Chapter 12: Returning home

Author's Note: I got caught up in writing my entry for ShikaTema Shrine's month contest. So I sort of put it on the back burner, and to be quite honest I've reached a writer's block on this fic. Nothing I write seems to capture what I want; Like this chapter.

Shiho walked out of the Hokage tower in a rush forgetting that she had important papers to give the Hokage, in reference to Shikamaru's latest mission. She went to local herb shops and the likes gathering up all that she will need to coax her love to finally notice her and forget about that brash, strong willed kunoichi that was determined to steal Shikamaru away from her. Sai watched as this awkward lady ran from store to store picking up various items and constantly looking over her shoulder as if she had something to hide. The artistic boy shrugged it off as he continued to follow Shiho.

Temari was beaming with happiness and was in a rush to get back to Shikamaru's house. Remembering that she didn't have a key she left his bedroom window open so she could get back in. She hustled to his office looking for pen and paper to write the letter to her brothers back home before they could arrange a marriage for her. Her script was normally frilly and neat like most girls, but she was too excited to keep her hand steady. Her brothers will be happy to know that she had found the man she wished to spend her whole life with as well as bond the two countries by marital bliss. She was unaware of the trouble that was brewing just a little ways into town.

Three days later the note arrived to Suna and was greeted with great celebration along with some skepticism from none other than her younger brother Kankuro. Fireworks blasted off as the announcement would pretty much guarantee peace and safety between the two countries.

"Garra are we really going to give our sister to that lazy excuse of a ninja?" the puppet master asked.

"He makes our sister happy Kankuro. Who are we to rob her of that? She was already robbed of her childhood since mom passed early on rest her heart. "The Kazekage responded.

"Fine, you are right. I'll give the boy a chance, but as soon as he hurts her I will take care of him myself."

"Then it's settled we will allow this union. Just be sure to leave a good chunk of the boy for me if he hurts our dear sister."

"Fair enough."

Meanwhile Shikamaru was making his way back from Sound. He pushed his squad to move with great speed since he could not wait to get home and propose to his troublesome woman. The squad was exhausted and slowly starting to lag behind. Shikamaru looked back realizing this and slowed his pace.

"You act as is you are Guy Sensei with the power of youth." Ino mocked

"You'd be in a hurry to if you want to seal the deal with the one you love." He smirked

"I never pegged you as a big softie Shikamaru. You are starting to sound more and more like guy sensei."

"Shut it Ino."

The squad gathered information that the Hokage requested but some of the documents would require decryption. Shikamaru cringed at the thought of being stuck in a room with his clingy partner who always seemed to want to impress him. It was a shame that he was naturally drawn to bossy women. Oh well they were nearing the gates of Konoha. Once they reached the check in booth Shikamaru rushed to Sakura's house on the side of the village.

It was late and he knew it was rude to wake the short fused kunoichi but he just couldn't wait any longer. His body ached from rushing home but it was all worth it to him, he would get to see his soon to be wife. He ran up the stairs leading to the front door knocking loudly for the kunoichi. After brief moment of silence and some cursing the door opened exposing Sakura who was rubbing her eyes.

"Shikamaru, do you even realize what time it is?" Sakura hissed.

"I know you probably have a shift in the morning but is Temari home?" the pineapple head asked

"Yea, she's at your home. She refused to stay with me."

"Thank you. I'm sorry to have woken you up." He said with a bow before he took off once again leaving Sakura shaking her head as she shut her door.

By the time Shikamaru reached his home he was exhausted. He fumbled to unlock the door his body wanting to slump at the foot of his front door. 'Come on, this shouldn't be so hard. Concentrate Shika concentrate on the prize at the other side of the door. ' he thought as he tried to steady his hand. Temari awoke to the loud utterance that was occurring outside the front door. She jumped up and walked to the front door and took a glance out of the peep hole to ensure she wasn't just hearing things. Right as she went to take a glance she heard the lock turn thinking quickly she jumped back; the door barely missing her face.