly.

"I'm not evil!" Vanessa shot back.

"That's what they all say!"

Ferb had gotten to the 28th floor and began scanning it for any sight of Vanessa. He walked calmly towards the east side of the building. He was about to give up and search another floor when he spotted, extending out of the structure, a set of beams that were loosely connected and hanging out there without any supports.

Ferb picked up a nearby hard hat and a small toolbox and headed out to fix them, believing that leaving them as is would be a danger to all those working below.

"Get off me!"

"Not until you let me explain myself!"

"I don't negotiate with evil people!"

"For the LAST time, Carly, I am NOT..."


The small rockets in Carly's spy boots activated, launching both of them forward and then up into the air, zooming by a befuddled Agent P, who wondered if he should interfere in their fight.

He then thought better of it, and pulled out his grappling gun to begin his ascent up the skyscraper's frame.

As for Vanessa and Carly, Vanessa had her arms wrapped around Carly's midsection as she tried to keep from falling off, while the latter was beginning to panic.

"In hindsight," she stuttered, "this wasn't as a good idea as I thought!"

"You THINK?" retorted Vanessa.

Vanessa reached up to the top of her head, removed her hard hat, and slapped it onto Carly's noggin.

"Wait... what are..."

"When you get your head on straight, we'll talk..."

With that, Vanessa pushed off of Carly. Vanessa went falling towards the skyscraper, while Carly started angling the other way, all as they had reached the current peak of the skyscraper. Vanessa did a backflip before getting her bearings and managing to grab a hold of a temporary flag pole that jutted out of a beam from the 28th floor. She swung up and over the bar not once, not twice, but three times before she came to a stop.

"Whew!" she breathed a sigh of relief. "That was a close one."

She then glanced up in the air and saw Carly spiraling out of control as she had started flying back towards the ground. Carly steered herself off around the corner, behind Vanessa and out of view.

"She's a spy," Vanessa told herself. "I'm sure she can get out of that."

But Vanessa's concern for her ex-partner was interrupted when she heard the sounds of hammering nearby. She looked ahead and saw, just around the corner in front of her, a young boy working on a beam.

A young boy that looked awfully familiar to her.


Vanessa carefully bent the pole downwards so she could extend her legs towards the building's frame. Once she felt she was close enough, she released her grip on the pole and dropped down. Her dismount was perfect despite her wearing her high-heeled boots, as she had stuck her arms out for balance and landed a perfect dismount, without any wobbling.

"What's he doing here?" she asked herself as she made her way along the beams into the interior of the building.

A few floors up, Heinz and Rodney were still at it, though they were now up on their feet again. Suddenly, they heard screaming. Loud screaming.


Their heads turned northward and they saw Carly twisting towards them, still not in control.

"Another one of your mind slaves?" Heinz looked at Rodney. "So Vanessa wasn't enough, you just had to get double the flavor!"

"I've never seen that maniac flying at us in my life!" Rodney said in response.

"Get out of the way!" screamed Carly. "EEEEE!"

"AAAAHHHH!" both men shouted.

Carly barreled straight through them, causing both of them to lose their balance and fall off of the beam they had been on, on opposite sides.

"CURSE YOU, GIRL I DON'T KNOW!" they both shouted.

Vanessa walked out towards the unfinished frame section on the 28th floor. She noted the beam she was currently on was connected to three other beams, none of which had support beams in place under them as of yet. And on the one to her left, about halfway out, was Ferb, attempting to stabilize the outer portions.

"Ferb, that's dangerous!" Vanessa called out to him. "How did you even get up here?"

Ferb turned to look at Vanessa to attempt to give a response before the sight of her turned his brain to mush. But that never occurred, as both of them heard the screams of Doctor Doofenshmirtz and Rodney from above, falling towards them. They both landed face-first, on the other two adjutting beams. But their impact lifted up the stiffener that was holding those three free-hanging beams in place, and that resulted in all three males, including Ferb, to slide to the far ends of their beams.

Ferb felt his hard hat fall off and his toolbox go by the wayside, as he grabbed the end of the beam and held on for dear life. But just as he felt gravity start to pull him and the beam downwards, as well as the other two and their occupants, he spotted Vanessa bolting for the stiffener.

"Hold on!" she shouted.

She jumped onto the stiffener, keeping it in place and, for the moment, stabilizing the three beams sticking out of it and holding them in place. But for how long?

"Dad! Doctor Von Roddenstein! Ferb!"

She glanced right and saw her dad hanging just off the end, barely clinging by his fingernails.

"HELP!" he screamed. "Vanessa, I am your father! Rescue me!"

In front of her was her boss, Rodney, in the same precarious position.

"HELP!" he bellowed. "Vanessa, I am your master! Save me!"

And likewise to her left, Ferb, who showed his need for help by waving one of his arms at her.

"Who do I save?" Vanessa asked aloud.

She then heard someone whistling behind her. Vanessa turned about and saw Perry standing next to a support beam. He was positioned behind it in a way that Ferb could not see him, but Vanessa could. And he had a long rope in hand, one end of which he had already tied around the beam. Perry then tossed the other end to Vanessa, who leaned forward and caught it.

As Vanessa tied that end around her waist, she also kept an eye on Perry, who was hastily signaling her directions. Perry pointed at Vanessa, and then her dad, followed by himself, the jetpack on his back, and Rodney.

"But what about..." Vanessa began to ask.

Perry pointed off to the distance, to his left and Vanessa's right...

"I think I almost got it!" Carly's loud, boisterous voice filled the air.

Vanessa gave Perry a thumbs up, then turned to shout at where Carly's voice had come from.

"Hey, Carly! HEADS UP!"

Vanessa then sprung into action, doing another about face and running towards her father. But the second she stepped off of the stiffener, all three beams slid out of it, sending it and those hanging off of the far ends of them, plummeting towards the ground.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Doofenshmirtz and Rodney screamed in fear.

Vanessa sprinted down the beam, while she heard Perry take off behind her to rescue Rodney. But then...

"VANESSA!" her father screamed as the last of his fingers slipped off the edge of the beam.

Vanessa quickly leaped forward and reached out for her dad. They extended their arms as far as their bodies would allow. And at the last possible second... Vanessa's left hand met her dad's right, and she wrapped her fingers around his. Vanessa then reached out and grabbed her dad's right wrist with her right hand to further secure her hold.

"Whatever you do," he shouted at her, "don't let go!"

"I'm... trying..."

Suddenly, though, Vanessa had hit the end of her rope, as without warning, she felt an extremely hard tug at her midsection. The force was great enough to disrupt her just enough to lose her grip. Her face went white as she felt her father's fingertips brush against hers just before losing contact completely.



Vanessa closed her eyes and turned her head away, not wanting to see the horrific sight of her father's demise. A few seconds later, she heard the three steel beams hit the ground below in quick succession, one loud clang after the other. Then, after that, there was complete silence.

("I couldn't believe it... how? How did I make the WRONG decision? This wasn't supposed to happen! I can't believe...")


("I can't believe...")


("It's... it's like I can hear him, as if I hadn't never slipped out of my hands...")

"Vanessa, open your eyes! I'm alive! I'm alive!"

"Ugh! You won't be if you keep fidgeting like that! You're heavier than you look!"

Vanessa opened her eyes and saw her father hovering in mid-air just a few feet in front of her. And that was because he was being held up by Carly, who was holding him with exclusively her left arm.

"DAD!" Vanessa exclaimed. "You're alive!"

"Thank your friend here," Doofenshmirtz said, referring to Carly. "You know, the one that came for you when we tried to have that picnic?"

"You remembered?"

Carly rolled her eyes. "You didn't remember me when you cursed me after I accidentally flew into you and that other guy."

"I was preoccupied, Blondie!"

Vanessa gasped, suddenly remembering the other two. She quickly looked down at the ground, and saw that Rodney was safely on the ground, albeit tied up to a fence post. She then scanned the ground looking for Ferb... but could not find him.

"Wait, Carly! YOU were supposed to save Ferb!"

Vanessa then heard someone whistle at her. She turned towards the building and gazed upwards and saw Ferb waving at her, safely sitting on the edge of the 22nd floor.

"I saved him BEFORE saving your father. Gee, Doofy, how 'bout giving me a little credit here?"

Vanessa smiled. "Told ya you'd make a good spy."

"Spy?" Doofenshmirtz gasped in shock at this revelation.

"Heh heh," Carly nervously chuckled. "No one's supposed to know that!"

"Oops," apologized Vanessa.

"Now I have to use the mind wipe thingy. Now where did I put it..."

Carly let Doofenshmirtz go so she could search her pockets. Vanessa's father plummeted towards the ground once again.



But Carly seemed uninterested in diving downwards after him, instead getting a hand on a small, one-button remote and pressing said button. Instantly, a parachute grew out of Doofenshmirtz's back and it safely inflated, slowing his descent to a safe speed.

"Whoa! Carly, when did you..."

"You seriously think I was going to be able to hold him up for more than a minute? I slipped it on him while he was trying to get you to open your eyes."

Vanessa laughed. "Carly, you never cease to amaze me."

As for Doofenshmirtz, who was safely floating down to the ground...

"I really, REALLY should be paying more attention to the crazies Vanessa calls friends."

Ten minutes later, everyone was safely back on the ground. Heinz and Vanessa shared a hug of relief as Carly looked on from a few feet away. After a few seconds, they let go.

"Sorry for not telling you about Rodney, Dad! If I only knew beforehand..."

"Forget about it!" Heinz told her. "Besides, this would have never happened if I hadn't told you to get a job! From now on, whenever you need any money, feel free to stop by and help me with one of my schemes, as a paid assistant!"

"Thanks, Dad! You're the best!"

Vanessa embraced her Dad once again, and then remembered something.

"Wait... what about borrowing the truck?"

"That's... Vanessa, that's a little more complicated. Maybe we should talk about it over lunch."

"What? What's so complicated about it? I got a job like you told me to, even though it was with your rival..."

Suddenly, Rodney appeared, being led away by the cops...

"Speaking of which," Rodney interrupted as he passed by them. "Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, you're fired!"

"You can't fire my daughter!" Heinz quickly jumped out in her defense. "'Cause... 'cause she quits! So there!"

Vanessa seemed shocked at her dad's statement, but she was behind it one hundred percent as she quickly took off her lab coat and threw it into Rodney's face.

"Get someone else to do your dirty work, Rodney!" she shouted.

"My name's not Rodney!" he yelled in response. "I'll get back at you some day, Heinz! Back at you, and your girl!"

With that, he was escorted off to a waiting police car. Vanessa turned to thank her father once more.

"Thanks for doing that, Dad."

"I always do what's best for you, Vanessa."

Vanessa smiled.

"So... about the truck. And lunch?"

"You'll listen to me! Oh, great! There's this new Chinese place over on 5th..."

"Sure, Dad. Lemme... just say goodbye to Carly first."

"Alright, then, I'll see you there!"

Doctor Doofenshmirtz headed for the exit, leaving the two teenagers alone to chat about things. Carly sheepishly rubbed the back of her head, as she apologized for her actions.

"Sorry about acting first and asking questions later," she said. "Jimmy told me everything after I regained control of my jet boots."

"I forgive you," Vanessa said, putting a hand on Carly's shoulder.

"Good! That means your offer to trade boyfriend stories is still on?"

"Heh," the goth chuckled, "gimme a call next time you're in town. I'll make sure to free up some time for lunch."

"I'll do that."

Carly then looked around the construction yard.

"Say, do you know where that secret agent platypus went? I wanna thank him for letting me tagging along."

"Speaking of which," Vanessa wondered, as she scanned for a missing person of her own, "where did Ferb go?"

From a distance, Ferb was observing both Vanessa and Carly, even as he held Perry, now back in pet 'mode,' in his arms. Perry did not like Carly at first, but after seeing her in action, he developed a mutual respect for her. It was too bad that he did not have time to voice that to her, what with so many people around. After all, maintaining his cover was always his top priority.

As for Ferb, well, he had come here looking to spend some time with Vanessa. But that seemed to change given everything that happened. Especially so when it was Carly that saved him, and not Vanessa. Because of that, he now had images of two teenage girls swirling in his mind, with flowers spinning all around them. He was now utterly confused, as he liked both of them, but did not want either of them to know about the other. Not that he could gather the courage to admit his love, either. To his own personal conundrum, he could only muster a single sentence observation.

"Why must love be so darn complicated?"


"Speaking of which," Ferb thought to himself.

Ferb turned and saw Candace standing there angrily, with her hands on her hips. She grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him out of the yard and onto the sidewalk.

"Are you TRYING to get me busted? Don't walk off like that! Oh, you and Phineas just love getting me in trouble, don't you?"

"Yes, sibling love," Ferb said to himself. "The most complicated love of all."

Back with Vanessa and Carly...

"Until next time then," Carly said as she prepared to fire up her jet boots.

"Promise me you'll stay safe!" Vanessa said to her friend.

"And promise me you won't ever be evil for real, Doofy!"

Vanessa laughed. "Only if you promise to not call me Doofy anymore!"

Carly laughed back. "Okay, okay!"

The two shared a hug of their own, then Vanessa stepped back as Carly activated her jet boots and flew off, away from the construction site.

A little later, Vanessa and her dad were shown having a nice lunch together. Not just working out how often Vanessa got to use the 'Big Head,' but just enjoying each others company and thanking the stars that they both survived such a harrowing day.

("So, saving my dad turned out to be the right decision after all. Yes, I now have access to the truck again, with a few restrictions. I know he's looking out for me, like he always does, so I compromised. Besides, I have this feeling he's only doing it so he can keep putting off buying me my own car. He just saw his life flash before his eyes. I'll let that slide... for a few weeks, anyway.

"And, yes, I've taken him up on his offer to be his paid assistant from time to time. You know, whenever I need the money. Besides, it's fun watching him and Perry the Platypus have their battles, while I stay on the sidelines, remaining neutral throughout the whole thing. I can support Dad while still maintaining my 'could care less' attitude about him wanting to take over the tri-state area... and he'd still love me at the end of the day. And that's all that matters to me in the end.")

The End

Author's Notes:
And that brings an end to the 'Vanessa's Moral Wars' trilogy! Sadly, I don't foresee more Vanessa-led "Phineas and Ferb" stories in my future. At least, not until the cartoon itself does something else interesting with her character to warrant it. But don't worry... this opens her up to make appearances in my other P&F stories, especially in a more family-friendly, comedic tone.

As to whether or not we'll ever see Carly again? Well... I currently don't have any plans for further use of her. But if you guys are interested in seeing her appear again, let me know!

And don't forget to review! Thanks for reading!